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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Interpreters facing unemployment: invented a device that will translate the first counter

Questions like: “Du Yu SPIK inglish?” or “Parlez-vous français?” will soon be history. “Smart earbuds” capable of simultaneous translation, were presented the other day, one American company. The device allows you to communicate people in different languages tete-a-tete in real-time. Only need two pairs of headphones and a smartphone with the app loaded.

photo: morguefile.com

It is assumed that, being in another country, you will easily find a common language with any interlocutor. Just invite him to wear a wireless headset (which you do) and choose the application desired language. Built-in microphone will transmit the speech of the interlocutor by means of Bluetooth to a smartphone, the program will translate and you will hear the result in their headphones.

Technology voice translation there are more than ten years, and the Russians, too, have access to them. For example, something similar exists in the Skype. New technology offers beyond the online resource, and to use a translator when talking with people on the street or in the store. This is connected to a special translation program smartphone can be only one of the interlocutors, but every conversation needs to wear a headset.

The introduction of this technology is quite real, – the head of the Department one of the Metropolitan research centers working in the field of cognitive technologies, candidate of technical Sciences Yuri Minkin. – But had the sense to release such a product to market, translation of phrases should not exceed a fraction of a second than the technology, most likely, yet can not boast.

– Is it required Internet for this service?

Is the issue of implementation of the specific device. Can be the option when all necessary data is downloaded on the smartphone in advance. And maybe this when to work.

The first version of the device will work with the major Germanic and romance languages. How fast you think will be in demand and the Russian language?

– It shouldn’t be a problem. Another question. Technology even a text translation is difficult. Here is required given the vast amount of nuances and peculiarities of each language. Even more the interpretation. Because each person has a different speech rate, accent, diction. To make the mass a software product that would take it into consideration good and also very, very hard task. Therefore, the first version of the new gadget, are likely to bear a purely supporting role. With it you can ask for directions or know where the store is. However, to participate in academic conferences or conduct interviews on complex subjects is unlikely.

So, there is no substitute for learning the language in the traditional sense?

– In the coming years, Yes. But on the other hand, if the development of such technologies will invest a lot of money, they will actively develop. 5-10 years online transfer via phone can become absolutely commonplace and the study of languages will be forgotten.

While new technology “street” translation works in the presence of headsets have both of them. This means that other sounds, for example, an ad in a foreign language at the airport, she won’t put. But in the near future developers promise to simplify the system and to translate external sounds available with a headset only the user.

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