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Friday, March 23, 2018

Brussels will not pass the food sanctions through Africa

Blueberries and strawberries from côte d’ivoire, and the mushrooms from Benin. Sounds suspiciously like ordinary consumers, and Rosselkhoznadzor. On the domestic shelves more such products, marked with the label of African countries. However, it is hard to believe that they do come directly from this region. Though, because there they do not grow. It is obvious that just transferred from the EU to bypass the Russian sanctions, and the labels on them elementary glue. Therefore, the Rosselkhoznadzor has banned the supply of fruits, berries and vegetables from a number of African States to get out from under Brussels another tool bypass our food embargo. However, in the tables of Russian consumers more vitamins will not.

photo: pixabay.com

Six months ago the Rosselkhoznadzor and customs noticed a strange trend in our country imported more fruit and vegetables marked with the label of African countries. The account went on tens, if not hundreds of thousands of tons.

It is, for example, at least about 8.7 thousand tons of peaches, pears, strawberries, kiwi, peppers, tomatoes, nectarines, mushrooms and other products from Benin. Another 10 thousand tons of vegetables and fruits came from Burkina Faso, 7,4 thousand — Guinea 11.9 thousand from Guinea-Bissau, 23.4 thousand from Cameroon, 17.7 thousand from côte d’ivoire and 17 thousand tons from Liberia.

It would seem that this is bad. On the contrary, Russia, like other developed countries, the UN, the IMF and the world Bank should provide underdeveloped States certain trade preferences, in particular not to impose their goods to duties on importation into its territory. Russian consumer receives in this case, additional vitamins.

However, it turned out that the supply of this kind of fruits and vegetables — no more than a myth. This was confirmed by the Ambassador of Benin to Russia anisette Gabriel Kochofa, caused the carpet to the Rosselkhoznadzor. He stated that currently his country peaches, nectarines, kiwifruit are not grown. Apples for Benin even not typical.

Of course, in Africa and produce tomatoes, onions of different varieties and even watermelons, the more recent historical homeland of the Namib desert. However, not in such an industrial scale, to export them. Especially in Africa are unable to grow Northern berries — blueberries and strawberries, and most importantly, edible mushrooms.

Labels have a buyer in a geographic dead end. The correspondent of “MK” saw in the capital of the blueberries (125 g for 170 rubles), producing country — côte d’ivoire. Probably, soon the cranberries will appear from Nigeria.

The thing is that the marking breaks down and perceived. That it was before. But the use of African States as a swing vendor product — specific know-how. Earlier for these purposes, the invoices of food products were changed to something else.

Recently in Pskov region detained two batches of fresh apples weighing 40 tons of unknown origin, imported from Belarus under the guise of special equipment and spare parts for vehicles. From the beginning of 2016 in the region under the guise of various “goods cover” was found 27 games (over 500 tons) of plant products from our Slavic neighbors.

Once camouflage “podtantsovke”. Apples from Poland, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands being taken under the guise of an additive to concrete or as a washing powder. Frozen pork lard produced in Germany, passed on documents as “harmless chemicals”.

To solve the problem they promise new restrictions that the Rosselkhoznadzor imposes in relation to fruit imports from the dark continent. This applies to pears, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, mushrooms, watermelons, grapes, figs, cherries, leek, onion, onions, shallots. But it applies to transit via Belarus, the customs Union, which our country does not exist. To import these products will be via international border crossing points, that is across the State border of Russia (sea and air ports), upon receipt of information from African countries about the dispatch of the goods. To deliver in this way products from Africa too expensive, so the labels of African States for suspicious items, we likely will not see.

It’s clear that the battle of sanctions between Russia and the West continues. The EU countries suffer from the termination of deliveries in our country of agriculture products. But ordinary Russians that does not help. We all want the season to dump to gorge on strawberries and cherries, and almost everyone no matter what country these berries. And help domestic farmers all existing restrictions on Western producers — still raising big questions.

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