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Monday, March 19, 2018

Depression increases the risk of diabetes in half

A study conducted by experts from king’s College in London, showed that people suffering from depression, sixty percent higher chance of developing diabetes. Experts have also discovered how these two diseases may be related at the level of genes.

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Frame from the film “Leviathan”

That the tendency to depression and a tendency to diabetes often occur in the same people, in varying degrees, has been known for quite some time, acknowledge the researchers. However, the nature of such relationship has generally remained a mystery, and many were inclined to believe that the situation is not so much a genetic predisposition as in the life style of certain people, or even simply a coincidence. Scientists say that to find the answer to this question, they conducted the largest ever study on the relationship of depression and diabetes — it was attended by about 160 thousand pairs of twins.

Twin studies are often recognized as quite an effective approach because it allows to clearly separate the impact of the human genome from the effects of other factors, since the set of gene pairs of participants are identical, while completely identical to the biography they have to be.

As it turned out 87 percent of cases among males and 75 percent among women in a simultaneous depression and diabetes was “guilty” it is the genes. The specialists estimated that people suffering from clinical depression, the odds of diabetes were higher by 60 percent than the rest. While those who suffered from diabetes were on average 15 percent more prone to depression.

Experts hope that in the future they gathered information will allow you to find effective treatment, while allowing him to save people from diabetes and depression — that is, to a certain extent, to use the relationship between them for the benefit of the medicine. Their work, scientists reported at a recent conference in London.

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