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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Turkey made peace with Israel in defiance of Russia

Turkey and Israel agreed to normalize relations, ending a six-year period of estrangement between the two countries. The restoration of the Union, which was the “center of power”, is beneficial to both parties. In a new relationship the players their strategic goals and benefits: Israel intensifies the impact on the Muslim world, Turkey is once again showing its muscles, Russia.

Israel and Turkey on Monday announced the normalization of relations after a six-year gap partnership: an agreement to exchange ambassadors, the agreement initialed and soon to be signed, said the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. About the decision the day before Reuters reported a senior Israeli official. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Rome, where he will hold a press conference, which will be announced details of the agreement, noted AFP.

“Turkey is trying to begin to join a Union, bilateral relations, positioning itself as one of the centers of power”

Netanyahu has announced that Israel plans to start supplying gas to Europe through Turkey. Recall that for Ankara’s gas partnership with Israel has become particularly important after the cooling of relations with Russia.

Three conditions of Turkey

We will remind, Israel and Turkey in the past have been strategic partners, but drifted away from each other against the background of the reorientation of Turkish foreign policy European integration to strengthen positions in the Arab-Muslim world. The final breakup of the partnership between the two countries occurred when in 2010 the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara, head of the “freedom Flotilla” attempted to break the food blockade of the Gaza strip, however, was attacked by Israeli commandos. Killing nine Turkish citizens and one Turkish, living in the United States. Then Ankara have minimized diplomatic relations with Jerusalem, demanded an official apology, compensation and lifting the embargo on Gaza. These three conditions Turkey has continued to insist until recently.

Now the question of financial compensation to families of Turkish activists killed during the storming by Israeli commandos of the Mavi Marmara ship, fully resolved, told DW the Israeli diplomat. The total amount of compensation will be about $ 20 million. After that, all lawsuits against Israel will lose strength. In addition, both countries again exchanged diplomatic missions.

With regard to the required Turkey’s embargo of Palestine, Israeli media say that Turkey is the result of the agreement may waive the requirement for an immediate lifting of Israel’s blockade of the Gaza strip, in return, received permission to deliver to the Gaza humanitarian aid via the Israeli port city of Ashdod. Also Turkey will be able to start in the Palestinian territory the construction of hospitals, power plants and water treatment complex.

Earlier, Netanyahu discussed the future normalization of relations between Israel and Turkey with the Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden. “Prime Minister Netanyahu called the Vice President today to thank him for his support of talks between Israel and Turkey”, – RIA “news” the message a press-services of the White house.

In turn, the Vice President congratulated Prime Minister to achieve progress in the normalization of relations with Turkey, noting significant economic benefits and benefit security for both countries and the entire region of the Eastern Mediterranean”, added the Agency.

Ahead of the announcement on normalization of relations to Rome, where Netanyahu flew to the U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. Such active contacts with Washington make it clear that the United States played a role in the current agreements with Ankara.

Earlier the newspaper VIEW noted that Turkey has started to work actively to normalize relations with Israel in 2015, after Turkish air force shot down a Russian su-24 bomber in Syria. Since Turkey is aggressively looking for a new supplier of natural gas to reduce its dependence on Russia. In particular, the Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stressed that “the negotiations will certainly and must go on. “One of our conditions, the other two being negotiated at the expert level,” – said the Minister. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “We asked them for an apology, they did,” he said, and recalled two other conditions: “We can go the way of the normalization process, if you will be paid compensation and the lifting of the embargo”.

“Turkey is necessary from the geostrategic point of view”

“Push Israel Erdogan succeeded only in part of their demands: no (withdrawal of food) of the blockade of Gaza and the Hamas claims it does not receive”, – said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK President of the Middle East Institute, political analyst Yevgeny Satanovsky. He stressed that the restoration of relations with Israel, first of all, “asked Erdogan, pretending that Israel has great mercy, but the gas he needed, so he tries”.

The source noted that Israel still has not decided whether it was necessary to go to the restoration of relations with Erdogan. “But in the conditions of tough confrontation with Iran – on the Iranian strategy, Israel generally should not exist – Turkey geo-strategically essential or at least necessary to close the lane hard hostility with this country. Given that Erdogan and his allies – Qatar, Saudi Arabia – at the moment it is controlled by the number of terrorists that Israelis easier for these terrorists did not fight with them”, – said Satanovsky.

The political scientist, the Director of the research center “the middle East – the Caucasus” Stanislav Tarasov in an interview with the newspaper the OPINION also said that “normalization of relations “best of Turkey, which is in the international isolation”.

However, he disagreed Satanovsky: “I do not think that Turkey is today isolated. Turkey is going at full steam to the collapse of the country, but in isolation it does not. Turkey quarrels with everyone, but Erdogan continues to extract from Europe the money, get weapons from the Americans and seriously affect the Syrian situation, blackmailing the White house and the state Department,” – said the expert. According to him, is only a certain chain of adventures that leads to the destruction of Turkey’s relations with neighbors ranging from Russia to Iran and Syria.

“After a quarrel with all to position himself as the power center”

According to Satanovsky, “Erdogan was desperately needed to close at least some of the old ones”. “He is so conflict that he managed to quarrel, perhaps, with Qatar and the Saudis, he doesn’t fight, but even with the Chinese and that is a big problem, because the Chinese do not like that the Turkish Embassy write the Uighur terrorists passports to Turkish citizens, with whom they can safely move around the world, – said the expert. – I had to be able to fight with all its major partners. In this respect, at least with Israel to try to improve relations”.

That is an attempt of Turkey even with someone to restore relationships and to emerge as an important international player, agreed and Tarasov. He added that one of recipients here is Russia.

Now, with rapid developments in the EU after a referendum in Britain to secede from the Union, drastically reduced the value of Brussels as the centre of world politics, with the European space objectively, the influence of Russia, he said. “In this situation, Turkey is trying to begin to join a Union, bilateral relations, positioning itself as one of the centers of power, meaning, first of all, Eurasia and the middle East,” said the analyst.

Tarasov also said that the advantages here is Israel, which after the events of 2010 with the loss of Turkey as a partner has narrowed down their possibilities to influence the course of events in the middle East.” The expert added that “Turkey is a NATO member, Israel is a secret member of NATO, and the Alliance of the allies acted as the centre of power.”

The change of the vector of foreign policy and win some points”

Tarasov said that after the change of the Prime Minister Ankara’s foreign policy once again began to change. As stated by the new Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, Turkey will try to return to the doctrine of “Zero problems with neighbors” to seriously deal with the problems of the economy, since the country is having a crisis. The restoration of relations with Israel, said that “in Turkey, gaining the power of other forces that will change the vector of foreign policy they inherited from Davutoglu,” said Tarasov. Recall that the Western media and experts have repeatedly noted that “Davutoglu was the key interlocutor for Angela Merkel and Europe as a whole”, whereby agreements have been reached to control the flow of refugees, and also worked on the agreement on the abolition of visas with the EU.

Both experts believe that in the current situation, Turkey will find a way to brighten their image in the media sphere: “a Formula that is adjusted (normalization of relations), will allow Erdogan and a lot of loud shouting about how the Israelites lost their positions, went to meet him. He once again will win some points at least in the non-European world, the world of Islam,” – said Satanovskiy. Tarasov did not rule out that Turkey will relay the restoration of relations with Israel to attempt to normalize relations with Russia. However, reminded me that this is fundamentally a different situation, Turkey refuses even to apologize and tries to impose on us some kind of a General Commission for the investigation of the death of su-24.

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