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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Matvienko kept the intrigue about the adoption of anti-terrorism “package of Spring” senators

On Wednesday the Federation Council will set a world record among lawmakers during a meeting he would consider 160 of the laws, among which the resonant anti-terrorist “package of Spring”. And besides, the senators will discuss the upcoming three-year budget with the Finance Minister in the government hour. This will be the last plenary of the upper house in the upcoming spring session. This was stated by the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Valentina Matvienko

In the current year the Federation Council has held 11 plenary meetings, the final will be the twelfth. During this time, senators approved 5 constitutional laws, reviewed 223 FZ, two of which were sent back for revision.

And this Wednesday will vote from over 160 of the laws. The average is 10 times more than any other meeting.

— I predict your irony and retorts that the Federation Council approves laws hastily, — said Valentina Matvienko. — Explain what it is. This session is special. The state Duma finishes its work earlier than usual, and consider the laws needed by the country, it is necessary. Senators, these laws are well known, we were working on it, starting with a zero reading. Before the vote opinion on each of them will give the relevant committees.

— Whether approved made a lot of noise anti-terrorist “package of Spring”? In the opinion of experts, it violates several constitutional provisions.

— In addition to the Spring above the law worked the Senator Ozerov. He listened attentively to the comments of other senators. We proceeded from the fact that despite the importance of protection from terrorism is unacceptable to create a law that may violate the constitutional rights of citizens. There was a sharp discussion, in which the items of concern were removed from the document. Now this package again considered by the relevant committees on Tuesday to discuss the Council chambers. If you find that it violates at least one constitutional provision we have no right to approve it. We study it for two more days, but still have a feeling that on Wednesday he will receive the approval of the Federation Council.

— The next session will be no less unusual than the present — recalled, “MK” Valentina Matvienko. — The composition of the new Duma will be known only after the counting of votes at the end of September. Then the newly minted lawmakers will begin to take their seats in offices, share portfolios. And by November should be adopted budget. Will the upper house for its activity to compensate for the temporary absence of the state Duma?

— If there’s an urgent need to enact a particular law to hold an extraordinary session of the state Duma — it will be held. Because the powers of the deputies of the sixth convocation are terminated only after the election of the seventh. The Federation Council is all that time will work in a usual mode: and the committees, and the leadership of the chamber. Vacation according to the schedule, all the while not leaving. Us all summer to work on bills, the design of the budget law. At the last meeting of the session, the senators will hear the Minister of Finance on how to go the budget process, and from this day I will begin substantive work on the main financial document. This is a big plus two-chamber Parliament: when the Duma goes for election or is dismissed by the Federation Council continues to act, his work never stops.

— In the Federation Council appeared presidential quota. When the chairs of the senators from the President will be filled?

— We gave the President the right to delegate senators, and when he would use them — only his decision.

Answering questions of journalists, Valentina Matvienko has told that in terms of Western sanctions, the exchange of parliamentary delegations was much more intense than before, I especially want to learn about the situation in Russia from our legislators. Called for relief from foreign fans unable to come to the world Cup in Russia (the tightening measures against offenders should not cause inconvenience to law-abiding football fans). Said that to discuss the acceleration of construction of the parliamentary center in the period of crisis it would be unethical, and revealed the secret of his summer vacation:

— The Federation Council has been patronizing the development of Kislovodsk. I’m especially proud that finally signed a government resolution on granting kislovodskiy Park (Europe’s largest) national status. Now no one would dare bite him to reject. This is a great victory. I plan out, work and relax. Go good team of the club of friends of Kislovodsk, which includes Federal Ministers and other leaders. I hope that we will be able to open the light and music fountain, which many years ago were illegally destroyed.

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