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Friday, March 23, 2018

“Englishwoman shits” the Russian pensioners

In Russia re-opened culprit of our troubles and confusion. Replaced the cosmopolitan explanation that the fault is our own fools and roads, there is a Patriotic trend: the country is surrounded by enemies. Recently our Deputy Minister of domestic Finance Ayrat Farrakhov reported to the General public, that is, a referendum in the UK about leaving the EU will affect deindexation of pensions in Russia. What do you mean “affect” translated from the bureaucratic, I think we all know. There will be no doindeksatsii this year.

For non-pensioners remind, about what speech. (And if you do not understand, ask your grandparents: they are the subject in their pocketbooks and their stomachs examined.) Last year inflation, according to Rosstat, at 12.9%, and pensions indexed from 1 February 2016 only 4%, and only retirees. Normal pension legislation requiring mandatory indexation of pensions to inflation, a one year suspended. Then it was not money, but promises were decorated, by the way, the law that additional indexing is performed in the first half of 2016, taking into account the situation prevailing in the economy and social sphere”.

And now this “situation” has deteriorated. Moreover, according to the Deputy Minister of Finance, because of the referendum in the UK.

Things were going well. And the money so collected. Thick bundles spread out to pensioners them more convenient to distribute it (in fact, doindeksatsii average pension of 13 thousand roubles for the put of 7.9% is unnecessary 1027 roubles per month for pensioner). But as used to say unforgettable, Viktor Chernomyrdin, “it has never happened — here we go again”. A referendum on Brexit’at all spoiled. At the last second. It is necessary so to vote. What they take: Basura — or the British. Market VOLATILITY increased. And with the VOLATILITY of any index. It’s good, to a pension at all is not selected. This terrible for the country hour…

Some hotheads credited with the phrase “Englishwoman shits” as much as the great military leader Suvorov. Although, most likely, it could not occur before 1837, when the throne of the British Empire for a long 64 years Queen Victoria came. In many ways his use of the Russian society was founded. We were and remain geopolitical rivals. Here we can recall the “great game” for Central Asia and political asylum to all opponents of the Russian Empire. But never a vote of the citizens of a distant country is not affected, even if, according to Mr. Farrakhov, “not decisive”, the size of pensions in Russia.

And it turns out as in the famous joke, when deprived of the wages for drinking on the job the father says to his children: “You think I’m going to drink less. No. That you will eat less”. Of course, the rich also cry. For example, the demand for overseas property in the new Russian fell two and a half times compared to the pre-crisis years. And in Moscow realtors unhappy, almost crying: “Customers rarely consider a country house with an area of 1500 sqm and a penthouse of 1,000 sq m.

Tough titties so bad. But the debts to our elderly, we should give. And if the government and the Finance Ministry are not valid moral arguments, that in fact there are practical. Doindeksatsii pensions to about 130 billion rubles, and if they are paid, then almost immediately back into our economy by increasing consumer demand for our products that mainly buy and pensioners. And vbuhali you these billions on another “investment” or “the recapitalization of troubled banks, and a quarter of them (and I’m being optimistic, in comparison with the accounts chamber) will immediately be converted to currency and deposited in foreign banks.

And then you’ll moan: “Englishwoman shits”?

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