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Monday, March 19, 2018

After the apology, Erdogan’s conflict with Turkey is not exhausted

What is known for its tyranny, the President of Turkey still backpedaled and apologized in connection with the crash of su-24, was made as a sensation and looks like a clear victory for the Russian side. The Turks really should give credit, but so far there is no reason to believe the conflict is settled. Moscow needs to be firm.

On Monday, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said about the message of the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan Vladimir Putin, in which the Turkish leader has finally apologized for the downed su-24 bomber. “The Turkish head of state in his address expressed his sympathy and deep condolences to the family of the deceased Russian pilots and said “sorry”, – said Peskov. By the way, the press-Secretary of Vladimir Putin graduated from the Institute of countries of Asia and Africa, worked for many years at the Embassy of the USSR and then Russia in Ankara and speaks Turkish fluently. Even so should you trust his interpretation of the text that was sent to Moscow Erdogan.

“Kalin has not even attempted to shoot himself, or at least resign. Turkey is not accepted”

A little later, a spokesman for Erdogan Ibrahim Kalin has fully confirmed this information, also noting that we are talking about the apology. As required.

In a message to the Turkish leader has already been published on the official website of the Kremlin also noted that Russia is Turkey’s friend and strategic partner. “We have, – stressed Erdogan – never had the desire and deliberate intention to bring down a plane belonging to the Russian Federation”. It further States that the Turkish side has made every effort to pick up the dead body of the pilot Oleg Peshkov the Syrian “opposition” and pass it to the Russian side, taking into account all the military and religious procedures. “I want to Express my sympathy and deep condolences to the bereaved family of the Russian pilot and say,” sorry. With my heart I share their pain. Family Russian pilot we perceive as a Turkish family. In the name of pain relief and severity of the damage, we are ready for any initiative,” writes the President of Turkey.

Erdogan also noted that in relation to Turkish citizen Alpaslan Celik, who is associated with death of the Russian pilot commenced a new investigation (informed of the charges in the murder of Peshkov was taken from Celik). Thus, Ankara is partly (that is so far only in words) performed or expressed willingness to comply with all three demands that Moscow, through its Ambassador in Ankara, Andrey Karlov was presented as indispensable conditions for restoring normal relations. The first is a formal apology for the incident, the second – to find and punish those responsible for the death of the pilot, the third is to pay compensation for the damage.

It is significant that in the text distributed by the Anadolu Agency, the apology does not say. “The Turkish head of state shared the pain of loss with the family of the dead Russian pilot and indicated that he is sorry,” said Kalin,” writes Anadolu in the message entitled “a Step towards the normalization of relations with Russia.” Stylistically it’s not quite what was expected. Perhaps in hindsight the Kalin tries to soften the wording for vnutricerepnogo use. We all remember how, immediately after the attack on Russian bomber across Turkey, a wave of nationalist and anti-Russian demonstrations, and many members of Parliament spoke with angry speeches against Moscow, as if Russia shot down a Turkish plane, not Vice versa.

Hence the second point. Yes, Erdogan is ready to compensate the family of the pilot, which also should have done earlier, and let them be in private. But the Turkish side must compensate the damage caused to the Russian state, at least the cost of the downed aircraft. But this initiative, Erdogan has so far, apparently, not ready. Or not ready. 1 July in Sochi at a meeting of the black sea economic cooperation (BSEC) arrives the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu. Perhaps there can be specific items of damages. But it is unlikely Cavusoglu extended empowered to interpret the words of the President about who and what Ankara apologizes.

Finally, Alparslan çelik, “whose name is associated” killing the Russian pilot, yet arrested for illegal possession of arms and not for murder. Despite the initial aplomb, he denied any involvement in the death of Russian Aviator and even claims that he told the militants to shoot. This character was arrested at a restaurant in Izmir, in which he was to eat in the company of 14 people with a Kalashnikov and two pistols. Then the newspaper VIEW suggested that it gives Ankara a chance at reconciliation with Moscow, but hopes were not justified. Now the Turkish Prosecutor’s office launched a new investigation, but no guarantees there: in the history of Alparslana the Turkish side hung the public on the ears already so many lies, that now it is difficult to remove, not Salutis. The benefit of Chelik was not the Turkomans, as a “real” Turk, and the son of the mayor of a provincial town. He led a comfortable lifestyle typical of the armed thugs if of the 90-ies and has repeatedly been seen at various political and religious events of extremist character, including in the medium is formally prohibited in Turkey since the days of Ataturk dervish orders. Nobody, of course, will not demand his extradition to Russia, in addition, the crime itself is committed in the territory of Syria, but Turkey should judge him on the merits, not the rattle of a gun in a seaside restaurant.

The last few months Russia tried to ease Recep Erdogan difficult for him to wear an apology. On the Central channels there was a series of reports of conciliation, which highlighted friendly relations between the Russians and the Turks at the household level. Moscow graciously accepted preliminary peace statements of the Turkish side, and more recently, Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin is ready to normalize relations, but this requires concrete actions.” This, recall, was the Kremlin’s response to a congratulatory telegram to Erdogan, the Russian people in connection with celebration of Day of Russia. At the same time in Turkey this largely ceremonial correspondence was submitted as the final assignment.

The same Ibrahim Kalin – “talking head” of Erdogan – 22 June (that is, less than a week ago) categorically asserted that “Turkey does not intend to apologize and pay compensation for the downed plane.” This was said in the TV channel Haber turk, in the same speech, Kalin had mentioned a certain message, which Erdogan sent to President Putin, but the overall tone of his speech was very sharp and categorical. The press Secretary literally insisted that a congratulatory telegram, which contained a phrase concerning efforts to restore relations to their deserve level” is the maximum that can afford to Ankara.

And suddenly – such a sharp turn. And Kalin didn’t even attempt to shoot, or at least resign. Turkey is not accepted.

Apparently, Erdogan, who was forced to step on the throat of his ego under the pressure of adverse external circumstances, seeking to save face domestically. Well, his problem. There was no sense to organize a surge of nationalist hysteria for internal use. And this was the background for his message looks not so sincere apology, as the Declaration of intentions, whereas in practice, the steps required to Moscow on Turkish leadership, it is not yet done. We are half-hearted and ambiguous interpretations of a message are not backed by real steps, which said two weeks ago, Dmitry Peskov.

Another thing is that Ankara’s message is really big and painful step which we should appreciate and accept. The position of Moscow since late November has not changed one iota and has always been extremely rigid, and this stiffness Erdogan did not expect. Natural braid broke on the stone, but to be satisfied just that you can not just because of the principled positions of the Russian foreign policy. The words of the Turkish side should follow (preferably quickly) practical steps, details of which should not be discussed with the aim of easing. Repentance must be active.

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