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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

“Cables Islyamova” lost “naval blockade” of the Crimea

One of the organizers of the blockade of Crimea Lenur islyamov, it seems, really tried to make a naval blockade of the Crimea. He promised to arrange appropriate promotions a few months ago, but only now became aware of a failed attempt of sabotage on the Kerch ferry. For its implementation it was planned to use a special steel cables.

That was one of the organizers of the blockade of Crimea, the businessman Lenur islyamov, preparing a diversion on the Kerch ferry, said the Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Ruslan Balbec.

“Steel rope 20 metres in length every two meters he was impaled float, throwing into the sea it will be like an obstacle, it will be in the upper layer of water go to a certain place”

“Islyamov has once again confirmed its terrorist essence. He planned to block the path of the ships and ferries in the Kerch Strait special scattered long steel cables that could be wound on the screw and lead to tragedy”, – quotes its words of RIA “news”. Balbec argues that the diversion was planned at the beginning of June, however, fell through for technical reasons – from-for breakages on one of the ships, which was to move the cables.

Balbec referred to the “one resident” who was in the volunteer of the Crimean Tatar battalion, ward Islyamova, and when he learned about the operation, he returned to the Crimea and surrendered to the authorities. The next day was called the name of that resident.

The Agency TASS with reference to sources in law enforcement bodies of Crimea told about a certain Ernest Ablesimov. He “voluntarily surrendered to border management and reported non-participation in an illegal armed formation”, – quotes Agency the source in law enforcement bodies of the Republic. So Ablyazimov exempted from criminal liability.

Detailed interviews with him have shown NTV. In the story, it was reported that Ablyazimov “noted the new, 2016, the year with the family, just had an argument with his wife and in the hearts of the left. His disappearance was reported by the Crimean press. He was reported missing on January 4. And so, as the story of NTV, Ablyazimov went to the Ukraine where he was found by recruiters” the Crimean Tatar battalion of a name of Noman Çelebicihan. In his composition, he, in his own words, took part in the blockade of Crimea (it is not clear what is meant – the same islyamov in December 2015, said that the blockade of the Peninsula, one of the initiators of which he was terminated).

“One day I was called into the office Islyamova, there sat a Colonel and another man. I said, pick your fighters, tomorrow you go to another location, will live in the port, there will be a door. Personnel there were three of us, with us was still a Colonel. Colonel is a military call sign, personnel officer, who knew very well the Kerch Strait. Me the man introduced islyamov,” said Ablyazimov. In the crew, besides him, was another Crimean Tatar Callsign Beirach – he performed the duties of boatswain, and engineer, a Ukrainian Callsign Turmoil. They were under the guise of fishermen to go to sea with steel cables to block the Strait.

“Steel rope 20 metres in length every two meters he was impaled float, throwing into the sea it will be like an obstacle, it will be in the upper layer of water go to a certain place,” said Ablyazimov.

However, this plan came to nothing: the engine of the boat failed in the middle of the sea of Azov. After that the Ukrainian tug pulled the barge back. A video that was shot during this mission Ablyazimov, was given to NTV.

Crimean authorities do not consider that due to the current situation it is necessary to take some additional security measures or give special advice to travelers. “Kerch ferry is absolutely safe, – has told in conversation with the newspaper LOOK Chairman of the state Committee of Crimea on health-resort complex and tourism Alexey Chernyak. – We have the appropriate structure, which is fully responsible for safety”. In addition, on the Peninsula remember the experience of last siege.

Recall that the land blockade of the Crimea led to 20 September 2015 the activists of Pro-Ukrainian Crimean Tatar organizations, as well as a number of Ukrainian nationalist organizations. Trucks traveling from Ukraine to the Peninsula, unfolded. Then, in the Ukraine the leaders of the blockade (among whom was islyamov) many were accused of populism.

Indeed, in January 2016, in effect a free trade regime between Ukraine and the EU envisaged by the Association agreement. Accordingly, Moscow has repeatedly warned that this date will cease to have effect the agreement on free trade zone with Ukraine, as Russia will have to protect its market. Consequently, the delivery of Ukrainian products to the Peninsula in any case would stop after 1 January 2016, and therefore, the blockade for three months prior to this date had special meaning. In December 2015 the organizers of the blockade said of the withdrawal. Then they had the idea about blocking the Crimea from the sea.

Islyamov has repeatedly stated that his battalion is preparing a naval blockade. “Details I can’t divulge – was quoted in December 2015, his words, the Ukrainian service of “Radio Liberty” – we are preparing in every way and in ways that we have. The closest prospect is the end of the year, early next year, then you will see real as it is all done”.

Newspaper OPINION then examined in detail whether the controlled Islyamova groups a real opportunity to arrange, as he said, the marine isolation of the Peninsula. Since then, however, nothing about the implementation of this idea either last year or early this – it was not audible. Perhaps the story with steel cables – an echo of the old ideas.

Nevertheless, the latest information (about sabotage by steel cables), voiced by Balbec and Ablesimov, islyamov to confirm he did not. “What are we, children? What are the ropes to block, what are you talking about?” – he said edition “Crimea.Realities”.

Battalion behalf of Noman Çelebicihan, according to Ablesimov consists of 35 people. Apparently, in the fighting in Donbass this unit was not involved. Facebook Lenura Islyamova last “combat action” the battalion is named the launch of the balloons on the territory of Crimea. On the balls are written, as said islyamov, “air letter symbols for the invader” – “the Crimea – the land given by God to the Crimean Tatars!” and “Russian – suitcase rose” (spelling retained – approx. OPINION).

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