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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Edith Piaf became a doll

Completed the international summer school of the Union of theatrical figures. The result of months of work was shown last weekend in the puppet Theater. Obraztsova. A play about the legendary French girl, Edith Piaf, presented “children of different peoples” that dream theatre live: Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Mongols, Tunisians… the Result exceeded all expectations.

Photo: Nikolay Galkin

About Edith Piaf movies, is made more plays. And any singing actress considers it his duty to sing a solo performance about the life and fate of a Parisian Sparrow. Another option that we have, perhaps for the first time. To the microphone, more like scrubber brush, the actress in costume and makeup Piaf, here it is in the beam of light spreads his hands, opens his mouth to begin, but the microphone falls forward, she followed him. Immediately from the case of the double bass as his open door, spilling people with bird noses and berets, carrying a coffin. Piaf begins with the funeral. “Today the sun is shining over Paris, this is a mistake — should crawl huge gray clouds, the sky should be hanging low and hard,” wrote on 11 October 1963, Marcel Blistene, a close friend of Piaf, on the day of her funeral. And nosed tinkering with the coffin, awkward drop, raise, bear — funny vanity, and not a single word, a single sound. The play is called “Silence”.

This is at first surprising. Like this: Piaf — and without their famous hits? They will appear later. In the meantime, firmly, one after the other, are images that are inspired by her tough, eccentric, colourful life. And so a nonlinear solution is much more interesting than an illustration of biography. Of the images still pop up facts: the birth of a girl named Edith Giovanna Gassion, small like a Sparrow, the unfortunate from birth. The grandmother on the mother taught the baby to wine in the milk — if only she didn’t yell. Drunk checked the baby is blind, and only the intervention of the father and a miracle saved her from severe illness. The one who knows a little biography of famous French women, to read the image of the virgin, which is a stained glass window there on the black backdrop. The fact that the other grandmother little Edith, took her to the convent of St. Therese in Lisieux, and there was a wonderful sight.

Memoirs of a singer (“On good luck ball”), many other materials formed the basis of the collective work “Silence”, which was led by the great puppeteer Boris Konstantinov (today he is glares of Theatre). And from the very first scenes is his style: a wild imagination, a kaleidoscope of images stir the emotions. After all, Piaf is a powerful emotion, still tearing the heart and soul.

Here she is in the form of a small doll in a little black dress — first in cabaret Mind was on the Champs Elysees, where she began under the leadership of Louis-Dimensional. And here is the man himself, discovered the world of Piaf, but not puppet — actor, manipulated like a puppet, pulling red gum. And red is not accidental — but relatives will be murdered and Piaf, whose name will be in his will, falls under suspicion of complicity.

Mimes, pantomime, puppets, a variety of items, it really came together in Silence, which break the live sounds of domra, songs of Piaf. The same red gum form a small Boxing ring, where met back to back the little singer and her great love — the tall man-a boxer Marcel Serdan. Each holds a piece of paper — a letter: she kisses each place, and he boxes them — so their love ended tragically: Marcel raced on a date with his beloved on a plane (she insisted that he change the train to the plane) and ended up in disaster. He was identified only by the hands on each clock — gifts Piaf.

Photo: Nikolay Galkin

Grief among birds, fuss and pain. But, oddly enough, in the final, the most famous hit of Piaf — Rien de rien — artists sing with such a drive that even the name of the redo: “nothing from Nothing” in the “All of everything”. After all the enthusiastic otricali Bravo, I talked to Boris Konstantinov.

— I did not expect this generation of artists will respond to my offer to do a play about Piaf. I was sure that they did not know, but as it turned out, they know more than me. They proved to me that Piaf was a tough person, especially with loved ones, abused their teachers, in the later repented: “I was surrounded by so many great people, my teachers, and I sent them to hell”.

Theme and genre in summer school STD are set in advance. Willing young generation is now in puppet theatre?

— At first I was upset: to make dolls agreed to only two people, the rest are enrolled on the drama, contemporary drama. And, in fact, came from those who did not take in other projects, but… Now they love this job. Started to work, I saw that the guys brought a lot, began to invent, and I followed the advice of his teacher: make your sentences they considered to be their.

— The guys on stage from different parts of the country, including Donetsk and Lugansk. What they said?

— We tried to be delicate, not asked them, because I saw that they are hard to speak on this subject. Once blurted out: one said that the child was sent to the grandmother, but the other said that half of the house where they lived was demolished.

— The performance was amazing, although done in three weeks, as stated on the live thread. He has a prospect of remaining in the repertoire of the Theatre with other performers?

— I would like, but I don’t know how real it is. After all, he designed for a knowledgeable audience. I deliberately refused to direct presentation of the biography, from the explanation. The bet is placed on the emotional plan this, in fact, the whole of Piaf.

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