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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Erdogan did not raise the “Turkish stream” from the grave

The construction of a new gas route from Russia to Europe through Turkey may not take place. Moscow is ready to implement the project of the pipeline “Nord stream -2”, if Europe guarantees its relevance. Then the “Turkish stream” is not needed. Will not be needed and the Ukrainian gas transport system, has long been outdated and poorly working .already 20 years has put Russia in the energy dependence of the neighboring Republic, which provides fuel less than a third.

photo: AP

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“Turkish stream” gas pipeline project, which was planned to be laid under the Black sea from Anapa district in Turkey. Then on the border of Turkey and Greece planned to construct a gas hub through which the gas would be sent to European countries. For the construction of the gas pipeline on the territory of Russia are expected to use previously built infrastructure for the private “South stream”.

The power of the “Turkish stream” was supposed to be up to 32 billion cubic meters a year. It was assumed that the pipeline will help diversify supplies of Russian gas to Europe and reduce the dependence of suppliers and buyers from transit countries, particularly from Ukraine.

1 December 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia refuses to build the “South stream”. “We believe that the European Commission’s position was unconstructive,” he said.

The rejection of the construction of the “South stream” due to the fact that permission for its construction did not provide Bulgaria. The head of “Gazprom” Alexei Miller said on 1 December that the project of gas pipeline “South stream” is closed and return to this project.

But, January 27, 2015 following the meeting in Ankara between Alexey Miller and Minister of energy and natural resources of Turkey Taner Yildiz was defined the route of Turkish stream: “the gas pipeline will 660 km corridor of South stream and 250 kilometers-within a new corridor towards the European part of Turkey”.

February 7, 2015 at the meeting Miller and Yildiz agreed on the route of the gas pipeline on the territory of Turkey. Miller and Yildiz flew over the land part of the tube path by helicopter. Were the exit point of the pipeline on land, the point of delivery of gas to Turkish consumers, the exit point on the Greek border.

Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary and Turkey signed the Declaration on the establishment of “economically viable ways of diversifying the routes and sources” for transportation of gas from Turkey to Europe.

Laying of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream” in shallow water was to begin in June 2015. At the end of July 2015 Alexander Novak said that the Turkish side agreed to the proposal. Then his words were confirmed by Yildiz, noting that the discount will exceed 10% and will give Turkey the prospect of saving $1 billion a year.

However, at the end of November 2015, it was announced that, in connection with the destruction of the Russian su-24 of the Turkish air force Russia stops work on a number of projects of investment and trade agreements with Turkey, including Turkish stream.

3 December 2015, the Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak said that the project “Turkish stream” was suspended

But now, says Alexander Novak, Europe needs additional gas supplies and Russia was ready to cooperate and provide the necessary volumes.

“The need for South-Eastern Europe gas in a reliable energy supply is. Russia in this sense is ready to supply required quantity of gas,” — said the head of the energy Ministry.

He said that Russia has the necessary resources, and domestic suppliers are competitive.

“So if there is suitable interest from European consumers for infrastructure development across the Black sea, through the countries adjacent to the Black sea, to Europe, we will certainly provide all the necessary supplies, we will cooperate”.

However, the development of the “Turkish stream” is just one of the options. There are already developed and still scrap the project “South stream international natural gas under the Black sea to the Bulgarian port of Varna, and then through the Balkan Peninsula to Italy and Austria). As well as a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany through the Baltic sea. It is an extension of the existing Nord stream”. These configurations can justify yourself for the cost of construction and continued use.

According to some media reports, one of the Polish operators in the supply of “blue fuel” has already filed an application for the purchase of gas from the pipeline “Nord stream — 2, although these purchases will be completed no earlier than 2023.

“Gazprom” has declared that he is open to dialogue with Turkey on the implementation of the project of construction of gas pipeline “Turkish stream”. “We have always been open to dialogue on “Turkish stream” open now”, – said the representative of Gazprom Sergei Kupriyanov.

But whether they are Russian — the big question. According to Alexei Grivach, Deputy Director national energy security Fund gas problems Ukraine needs to solve the political stalemate with Russia. Then the problem of economic efficiency of almost all new gas pipeline routes from Russia to Europe will be solved. From a technological point of view, and their creation is difficult to not be named. The same “Turkish stream” can be laid next to the existing “Blue stream”, and then redirect it through Greece to EU countries.

Nord stream — 2″ can be laid through the Baltic sea, where his first string. “South stream can go through the Black sea to Italy and Austria.

It is obvious that Russia has quite a lot of options. Therefore, the gas pipeline “Turkish stream” we are interested in the most lesser extent. So, Erdogan’s apology is unlikely to touch this project, but rather encourage the implementation of its alternatives.

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