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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Care Britain turns Europe into a superstate”

Britain’s decision to withdraw from the European Union is Brussels not only loss. In the near future the European Union, seem to expect major reforms, many of which are counteracted just in London. On the foreign policy interests of Russia may be affected the most severely.

Germany, France and Italy want to give a new impetus to the development of the European Union after a referendum in the UK, whose citizens voted to secede from the EU. This was stated in Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a joint press conference with French President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

“The British were a major drag on the project to create a “United States of Europe” and is a kind of Trojan horse of the United States, which constantly interfered to create a truly United Europe”

It is not just about good wishes. At the meeting with the heads of diplomacy of the Visegrad four countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary – V4) on Monday in Prague, the foreign Ministers of Germany and France Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Jean-Marc Ayrault presented a draft reform of the European Union entitled “a Strong Europe in an insecure world”.

For strengthening the EU, the authors suggest reforms in security, migration policy and the economy. The project was a response to Britain’s decision on withdrawal from the EU. The draft specifies that Germany and France “with regret take note of the fact that the British people voted to secede the United Kingdom from the EU.” In this regard, Berlin and Paris urged the remaining 27 members of the EU to perform a dual task: to concentrate on solving the common challenges faced by the community, as well as to obtain results in matters that have already been delivered.

In fact we are talking about reformation of the European Union, after he left Britain, more likely to listen to Washington and not to Brussels.

In the Polish media Franco-German project have raised concerns. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski has highlighted the risks of turning the European Union into a “superstate”, if he did not moderate the intervention of their institutions in the internal Affairs of countries – members of the Association.

That specifically offer Paris and Berlin?

“The country will lose control”

Quotes from the document published in the Sunday edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Full text placed at the disposal of RIA Novosti on Monday, the German foreign Minister. But perhaps the greatest response the project has generated in Eastern Europe.

According to Polish media, we are talking about the transformation of the EU from a supranational enterprises into a kind of Federal state with all the attributes. The country “effectively lose control over their own borders and procedures of reception and resettlement of refugees on their territory”, fear of the poles. Confirmation of this is contained in the Steinmeier-Ayrault: it is proposed the function of defense of the borders of the EU “the first multinational Agency in border security and coast”. For these purposes, the Agency FRONTEX will be “in the medium term,” transmitted human and technical resources.

It is alleged that the members of the Union actually will have right to its own army, intelligence agencies, criminal codes, separate tax system, its own currency or Central banks, able to “really protect the financial interests of the national state.”

Based on the project, in addition to the already existing European Central Bank proposed to transform the European stability mechanism (ESM) into a European monetary Fund. Also – do the steps to create a single budget as the Central Foundation of all successful currency unions in the world.”

From “Eurocorps” – the Euro-army?

Europe, “freed” from Britain, is seeking greater autonomy. Although, as suggested by the Wall Street Journal, USA can take advantage of a period of uncertainty and strengthened leadership in the Western Alliance of free Nations”.

However, the project Steinmeier-Ayrault involves essentially the formulation of an own geopolitical doctrine of Europe – the adoption of the Global development strategy of the EU, which would have emphasized the role of the EU as “an independent and global player.” What is very important – more intensive participation of the EU in resolving world crises, is able to rely on capable armed forces”.

As noted by the newspaper LOOK on the eve of a British referendum, London was sharply opposed the attempt to create a common EU army – the idea that defended France and Germany. Even the Cabinet of David Cameron, who campaigned against Brexit, not only declared that “there is no possibility of creating a European army”, but also threatened to veto any attempt to create common European armed forces.

On the other hand, that the European Union needs its own army, said the President of the European Commission (EC) Jean-Claude Juncker, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The basis for such an army already exists – the Eurocorps (Eurocorps), formed in 1992 by Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland and Spain, as the unions rapid reaction force (about 60 thousand soldiers).

For comparison, the United States has a Europe’s population in 100 thousand people. This figure results in the journal Foreign Affairs, us General Philip Breedlove, the former integrated armed forces of NATO in Europe. Breedlove complains that during the Cold war the United States located in Western Europe more than 400 thousand of their soldiers.

