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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Apeksimova caught the bride’s bouquet

“Crystal Turandot” was 25, but at this age the Chinese Princess clearly has not changed. The same Moody, picky in her suitors, though… the years take their toll, and the young lady still softened. Anyway, at the ceremony, which took place on Monday evening at the Vakhtangov theatre, she showed gentleness and favor to the candidates. The details of courtship browser “MK”.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

On the street, before the theater entrance is a military brass band. Public lot — “Turandot” love, because, first, many well-known individuals and these same individuals don’t go on the red carpet under the supervision of the police, and quite affordable sipping champagne in thick, echoing the crowd. And secondly, the actual ceremony, play as performance: notice that in 25 years the performances were of different denominations, but the anniversary has surpassed all expectations.

Alexander Oleshko in his dressing room wearing a white shirt with crisp bib.

— See how in the old days, ‘ says the artist, is a hard, squeaky.

And stroking his hand over the fabric. The shirt is really beautiful, neatly pressed. He is invited by number.

— I’ll sing about the past Actresses. What were beauties! You’ll love it.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina
Evgeny Pisarev — best Director.

I have no doubt. In the lobby and in the hall too going beautiful women Irina Apeksimova with the Taganka, Olga Prokofiev from Mayakovka, Kregzde of Eugene Vakhtangov. But the main beauty Ekaterina Guseva — in the dressing room next to Oleshko tries on a magnificent headdress with feathers. Without feathers her anywhere — she’s Princess Turandot. Vyacheslav Zaitsev gave her the most luxurious dress of pale red satin with gold and some intricate detailing. He, incidentally, is also in the hall, and that many people happy, because of illness Vyacheslav Mikhailovich had not appeared in public.

Initiation ceremony has quite a sporting character: the champion pair in shiny suits off in rock-n-roll. And then the Princess is, as described above, the feathers on the head, and when her man is middle-aged years.

— Let me introduce myself, I matchmakers.

So no Prince Calaf, and the busybody on the part of someone else’s happiness will ignite almost two hours. And “light” is no exaggeration: masters of the Maly theatre Vasily Bochkarev brilliantly guides the ceremony, and everyone recognizes that in recent years he was the most successful leader. He will be rolling improvisations on texts by Ostrovsky, which beat a lot in a Small, joke of the day — our counter with Turkey. In General, strongly to Woo the Princess of pure crystal, sometimes calling it amber and blue. Well, it is to cajole. Although Ekaterina Guseva in the role of caprinica and preference, I must say, also did pretty good, so good… All the time refers to the President and founder of the award Boris Belenky: “Announce my tenderness, Boris Petrovich!” And he is pleased to meet.

This time about the candidates Turandot almost not missed — picked by talent, not connections, although without the connections not done. No doubt — Evgeny Pisarev directing the play “the House that swift built”, Vladimir Simonov for the role Minetti in the eponymous play, Eugene Kregzde for Katerina in “the Storm,” Vasily Lanovoy — for honour and dignity, Sergei Barkhin was the best artist for the play “Bald angel”, which is recognized as the best performance (but as it is mounted with the best directing another mystery). The best Director named mark Varshaver world.

photo: Marina Raikin
Irina Apeksimova.

Looked very elegant musical arrangement, performed mainly in the Bayan (what’s a wedding without a Bayan?), and here we must mention the groups of “Solo tango orchestra”, “Purits band, “Euphoria” Ayrat Department. Trio of Daniil Kramer was, though without the accordion, but with crazy improvisations. Cute duet of Tatyana and Leonid Shishkov Slepner, but the song memory old Actresses by Alexander Oleshko was wonderful indeed.

The final unexpected: Turandot-Gusev, as befits the bride, throws the bouquet. Who do you think got him? Irina Apeksimova, who was sitting in an open black dress seems to be in the eighth row and also not in the center. Everyone congratulated the actress and the Director of the Taganka, but many, amazed at her dexterity, still suggested that it is the result of hard training Guseva and Apeksimova. But no, that’s fair game.

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