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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Member of the jury of the festival Rashid Nugmanov will not make a film about Victor Tsoy

Film Director Rashid Nugmanov was included in the jury of the 38 th Moscow international film festival. In 1984 from his native Kazakhstan, he arrived in Moscow in wykowsky workshop of Sergey Solovyov, which became the cradle of the “new Kazakh wave”. Made as a student film “Ya-GHA!” FIPRESCI award in the “Young Soviet cinema” at the festival. “Needle” Rashida Nugmanova with Viktor Tsoi in the title role became a symbol of the perestroika era.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Rashid Nugmanov

For you this is the third of the festival?

I was here many times as a guest but as a participant came for the third time. Debuted with “Ya-GHA!”, then we presented in Moscow the new program of Kazakh cinema, and now I’m in the jury. We have to look at the 13 paintings.

— Do you remember the years of study in Moscow as the best time of his life. What was the time?

— Moscow has always been a large cosmopolitan city that combines many ethnic groups and nationalities of the Soviet Union. Capital! It basically stays the same. The only difference is that now there is no country in which we all live. Arriving in Moscow, people felt themselves on their own land.

— And now it becomes unfriendly city.

She just happens to be the capital of another state. It is not necessary to exaggerate its malevolence. I feel quite comfortable here.

— This is because you are westernized people.

I know the problems faced by people with a distinct Asian appearance. Everyone lives in his own circle. With age I am becoming more myself. Appreciate people not because they have written in the passport or on the face. Importantly, in the soul, heart, mind.

— What is this phenomenon, when a course claims to be a “new wave”? They were all so talented?

— Sergei Solovyov arrived in Kazakhstan with the operator Pavel Lebeshev and conducted fundamental selection. The thieves did not take. Chose talented people. We discussed each other’s work, learned on the job at the site. We learned from each other. I am an architect by education first. But in architecture there is no possibility to Express the content other than via the form. And in the movie, I support that.

— How many years have passed since the death of Viktor Tsoi and his songs still excite people.

— After retiring young, he young, and left. It never got old. Together we spent days and nights. For me, it really is not dead. Frequently asked question: “Could you shoot a documentary or game biographical film about Tsoy?”. No, you can’t. If I go to this step, then it will be buried, I will agree with the fact that we are talking about the deceased person. To make a feature film, where Tsoi someone will represent, for me, is unacceptable. The principle of our work with him was the fact that Victor was not reincarnated into his character, but remained himself. It’s a completely different type of acting and other type of personal relations.

— You become more important to engage in producing projects?

— Producing creative work, not administrative. The producer is the engine, the Central engine of the film. In Soviet times did not have such a profession. The role of collective producer performed film, Studio, mastering public money. Now the producer of the movie develops, and the other way not. But I hope myself to make a movie.

In Kazakhstan, the grace of the cinema? Many look at you with envy.

— It is good there where we are not. Everywhere difficult. This should appreciate. Difficulties put before you a problem that needs solving, and you’re solving it, developing. The greater the obstacle that is to pass the hero, the more interesting the film. I for the life spread.

— Why you undertook the holding of the festival “Eurasia” in Alma-ATA?

— I have been to many film festivals. I have an idea about which festival I would like to come. To try to do in my hometown Alma-ATA is a creative task that is fun to solve. At “Eurasia” is an important part of the program of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Differently and can not be. But it is international. The film festival is not just for professionals and film critics, and spectators. They have the ability to discover films which will not see anywhere else.

— Manages to get decent movies? MIFF beating on it for many years.

“That’s a hard case. For 12 years, “Eurasia”, the prestigious brand has not appeared, for which the filmmakers would give us the right to premiere. Can not blame them for what they are trying to get to Locarno and Venice. It is necessary to become a prestigious festival. For the year this will not solve the problem.

— What is your project about the film studios evacuated during the great Patriotic war, Alma-ATA?

— It was offered to me. I immediately realized that he has a good potential for coproductie with Russia. The action takes place in Alma-ATA during the war. While some start-up literary material, interesting characters — Eisenstein or someone else. Many actors found in Kazakhstan his second home and stayed in our land, as the performer of the role in the film Furmanov “Chapaev” Boris Blinov. This will be the game picture.

— After several years of living in France returned home, then, in Alma-ATA you are well?

— To live a creative life, you need to fill it with something. If a person can not, he will be bad everywhere. I feel comfortable to live in Alma-ATA, largely because I was born there, including physically comfortable. Certain height above sea level, the change of seasons, the rhythm that you perceive from childhood, influence. Most importantly — can I do something, to create. I all time in movement. I catch myself that I have a nomadic consciousness. Apparently, it is transmitted at the genetic level. Spring comes, and the nomad wanders with the herd, then returned for the winter. All cyclical. Wherever I was, you know, that’s part of the way. It is not a cell, which sit on a leash. Sooner or later I would be where I feel good where my family lives and children. I gave them education for many years. They become adults, independent people and don’t need my daily care. While they are in France, but everyone will have their way. Don’t have to be tied to one piece of land.

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