Not to say that Western Europeans were not trying to create military structures independent from NATO Pro-American. As recalled by the newspaper LOOK associate Professor of international security, Russian state University for Humanities Evsey Vasiliev, until 2011 there was a project called “Brussels Pact” (or the Western European Union), which many saw as an alternative to NATO. But all continental defensive projects were blocked loyal ally in NATO – the United Kingdom.

Steinmeier’s plan-Ayrault imply that in General the armed forces is not only a “high level of readiness”, but “the need for an overall funding for their operations.”

“The EU stuck

The expert of Institute of national strategy, political scientist Pavel Svyatenkov sees the root of the problem is that in its current form the EU is overly decentralized. The decision-making process bureaucratic and difficult. And the peoples of most major developed European countries unhappy with the EU.

“Hence the popularity of the eurosceptics, the extreme right, which require the cessation of unlimited migration, uncontrolled bureaucracy, etc. the EU is stuck halfway between an international organization which it was originally – and the state. It already seems to be a Confederation, not a Federation – it is not clear what,” svyatenkov said the newspaper VIEW. According to him, the British were a major drag on the project to create a “United States of Europe” and is a kind of Trojan horse of the United States, which constantly interfered to create a truly United Europe.

“Feared anti-British, US and Eastern Europeans”

“Always been the idea of a Europe of two speeds, that is, the creation of large centralized European States around Germany and France, which could include the Benelux countries, Italy, Spain, Austria, and the periphery – Poland, Hungary, the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom, etc.” – says the analyst.

But the Central European countries it was not because he feared opposition from Britain, Eastern Europeans and the United States, Svyatenkov says. “However, in the current situation, once Britain decides to leave the EU, all these old ideas immediately aktiviziruyutsya, – said the source. – Many politicians say that it is not enough just to stop Britain from Europe, it is necessary to reorganize and the EU itself, because if you leave it in its current state, the discontent will begin to grow and will soon be a referendum about the exit of other countries.”

Thus, the exit of Britain from the EU requires European authorities to reorganize the Union. And the founding countries of the EU, the expert, decide to move towards centralisation, the creation of new enterprises on the basis of at least the Eurozone or those States which initially established the European Union. Otherwise the EU will continue to give individual countries and the European Union will cease to exist, ” predicts Paul svyatenkov.

“Any major state in Europe is a danger”

As for the relations of Russia with the EU, for Moscow, a strong European Union, said the analyst, threat. He recalled that in its history, Russia has several times fought with Europe. First it was the Europe of Napoleon Bonaparte, then the triple Alliance, Wilhelm II and then Hitler’s Europe.

“For Russia, any major state in Europe is a danger, because such a large state appears inevitable temptation to solve problems with Russia – too big and powerful neighbour by military force. The likelihood of a strong Federal state in Europe in France, Germany and their allies must compel serious concern of Moscow”, – said Svyatenkov.

In turn, the Deputy Director of the RAS Institute of Europe Alexander Kamkin convinced that the overall trend of the development of Europe after 1945 is a slow but inexorable process of movement to the Confederation, and then to the United States of Europe, whether with the UK or without.

The argument for cohesion

“The process of blurring national borders, sovereignty and regionalization of Europe was. The point here is intensity, but not the ultimate goal. The movement is steadily, regardless of political leanings, whether the neo-conservatives represented by the same Merkel or Sarkozy, or the left, green… Linking their value is neoliberalism. This movement to a single space, but with the amendment to the migration realities and the realities of economic globalization. Hence, loyalty to the attempts of some European regions to stand apart from the regional centre, be it Catalonia, Scotland…” – said Kamkin the newspaper VIEW.

He does not exclude that the exit of Britain from the EU could be used as an excuse for the architects of a new European order as an additional argument to unite the EU. “But this is not a bolt from the blue, which completely changed the vector of development”, – the expert believes.

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