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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Communist party and United Russia divide chair White

As soon as the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh went to jail, as he began to pick a successor. While the discussion of 4 candidates: first Secretary of the Kirov regional Committee of the Communist party and state Duma Deputy Sergey Mamayev, who has repeatedly clashed with White, his colleague in Parliament, United Russia, Oleg Valenchuk, the former chief of the Kirov police Sergey Solodovnikov, who now holds the same position in the Samara region, as well as the Senator from the Kirov Vyacheslav Timchenko, which is, as they say, ready to officially offer the “United Russia”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Oleg Valenchuk

It can be called a professional party worker “an United Russia”. Valenchuk political career is on the rise in 1997, when he became an adviser to the Senator from his region Mikhail Mikheev. From 1999 to 2003 he was at the helm of “Unity” and “United Russia” in region, and in 2000 was even a confidant of the candidate in Presidents of Russia of Vladimir Putin. And although in 2003, he took second place in the gubernatorial election, 2007 session in the state Duma. His last achievement was the membership in the High Council of “United Russia”.

Sergei Solodovnikov

In the Kirov region Solodovnikov worked from 2012 to 2015, local media he is remembered as a police officer, who put “wet” for White. Said he pointedly did not greet with the Governor, and also tried to dig up on him any dirt.

For a long time one of the most notorious cases in the region remained the so-called “doctors ‘ case” brought against physicians who for bribes helped young people to mow from army. Another weakness of the authorities Solodovnikov found in the control over the issuance of licenses for the sale of alcohol, which was badly corrupted. But then Solodovnikov and began to dig under Novovyatskiy ski mill, which belonged to a friend of Governor albert Lariccia. During one of his press-conferences the head of regional police accused the owners of the enterprise in tax evasion in the amount of 35 million rubles.

Vyacheslav Timchenko

The Senator from the Kirov region who received their position by appointment of White, is a real political heavyweight of the region. Local politicians do not hide their respect for Timchenko and say that he has very large connections, including listen to him in the administration of the President of Russia. And even the Governor he didn’t want to become just because he decided to cede his place to a younger Whites (the difference between them is 20 years).

At the end of the USSR, he was one of the Komsomol leaders, and in 1990-ies worked in several leading banks in Russia as a specialist public relations and public authorities. But in the early 2000-ies he was already Vice-President of one of the leading oil companies in Russia. And since 2003, consistently defeated in all elections in the state Duma. In Parliament he became the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia”.

Sergey Mamaev

“If they choose a new Governor, I consider myself the most suitable candidate for this position. In my opinion, during the previous vote I took the second place not only in the Kirov region, and generally throughout Russia. Moreover, even in the “United Russia” we have known enough politicians who have time to unwind before the election. And people raised from the outside, no one would believe,” said Mamaev “MK”.

Note that the White member of the Communist party was the long-standing conflict, and the Governor even brought him to court for libel over allegations of corruption, however, lost the case. In particular, the Communist was wondering where the Governor’s money on luxury cars. However, during the elections of the Governor of the Kirov region in 2014 Mamaev scored only 16% of the vote against 67% White.

Also note that Mamaev — the most modest biography of all the candidates in the gubernatorial chair. He’s 58 years old, of whom about 20 years he taught physical education. However, from 2001 to 2006 Mamaev was the head of the Soviet district of the Kirov region, and in 2011 became Deputy Chairman of the legislative Assembly of the Kirov region and the Deputy of the state Duma.

As told to “MK” head of civil society Fund Konstantin KOSTIN, it is too early to say who the candidates will be able to lead the region: “If the acting Governor will appoint up to 18 September, the new Governor will be elected in one day with the deputies of the state Duma, and, if later, in 2017. But be that as it may, Kirov oblast — not the case when the region may require “Varyag”, there is enough of their own politicians. Now to name the persons while earlier as you can do a man a disservice”.

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