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Friday, March 16, 2018

Published the latest razor-sharp images of Jupiter

In anticipation of the orbit of Jupiter, the automatic interplanetary station “Juno” astronomers from European southern Observatory, has presented VHR data from images of the gas giant. According to the command of a telescope, very clear image was obtained using the Very Large Telescope in the infrared range.

Before publishing on the Internet pictures of the largest planet in the Solar system was demonstrated at the National astronomical Congress of the British Royal astronomical society in Nottingham. Reportedly, with the help of the spectrometer and the reflector in the infrared VISIR installed on ESO’s Very Large Telescope, was made thousands of images of Jupiter, the best of which were subsequently combined into a very clear image. Experts suggest that these images can help the work of the approaching gas giant apparatus called “Juno”.

“Juno” — automatic interplanetary station, the American space Agency NASA, launched in August 2011, and overcame a nearly 3 billion kilometers. Coming soon — July 4 2016 — she should arrive in the system of Jupiter and go into orbit of a gas giant. Over the next two years the unit will make 37 turns around the planet, collecting information about it, and then the station will destroy the “drowning” it in the Jupiter. As expected, this time will be able to clarify the data about circulation of the atmosphere of Jupiter, the contents and distribution of water, as well as more details to investigate the planet’s magnetic field and auroras on it. Standing in front of a space station and many other tasks. The necessity of his destruction, experts determine the the fact that otherwise, the pieces of the spacecraft could bring materials from Earth to the moons of Jupiter that subsequently could inhibit their learning and, in particular, asking whether there were none of them even primitive forms of life.

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