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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Background of “business of White” can be associated with a scandal in the forestry sector

The arrest of Nikita Belykh has occurred amid reports of large-scale fraud in a timber industry complex of the Kirov region. Over the past few years in the industry there have been a series of mysterious bankruptcies, criminal cases and a scandalous redistribution of property. Interesting how responsive the regional authorities.

On Monday, the official representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin said that 150 thousand euros received by Belykh restaurant on Novy Arbat, was only the third part of a bribe. However, he noted the lack of communication between the “case White” and “Bulk business”. But for a number of scandalous stories in the Vyatka forestry is clearly visible figure is close to the White businessman albert Urickogo, which is already a year under arrest on charge in especially large swindle at novovyatsky ski plant.

The triumph of ineffective managers

“Sooner or later these impressive results, “effective management” in the Vyatka timber industry had to be in sight of law enforcement bodies”

Novovyatskiy ski plant (NLC), appearing in the criminal case against Nikita Belykh (namely co-owner of this company Yuri Sudheimer gave the Governor a package in which there were 150 thousand euros), in the Kirov region have the same scandalous reputation, like the famous Kirovles, thundered all over the country in connection with the already mentioned case against Alexei Navalny.

The word “ski” in the name of the plant – just a tribute to the past. NLC was one of the largest in the Soviet Union manufacturer cross-country skiing, but after the market is firmly occupied by foreign manufacturers, to compete with which it was almost impossible, the management of the company tried to develop new types of products. Bet was made on the production of oriented strand boards (OSB) – a material used in construction as a substitute for the traditional chipboards.

The investment project worth 1.8 billion rubles, began in the last decade and dedicated to import substitution, since at the time the swaps in Russia were not issued. The first line was inaugurated in mid-2012 in the presence of Nikita Belykh and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. The NLC leadership clearly hoped to outright win significant new market share and soon almost completely switched to OSP.

However, the calculation is not justified. In 2013 the plan for the production of commodity products was performed NLK only by 56.7%, and the plan for its implementation – by 51.2%, net loss amounted to 307 million rubles. 2014 was even worse: the net loss has reached 1,619 billion. Annual report of the company for the previous year not yet approved, but from a database “SPARK-Interfax” it is known that the net loss amounted to 1,289 billion.

Failed NLK, most likely, incorrect assessment of the prospects. If in 2013 the market demand of the Russian market of the swaps was estimated at 1,5–1,8 million cubic meters a year, just one year later, the report States ski combine, the offer in this area exceeded demand. With this new power, introduced in other regions, significantly exceeded the capacity of NLC. In 2014, Kirov, the company issued 100 thousand cubic meters of OSB (and so were the plans for 2015), and its main competitors in this niche-fold higher: DOC “Kalevala” Petrozavodsk – 300 thousand cubic meters, and OOO “Kronospan” from the city of Yegoryevsk in Moscow region – 500 thousand. Moreover, Vyatskiy manufacturer lost to competitors from the point of view of logistics – Petrozavodsk and Cherepovets is much closer to the points of greatest construction activity than the Kirov. As a result, at the end of 2014 the share of Novovyatskiy ski mill on the Russian OSB market is estimated at only 0.8 per cent.

Tales of the Vyatka forest

All these years for NLC viewed the figure of the businessman of Belarusian origin Urickogo albert, who was considered close to Nikita Belykh. In March 2008, the control over the plant in the form of a 59% stake passed to Agroholding “Zernostandart” in which Lariccia was Vice-President. Who was the real previous owner of NLK, hard to say: “Zernostandart” has acquired 59% stake in the plant from a certain “Sales trading limited” registered in Cyprus; the cost of this transaction at that time was estimated at 300-350 million rubles.

Another 30% of shares of NLC at the beginning of 2008 belonged to one of the structures of large forest holding company “Vyatka-Les-invest”. However, two years later almost one hundred percent block of NLK, as follows from the list of affiliated persons of the plant, is in the hands of first the Moscow OOO “Stroydizayn” (which is considered a structure albert Urickogo), and then from the Dutch company Century Technologies Ltd. At this point White was already the Governor of the Kirov region.

Once in orbit Urickogo, NLK quickly gained notoriety. The project of modernization of the plant required significant borrowings, however, the loans granted by banks for the purchase of equipment through a network of offshore companies appeared on the personal accounts of Urickogo in the Swiss Credit Suisse. Several such episodes, which various media reported a few years ago, last year became an occasion to excitation concerning Urickogo criminal case under article 159-4 of the criminal code (fraud in especially large sizes).

Shortly before his arrest, Larici tried to transfer the responsibility for fraud on the NLK the former Director of the enterprise Vladimir Sysolyatina – person with a high professional reputation in the forest industry (at the time he was in charge of the holding company “Vyatka-Les-invest”). Sysolyatina was charged with illegal compensation of the VAT for the sum more than 38 million rubles for the purchase of equipment for the NLC from the Chelyabinsk company “Promplita” at an inflated price, using the firms ‘seals’. However, in the course of the investigation Sysolyatin insisted that these operations were performed just Larixin behind these companies, and at the end of 2014, the court ruled against the former Director General of NLC acquittal. However, in March of last year the Kirov regional court overturned the verdict, and, according to the regional Prosecutor’s office, the case is under further investigation.

