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Sunday, February 25, 2018

“United Russia” will focus on social rather than foreign policy issues

In Moscow, opened the forum of “United Russia” on which to approve the election program and the list of candidates to the state Duma. According to a source, the list will be headed by Dmitry Medvedev, moreover, although by law it can be up to 10 names. With regard to the election rhetoric, it is, according to political analysts, United Russia will focus on social rather than on foreign policy problems.

The atmosphere at the Congress of the ruling party, or rather on the second stage on Sunday was raised, convinced the reporter of the newspaper VIEW. It was especially noticeable in comparison with the first stage of this 15-th Congress held in February. Unlike the first, this took place not in cloudy, winter, and on Sunny hot days. Not in seventy-some pavilion, as it was then, and in the heart of the city, side by side with the Kremlin – in the Arena, around which, while within sat the delegates walked Muscovites, as well as internal and external crowd, mostly Chinese, tourists.

“It is important that the request for social justice was rational, to make it clear that certain politicians, parties, promising, you know how to do it”

At the main entrance to the arena, just beyond the metal detectors, the Vice-speaker of the state Duma, leader of United Russia in the lower house, Vladimir Vasilyev from a distance saw a colleague in the faction Valentina Tereshkova, the arc recently won the primaries in the Yaroslavl region, and happily waved her hand.

“Who we got in touch with the man upstairs? – strictly asked him Tereshkova as soon as they embraced. Vladimir abdualievich didn’t answer immediately, perhaps thinking, not jealous of the first woman cosmonaut to someone from the apparatchiks in the party’s Executive Committee. But Tereshkova continued: “Such a beautiful Sunny weather ensured the Congress. They say the hottest day of the year today!” It became clear that Valentina, who will be 80 years old, carries the heat with pleasure.

The mood of the delegates was clearly added latest news of the financial authorities that “a bottom” the economy is already over, and soon expected new growth, and a General feeling that the worst seem to be behind and soon the living standards of Russians will go back to the mountain. In February this feeling was not.

On Monday, the Arena is expected to have a plenary session with the participation of the party leader, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, at this meeting, must be approved by the electoral program of the party. In addition, will be finalized and the lists of candidates to the state Duma according to the territorial groups, and in single-mandate constituencies.

And on Sunday, the delegates split into interest on 10 different sites, which worked essentially in three shifts – from morning until evening, discussing the election provisions of the future program – a key strategic document for the next five years. The site was called: “the Efficiency of government and public control” (moderator -Chairman of the state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Irina Yarovaya), “Social policy” (Chairman of the Duma Committee on labor Olga batalina) and “Education and science” (member of the Public chamber Lyubov Dukhanina), “a Strong Russia” (Chairman of the defense Committee of the state Duma, Colonel-General Viktor Zavarzin), “Cultural leadership” (editor of the newspaper “Culture” Elena Yampolskaya and others.

In particular, the Economics of growth and prosperity,” the discussion which was moderated by the head of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov, in the first row sat guests from the party – for example, the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs, member of the Central headquarters of the popular front Alexander Shokhin.

“If the site was called simply “Economics of growth”, it would be a direct reference to the program of the party Titova – the party of Growth “growth Economy”. It would be called simply “welfare Economics”, it would be a reference to the Communists, to their program: nationalization, to cancel the taxes and so on. But the combination of the two elements of the “growth economy” and “welfare” – this is a serious work on the trade-offs between social equity and the quality of economic policy, which should be reflected – at least in the current difficult circumstances – in the “preservation” of people’s wellbeing and the strategic plan in improving it. All of this should be based not on divvying up the pie that once was growing up, in fact, without the participation of many companies,” – said Shokhin the newspaper VIEW in the sidelines of the Congress after the debate, reminding that the overall economy in recent years received rental income from oil and other resources.

Search mechanism the combination of these two things: reliance on business, entrepreneurship as the main driver, as they say, economic growth and human capital, which is considered not simply as a recipient, the recipient of those or other benefits from the budget, namely as a kind of investment that yields a return, that is the main element of the electoral program of “United Russia”, said Shokhin.

“Of course, in a crisis, the request for social justice is growing and here is a very dangerous drift towards populism. Now people want to hear that they have someone something promised. Moreover, in the last two years still, life was difficult for many people. It is very important that the request for social justice was rational, to make it clear that certain politicians, parties, promising, do you know how to do it if they realize their chance to come to power. I believe “United Russia” only one and will cope with this task”, – said the head of RSPP.

Social investments – not a burden

“Two “main” issue of this election campaign: how to live in the country and how our country fits into the new world order, – said the newspaper VIEW in the sidelines of the Congress a member of the Council on human rights under the President, head of chair of General political science of the Higher school of Economics Leonid Polyakov. The majority of the electorate such interests. Social and international sections will, I think, key in this program. The combination of these two aspects in recent time has changed in favor of social, I think. The intensity of foreign policy crisis, which began after the reunification with Crimea, is reduced. Our Western partners used to the fact that Crimea is Russia forever. Of course, challenges remain, including around our Olympic team, doping adds, I would say, logs on the fire. However, the foreign environment more or less calms down. And the interest in it already so acute, as the interest in how we live and what are the prospects for all Russians from the point of view of maintaining the level of welfare and improve”.

According to Polyakova, an important feature of this campaign is that half of the deputies going to the Duma from single-mandate districts. “This means face-to-face with opponents, and people, – said the analyst. If United Russia” will make the emphasis on social policy, on this section, and the turning position of text in a real, practical, easy to understand for people slogans – in this case, the “United Russia” a very good chance to play at least not worse than last time”.

The poles admitted that he especially liked the idea of the social section of the programme that the social investment is not a burden, but, on the contrary, the motor of economic growth. “If this idea will be able to specify, on a clear examples to show how the party would work, for example, the position of “no increase in the retirement age, to continue payments to working pensioners and so forth, then success if not guaranteed, at least, the chances he has according to the proportional system, and in the districts”, – summed up the Poles.

As reported on Sunday by the press service of the Kremlin, the participation in the party Congress on Monday, will and President Vladimir Putin.

And in the evening on Sunday, RIA Novosti reported, the Federal part of the list in the Duma will be headed by Dmitry Medvedev, and it will be the only one in this list, although by law it can include up to 10 people. The Agency referred to in this “a source in party.”

Previously second person in “ER”, Secretary of the General Council Sergei Neverov has already noted that the list should be headed by Medvedev: that makes sense, so do many of the party. “Yes, the list will be headed by Medvedev” – said in the Sunday source. He said that Medvedev will be the only one in this part of the list. “But the decision will be taken tomorrow at the plenary session,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

As you know, the Duma elections scheduled for 18 September. They will be held under a mixed electoral system, abolished in 2007 and restored in 2013: 225 deputies are elected on party lists (proportional system) and 225 in single – mandate constituencies (majoritarian system).

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