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Thursday, March 22, 2018

In the preparation of sabotage in the Kerch Strait does not even believe Aksenov

Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Ruslan Balbec said that Lenur islyamov was preparing a diversion in the Kerch Strait. Or rather, was going to place on the water steel ropes with buoys from Styrofoam. Plan the cables was to wrap the screws passing ferries to drowning. Experts of “MK” don’t believe in the authenticity of this information. However, as the head of the RK Sergey Aksenov.

Ernest Ablyazimov told the NTV journalists and Crimean authorities a story about possible sabotage.

Contradictory news was spread on the eve of the NTV. On Sunday, the TV station produced a story in which a Ernest Ablyazimov tells journalists about the impending sabotage in the Kerch Strait. According to the informant, the organizer of the blockade of the Crimea Lenur islyamov was planning to block the sea traffic with the Peninsula. Message Ablesimov allegedly recruited earlier by the men of the battalion of a name of Noman Çelebicihan, confirmed Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Ruslan Balbec. “Islyamov has once again confirmed its terrorist nature”, — concluded the official. Came to confess Ablyazimov noted that the attack did not take place only because islyamov bought a very old boat, which went down before the “fighters” were able to get to the desired point in the channel and the place where the 60 steel ropes. Later it was reported that the regional Federal security service of the Russian Federation questioned Ablesimov, and since he voluntarily surrendered and told of the impending sabotage, he was immediately freed from criminal liability.

And all anything, but the Lenur islyamov denied involvement in the preparations for the attack: “we, the children, whether the cables cover? What are you talking about? I do not see Soviet television before eating”. Oddly enough, but the echoes and the head of the RK. Sergey Aksenov, said: “On sabotage in Kerch is unknown to me. I would have reported it.”

Experts interviewed by “MK” also don’t believe in replicated NTV news. Everyone has something to their arguments.

Could work the described sabotage the plan or not, said Mikhail Voitenko, chief editor of “Maritime Bulletin”:

With sea point of view this is complete nonsense. He is technically better than nonsense about the crucified boy. Complete degradation of those who invented it. How can you stretch the steel cables in the water? They will sink, will fall on the ground and will not pose any danger. What are the buoys from Styrofoam? And in General, to damage the ship, optional use of steel ropes. Enough nylon. If there was a desire, could little tense, not to invent something in the spirit of Jules Verne.

The General Director of shipyard “South Sevastopol” Eugene ” told “MK” about possible — in theory — the consequences of this diversion.

In any case, the tragedy would not have happened. Max ferry, caught in steel rope, could stay.

— What is the average time required for the repair of a ferry?

— If the craft fails, it will have to take in tow and deliver it to Doc. If damaged steering repair may take 2 to 3 weeks.

By the way, from the Krasnodar Krai to the Crimea runs ten ferries and two more are in reserve. Of these, only five vessels intended for the carriage of passengers and goes on the official schedule. This summer, the Peninsula expects to receive about 6 million people. Considering that even the normal functioning of all existing ferry queue cannot be avoided, a collapse would be inevitable.

“Protoporos-IV — the large ferry involved in the Kerch ferry. Photo: 24.ru

In an interview with “MK” ” said that the tourists did not afraid of the news of the impending sabotage and possible breakage of the ferries. “They are all the same. In Egypt and Turkey, continue to fly until now. And this native of the Crimea”, — shared his assumptions, the General Director of ship-repair enterprises.

But Lyudmila Babiy, member of the public Council under the Ministry of resorts and tourism of the RK, thinks otherwise:

— Theoretically, the citizens could abandon plans to go to the Crimea. Like any reasonable person who sees this news, I have to think about their own safety.

— You think the information on preparing acts of sabotage can reduce the number of tourists in Crimea?

— I watched this story, which was released by NTV. I will say this: I have a high degree of distrust of the content of this material. I think the diversion is not planned. Most likely the local radicals who had gone to the Ukraine, unfortunately, it is the representatives of the Crimean Tatar population of the Crimea, decided propiarit themselves in this way. This is my personal impression of the Crimean. I know that in the Peninsula the situation is absolutely calm and safe. Airport, a seaport of the Crimea and all the basic components of a message are protected.

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