Shortly after excitation against Sysolyatina criminal case, NLK, as follows from the list of affiliated persons of the mill again changed hands. This time they became a German company manufacturing automotive lubricants “Sudheimer CT Technician Fertribs GmbH”, founded by the native of the USSR Yuri Sudheimer. However, Sudheimer before was part of the Board of Directors of the ski factory, so there is reason to believe that the control of the NLC kept Larici. The result of his management became not only the above mentioned losses, but also a sharp increase of indebtedness over the last two years, according to “SPARK-Interfax”, a long-term commitment of the enterprise has more than doubled – from 2.4 to 4.9 billion rubles. Simultaneously there was a sharp reduction in staff: if you had worked at the plant about fifteen thousand people, at the beginning of this year, according to Deputy Prime Minister of the Kirov region Roman Beresnev, state of NLK was only 327.

“In may 2011 the General Director of the paper factory Sergey Efimov came “serious conversation” a few strong men to “Lexus”

All these subjects did not affect the consistently positive attitude of the leadership of the Kirov region to the beginnings of NLK. In January 2010 Governor White signed the order approving the application of NLK on the implementation of investment project on modernization of production. On this basis the plant without an auction provided over 667 thousand cubic meters of wood. And in August 2011, the government of the Kirov region helped NLK, giving the plant a pledge for a loan, “Sberbank” (which, according to investigators, a donkey in the personal accounts of Urickogo) in the form of a number of objects Kirov real estate.

In November of last year (that is, after the arrest of Urickogo) modernization of the ski factory was again included among the 24 priority investment projects in Kirov region.

“The situation at novovyatsky ski plant suggests that the risk of loss of collateral from the region. Yes, a criminal case against the former owner of the company. Currently, the owner has changed. The company is successfully working. Timely paid taxes, contributions to the Pension Fund. As stated by the CEO of the company, problems with cancellation of the loan does not arise,” – said in February, Deputy Prime Minister Beresnev.

In the Wake of Kirovles

Novovyatskiy ski mill was not the only enterprise of the Kirov lesopromyshlennogo complex, which is tightly managed for the structure of Urickogo. It is believed that he was the owner of the Swiss company “Hans Kunz” (Hans Kunz AG), a few years ago started to seize the forestry assets of the region. By a strange coincidence, they were expecting the same fate – the accumulation of losses and debts due to bankruptcy.

In particular, in 2012, “Hans Kunz becomes the sole owner of the company “Vyatkalesprom that is a subsidiary of NLC. At that time it was quite a successful medium-sized company – at the end of 2012, it showed revenue 403,8 million rubles and net profit of 20.5 million rubles. However, in 2014, the Arbitration court of Kirov region admits Vyatkalesprom, OOO bankrupt on the basis of the claim about debt recovery on a ridiculous amount of 332 thousand rubles. No less deplorable was the fate of most of the 36 forest enterprises that were included in the structure of Vyatkalesprom”. According to the “SPARK” to date, 23 of these companies is liquidated, the other 13 went to private hands and by the end of 2014 almost all either left with a loss, either worked on the verge of profitability.

Scandalous bankruptcy is over and move under the control of the company “Hans Kunz” paper factory “elikon” – the main enterprise of the settlement Murygino, which once worked a half thousand people. The trouble began during the crisis of 2008-2009, when the factory had stopped production. Eighteen months later, after a visit to the “elikon” Nikita Belykh, the decision was made that she would receive “second birth”. The new “parent” of the company became “Hans Kunz”, and at the end of 2014 after a series of arbitration claims, “elikon” was declared bankrupt. Soon after the introduction on the “Elikon” observation is the first stage of bankruptcy – at the same address was registered a new legal entity – LLC “Kirov paper company”, but it was under bankruptcy just a few months.

How was the transition of “elikon” under control “Hans Kunz,” a couple of years ago I wrote kirovskie media: in may 2011 the General Director of the paper factory Sergey Efimov came “serious conversation” a few strong men to “Lexus” but Efimov later refused to testify in this episode. However, in February last year, the police have opened a criminal case in connection with the events on the “Elikon” – and again about the illegal VAT refunds.

Finally, traces of albert Urickogo visible in the activities of the infamous sue “Kirovles”, which currently is also in the process of liquidation. A few years ago this company was going to realize the investment project involves the selection of woods in the amount of 735 thousand cubic meters in the same pattern as in the case of NLK, that is, without the auction. But in the end the implementation of the project did not take the Kirovles, OOO “Forest management company” (MC “Forestry”), which also appears in the criminal case against Nikita Belykh.

Was this company at the same address as the Kirovles, which once had “Forestry” a share of 25%, and its actual address coincides with the address of NLK. In 2010-2011, the assets of “Forestry” was planning to buy Moscow-based company “Forest technologies”, which was originally a subsidiary of NLC, and then came under the control of the same “Hans Kunz”. At that time the meetings with the leadership of the Kirov region it was argued that in the transaction with a “Forest technologies” 25% +1 share of “Forestry” will remain the property of the government of the Kirov region, 25% +1 share will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the staff of the Kirovles and the remaining shares will go to Lariccia. However, in the end, the absolute owner of “Forestry” has become another Cyprus structure, with predictable results: more than 42 million rubles of losses by the end of 2014, a series of arbitration cases and writs. But at the end of last year, again a miracle happened: the Forestry project management company for the development of low-rise construction and modernization of wood processing industries on the basis of units of Kirovles was on the list of priority investment projects in Kirov region, next to NLC.

Under bankruptcy last year and got “Forest technology”, made a year earlier loss of 161 million rubles. And the total amount of losses present in the system “SPARK” of the forestry and wood industry of Kirov region at the end of 2014, close to 2.3 billion rubles, including 1.6 billion of losses NLC). For comparison, in 2012 this figure was only 636 million rubles.

Sooner or later the results of “effective management” in the Vyatka timber industry had to be in the field of view of law enforcement. The case of “Kirovles” in this context is only the “first swallow”, but after in June of last year in Moscow was detained Larici, it was suggested that next in line – his patron, Nikita Belykh. And that’s what eventually happened.

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