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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Scientists have found that the hot climate increases the level of crime

A group of scientists from the Netherlands, which is Amsterdam’s free University, came to the conclusion that the climate can be one of the factors influencing the level of crime in the country. In particular, the researchers found that in countries located closer to the equator, crimes in General, more often, and that in countries with changeable weather, people in General are less inclined to aggression than States where the weather is changeable.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts say that while I can’t say with certainty what the nature of the relationship they discovered. Two of the most “obvious” theories to explain this phenomenon, researchers seem not giving a full answer to your questions. In particular, the assumption that in the heat people experience discomfort and become irritable, not very well explain the increase in the number of heavy crimes, such as murder — perhaps such can stand only irritability of people.

Doesn’t look inclusive and explanation, according to which in the heat, people often overlook the street and more contact with people, and so they simply often appear to be a case of” to commit a crime. According to scientists, the lack of such explanation in the fact that at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius crimes are committed more often than at a temperature of 24 degrees, although in this heat outside, probably looks less, not more, of people — many would prefer to stay under the roof than out in the hot sun.

In this regard, experts suggest that to seek a relationship should between crime and heat in itself, between crime and hot climate, which the high temperature with not too large variations may be observed almost any time of the year.

According to experts, the alternation of cold and warm seasons, many countries work has promoted the development of a culture — agriculture and generally preparing for the winter contributed to the formation of many traditions. However, the change of seasons, according to the researchers, may still have a beneficial psychological influence on people, teaching them self-control and ability to plan. At the same time, the constant heat has peoplelive for today”, which may lead to increased crime.

Also, according to the researchers, a role to play that in tropical countries is found more dangerous and primarily poisonous animals.

Their study, the researchers reported in the journal Behavior and Brain Sciences.

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