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Thursday, March 22, 2018

“The troops changed the atmosphere”

The other day in Krasnogorsk on the territory of Vishnevsky hospital was a monument to front-line nurse. The initiator of the opening of the monument by the national Association of associations of reserve officers of the Armed forces (MEGAPIR). How and with what resources these people manage to do charity work, keep the great work with veterans, youth, “MK” told the founder and head of the organization, Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Alexander Kanshin.

Photo: megapir.info

— Today our Association performs the state order of the Ministry of defence for bringing order to the territory and buildings, equipment of medical corps of the Central military clinical hospital. Vishnevsky, — said Alexander Shokhin. — There is now really very nice made platform in front of buildings, a number of hospitals. And this work will go on. All this will accomplish our Association, more precisely, its construction unit.

At the same time we have tried together with the main culture Ministry of defence Anton Gubankov and the chief military doctor Alexander Fisun to embody in bronze the idea of Sergei Shoigu to put in the hospital a monument to front-line nurse. He was recently inaugurated in the presence of the heads of the military Department. On the faces of the pedestal 3 of the bas-relief, reflecting the Crimean war, the First world war and the Great Patriotic war. In the center of each of the bas — relief nurse assisting the wounded.

Here, in the hospital, we handed established our Association public award For outstanding contribution to military medicine.” It is awarded to military doctors and doctors for individual achievement in the treatment and rehabilitation of sick and injured soldiers, veterans, and a great contribution to the organization of medical support of troops.

— But where did you get the money for such charity? We’ve learned that veterans ‘ organizations themselves usually have to help.

— To wean. Us is certainly not a concern. From the beginning, in the 90-ies, our organization was conceived as a commercial entity, which would combine reserve officers to help them to survive in conditions of wild capitalism, which flourished then in our country. For several years we have learned to make money created the economic base, working out the mechanisms for profit… And today in the structure of our Association already includes more than 60 different commercial and non-profit organizations and foundations whose main task is to help military personnel transferred to the reserve, to adapt to a new, civilian life.

— There are regional structures, which you later Directive, require reports, collect their contributions in a common pot?

— No. In the regions we do has about 300 offices, which, in turn, cooperate closely with mayors, governors, heads of local administrations, as well as commanders of military units in military districts and fleets. We, in turn, also work very closely with their asset in the regions. But not what sort of guidance, but mainly by economic methods. No fees as such we have nothing to do with anyone not collect. We have a Board of founders, who have their shares, their share in the business. They, if required, to allocate money for various charity events.

Over the last period to help veterans, families of soldiers killed in “hot spots”, as well as retired officers we have sent tens of millions of rubles. And today, despite the difficult situation in the economy, funds for these purposes is not going to cut it.

— Honestly, a bit unusual to hear of your organization as commercial. We all used to perceive it as the largest public organization of veterans of the Armed forces. You as her leader, you can constantly meet the meeting of the Public chamber, Public Council under the Ministry of defense, where the social auditors are the representatives of mainly public bodies.

Today there are many organizations at all levels position themselves as public and declare that you are engaged in helping veterans, and youth work and Patriotic education. In fact, they actually just shook the money from various commercial and government agencies for their own content. And well live. Occasionally, on holidays, arrange for a report some modest celebration, which invited veterans. They look very impressive with medals, but I’m sorry for the rough comparison, silent as fish.

We believe that the last thing to ask of anyone, until you’re able to do a lot myself. Yes, of course, veterans ‘ organizations the necessary help from the state. And they provide it. But this may well be mutual. This practice exists in the world.

For example, the public Association “the U.S. Army”, which includes more than 100 thousand persons — veterans of power structures, annually from the budget of the country transferred about $25 million But not as charity. The fact that veterans together with representatives of the military departments organize various events. Involved, for example, in the joint exhibition of defense products, military equipment, uniforms, medical equipment… the veterans of the “U.S. Army” does not hide the fact that openly lobbying the interests of the Pentagon and the defense industry. For this work, which, incidentally, are doing very well, they transferred a good budget. What’s wrong with that? Why public, government and business interests are not able to interfere in us?

— Probably, can. Intersect. You, for example, 10 years are a permanent member of the Public Council under the Ministry of defense, so to speak, a man has the first convocation. How many Ministers of defence when you have changed… But changed somehow during this time the work of the Council?

Yes. Especially in recent years. And including the fact that it changed the army. You can recall to the military service under the contract was a long queue — it is time to announce the contest?

While I’m not saying that we in the army no problem. But still today, people in uniform feel quite differently than even a few years ago. And not only because they get more money or the conditions of service were now more comfortable than before. The troops changed the atmosphere — the military feel the respect, attention, necessity their country. Accordingly, they have a growing sense of responsibility for the work which they were assigned.

In many ways, these changes depend on the team that came to the defense Ministry together with Sergey Shoigu. I would say that he left the command of the destroyers, came to the team of creators.

— Remember, former defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov appeared frequently at meetings of the Public Council. And as it is now? Also varites in its own juice or feel the attention of the military leadership? Or maybe it’s attention too much: step right, step left — escape attempt, is punishable by execution?

Minister Shoigu is respectful not only to subordinates but also to the members of public organizations. Despite his busy schedule, he almost always personally present at each meeting of the Council, leads him, he knows personally all members of the group. If someone raised an issue, then one of its deputies, it instructs it to understand and report.

He can spend hours telling us about the prospects for the development of army and fleet, new deliveries of military equipment. Always actively supports our initiatives.

For example, at the initiative Megaera recreated disbanded when Serdyukov North Caucasus IEDs in Vladikavkaz, which again plays a vital role for the upbringing of patriots of Russia in this region.

But the work of the Council is not only meeting. I personally regularly visit on Board the defense Ministry, including with the participation of the Supreme commander, visiting various army events, and exercises in the various districts. For representatives of the Public Council in the army today there are practically no closed topics and units.

— So you want to say that with the leadership of the defense Ministry you now have a complete understanding? But what about public control? Don’t you think an absolute consensus between the controller and the check does not always help the case?

— I agree. Only after all the representatives of public organizations, which are included in the Public Council of the Ministry of defense, from the military no subsidies get no profit, you do not have, salaries they are one in the defense Ministry doesn’t pay… So we all have nothing to lose, expressing the sometimes unpleasant truth to the leadership of the defense Ministry. And the fact that they listen to, only proves that these people really want to change the situation in the army for the better.

The fact that the working atmosphere with the leadership of the defense Ministry we have a favorable, does not mean that we should sit back and sing each other praises. On the contrary: if we are trusted, we listen, we just have even more to point out the shortcomings, demanding their elimination and punishment guilty.

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