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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Vladimir Putin for the first time in four years made at the Congress of United Russia

The President of Russia for the first time in four years addressed the Congress of the party “United Russia” – and called the party “the unifying force” and “Assembly point” of the country. His speech Vladimir Putin has dedicated the upcoming September elections. The delegates of the ruling party were also made by the Prime Minister, the Chairman of the party “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev.

The Congress of “United Russia”, held in the Manezh building, collected more than two thousand people, including representatives of Central bodies of the party, delegates of regional branches, deputies of legislative and representative authorities, members of social organizations.

“It is important that all political forces… achieved in the elections is not only the results as such, but mainly the confidence of citizens in the elections”

The party Congress has approved a Federal list of candidates parties and candidates in single-mandate constituencies. The Congress approved the election program of “United Russia”, whose provisions on 26 June, the first day of the Congress was discussed, discussion platforms, reports TASS.

The election program of the party will be modified in the light of President Vladimir Putin at the party Congress and the report of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev; a corresponding proposal was voiced at the Congress, Medvedev himself. “The draft programme was distributed. I suggest to approve it and to instruct the software of the Commission to make its completion, this needs to be polished with respect to the statements of the President, my report for further publication,” reports the TASS.

After these words, the participants voted for the decision. “Accepted” – stated Medvedev.

“Indeed, I myself initiated and created the party”

We will remind, Vladimir Putin began his speech by saying that he hopes that the candidates of “United Russia” on elections will show an example of fair competition, the party responsible for them. “I hope that they (candidates) will show an example of honest and fair competition”, – said the head of state.

The President especially stressed that the most important delegates of the “United Russia” – not to lose the trust earned over the years of its activities. “Today is 15-th Congress of “United Russia”, the same age and of the party itself. In principle, not much, not even enough for a serious, powerful political force. During this time she was able to become the most widespread and influential, and this confidence won by great effort, it is important not to lose”, – said Putin.

Furthermore, Putin reminded that he is the initiator and author of the idea of creation of “United Russia”. “Indeed, I initiated and created this party, the need in her was vital, above all, to strengthen Russian statehood and the consolidation of society. What was then the country, all of you remember and know: was the threat of its collapse, and it was real, in legal and political terms it was a really patchwork territory, the North Caucasus was literally covered with the terrorist aggression against Russia,” – said Putin, reports RIA “Novosti”.

According to the President, at that time in the minds of people “mixed up” many concepts and ideas. “A significant part of the economy, a number of important state institutions were controlled by oligarchical or frankly criminal structures just. You had to change, to build the situation, to strengthen the existing Constitution, in fact, to restore the capacity of the state to strengthen its integrity and Federative principles, to overcome the split in society”, – said Putin.


“Social consensus on strategic issues”

Vladimir Putin called United Russia the” unifying force and the “assemblage point” of the country. “To implement these objectives was only possible with reliance on a powerful unifying political force, and this “Assembly point” and has become “United Russia”. Largely thanks to her efforts has been achieved social consensus on strategic development issues”, – he said.

Putin also noted the formation of a clear legislative framework. “Parliamentary faction “United Russia” and deputies of regional legislative assemblies played a decisive role here”, he added.

We will remind that earlier the head of state spoke about the approaches of work of deputies of the state Duma, about what in detail wrote to the newspaper VIEW. Next, the President addressed the issue of quality of work of the state Duma. Vladimir Putin called on all political forces participating in the election campaign, to ensure social stability in the country. “It is important that all political forces were aware of their responsibility for maintaining social stability, achieved in the elections is not only the results as such, but mainly the confidence of citizens in the elections”, – said the President.

Vladimir Putin emphasized that “the legislature is an independent branch of government, and its work should not interfere with any someone’s opportunistic interests, no desire to hurry to make a decision”. “It should not be a hasty, superficial approaches to the consideration and adoption of legislation, I particularly want to say about it. Providing routine, systematic, in-depth substantive discussion of the draft laws is a key objective of the new convocation in the organization of the legislative process”, – said Putin.

“The fight will be hard. We are ready for it”

Further the floor was taken by the Prime Minister, the Chairman of the party “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev. He will head the list “an United Russia” on forthcoming elections in the state Duma. “The fight will be hard. We are ready for it. Our party has everything to win,” he said.

Before that, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced the decision to nominate candidates in deputies of the state Duma from the EP of the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya, acting head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Director Stanislav Govorukhin.

Prime Minister in his speech touched upon issues of economic and social nature. “The program was extended until 2018. Our party if we win the election, will seek to extend this programme in one form or another, as well as one-off payments for third and subsequent children,” – reports RIA “Novosti” Medvedev’s statement at the party Congress.

He added that the greatest burden falls on families with children, and to ensure that parents were able to give the child the best, we need money. “And if children a lot of money you also need a lot. Therefore, for these families there are several forms of support. This payment for third and subsequent children, and the land from the state. All of these forms of support should naturally be extended. But, of course, the most popular form – a referendum in South Ossetia”, – said Medvedev.

Further, Medvedev touched upon the issues of regional policy. “There are cases when in regions without sufficient reason, liquidate the hospital. “United Russia” must not allow no reason to close the medical institution. We understand people don’t have to go far from home to receive necessary assistance. This bill, which will oblige the regional authorities to consider the opinions of people at the closing of medical institutions, is now in the state Duma”, – said Medvedev.

“Russia can feed itself”

In addition, he said, the party “will not allow you to dismiss good doctors for trivial savings or at the expense of sacked to increase wages at the expense of such reductions.” “Of course, the regions should bring the salaries of doctors and other state employees to normal levels. But not at this price”, – stressed the head of government.

In addition, Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia is currently able to feed itself without imported food supply. “We are currently gathering such harvests that were able to enter the three countries – leaders in the supply of grain to the world market. Significantly increased the level of food security. Russia can feed itself without imported food supply”, – he said.

According to him, the profitability of agricultural enterprises as a whole is growing, and the industry to operate profitably and to farmers and large agricultural holdings. “Party “United Russia” for ten years, starting with the launch of a national project, which Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) spoke here, was able to achieve the best results in the industry’s development, than our predecessors a few decades in the Soviet Union”, – said Medvedev.

Medvedev also proposed to the delegates of the “United Russia”. “We’ll rebuild the tax system so that it is not so much collecting money in the budget, how much stimulated the development of advanced, competitive products and services outside of the commodity sector, strengthen the balance of regional and local budgets, helping them to create new sources of income,” he said. He said that the party intends to “not just locally to introduce preferential tax regimes, as is done according to the law on territories of rapid socio-economic development”.

We will remind that elections of the Duma will be held on September 18 under a mixed system: 225 deputies are elected on party lists (proportional system), 225 – in single member constituencies (majoritarian system).

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