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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Experts evaluated Erdogan’s apology for the downed Russian plane

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said about the message from the Turkish President Erdogan, Vladimir Putin, Erdogan apologized for the downed Russian military aircraft and expressed condolences to the families of the deceased pilot. What’s next Russian-Turkish relations? This tried to understand the “MK”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

After the Turkish military shot down last fall in Syria, a Russian su-24, the relationship between the two countries deteriorated sharply. Recall that Moscow has demanded from Ankara the apology, and compensation. And foreign policy efforts of Russia were crowned with success: the Turkish President not only expressed his condolences in connection with death of our pilot, but apologized.

The Turkish President stressed the readiness to restore the traditionally friendly relations between the two countries, as well as to jointly fight against terrorism (as it is known, Turkey has become the target of attacks by the banned group LIH).

This move by Erdogan because Turkey is the biggest foreign-policy position, has lost all its allies – says “MK” expert on Turkey, political scientist Alexander SOTNICHENKO. And most importantly, is in conflict with the United States because of Washington’s support for the Syrian Kurds. Repeatedly the Turkish leadership, represented by Erdogan and other officials approached the Russian side with a request to restore relations at the same level and with the request to understand in any way with the problem of the downed su-24.

In the end, these efforts were to succeed, because cooperation between our countries has been mutually beneficial and has great potential not only economic but also political cooperation.

I’d like to hope at the very end of not only the restoration of relations at the same level, but also on their significant growth. Since it is now in a political sense there are great prospects for cooperation, primarily in Syria. It seems to me that the Turkish leader has realized that the policy of recent years in this country were incorrect.

– One of the requirements of the Russian side was the requirement of compensation for the downed plane. Whether Ankara is ready to go forward in this matter?

In such cases always the apology is much more important moment than the compensation. Typically, the size and order of payment of compensation addressed in the framework of the meetings of the special Commission. In relation to the apology is always a secondary point. If apology accepted, compensation will not be the case.

Information about the apology Erdogan was preceded by reports of normalization of relations between Turkey and Israel, too, suffered. Coincidence?

Is not very connected. Is it possible to draw historical Parallels that in General relations between Russia and Turkey deteriorated for the same scheme – and needs to be restored on the same circuit.

– Can we expect that this summer season Russian tourists will be able to go to Turkish resorts?

– I don’t think will be immediately received permission from the Federal tourism Agency and Ministry of foreign Affairs Russians to travel to Turkey. But this question will be considered first.

– Conflicts of apology, of course, not solved, says Turkish political analyst Togrul ISMAIL. They are solved by negotiations and agreements – as has happened in recent days between Turkey and Israel. As a result of negotiations an agreement about compensation, apology, etc.

Let me remind you that from the first days of the Turkish side expressed regret about the downed plane. Not being very interested in worsening relations, the Turkish side, of course, insisted that in his understanding were correct.

With regard to the question of compensation, if the parties will establish a joint Commission, and it proved to be a mistake of the Turkish side, of course, Turkey can take the corresponding costs. This was repeatedly stated.

Turkish side proposed to establish a working Commission in order to be able to agree on how this is possible. There are certain steps towards improvement of relations with Russia, and Turkey.

It is clear that there were a lot of emotions on both sides, but now the mind is overpowered by passions. Moreover, the Syrian issue in our relationship has faded into the background. Taking our relationship a tiny part of the problem Syria has caused the largest stir. But I hope that all will be well.

Just press-Secretary of the Turkish government said that the Russian side made a gesture in favor of improving relations: given the resolution of the Turkish construction and other companies to employ Turkish citizens. This is a very important point. I think in the near future we will see even more convergence of our two States, because it is necessary. We must improve the relations of two major States-the neighbor should be friends for the sake of stability and security in the region.

The aggravation of relations with Turkey. Chronicle of events

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