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Sunday, February 18, 2018

In the Park “Gardeners” artists fed the visitors wooden watermelons

While Muscovites are leaving town for the weekend, the artists spend in the capital, the Saturdays, and not on territory cleaning and improvement. After this weekend in the Park “Gardeners” will “worker and collective farm girl” from building stretchers, bath with oars, a monument to the rake, from Cutlery, bed with shower heads and even beds.

So modern authors responded to the call of the curator Marina Zvyagintsev on the device of their “6 acres” in the framework of “Residential district”, the results of which Moscow acquired public art cottage inside the Moscow ring road.

When you exit the metro station “Kashirskaya” keep a reference to the hammer and sickle, cutting through the sky — the art objects in this way. Local “worker and collective farm girl” (Sergey Chernov) of the construction of the stretcher is elevated on a pedestal, hastily hammered together from boards. Topic tools picks up Oleg Koshelets with statue of rake. Incidentally, the tools he has gathered from grandmothers all over Russia. Their pictures are hanging behind the monument. Well, until someone digs the earth, Dmitry Alekseev and Maxim Abramov decided to fly over it and hang in the air mesh fabric with silhouettes of people gathering the harvest and generally kafuuma in the garden.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

It gets hot — it’s time to take a shower. The responsibility of Marina Zvyagintsev, is well known for plumbing. She spent all over the Park water pipe: white pipe is pulled out of the ground to support signs with the names of the works, to decorate the front garden out of the shower heads. Who shower not to your taste — get in the tub with oars. Project idea: during the crisis, all trying to stay afloat, and if there is no tailwind — sit myself on the oars. By the way, the water in the Park brought more and Maksim Tatarintsev, obtenus trees blue film. Turned waves, between which children climb or play hide and seek.

Who’s hungry, that — in summer kitchen, built of forks and spoons Maria Kalmykova and Maxim Protsenko. Menu — wooden watermelons (of wood and boxes) and fruit in different forms. Natalia Arendt slotted on the canvas, holes in the shape of apples, bananas, pears, cherries and hung it between the trees. Apparently, the author has a good sense of humor, once dedicated to the work of everyone who cares about the figure. That is, look at the sky through the fruit — and maybe hope. Food, of course, is not here, so offer to bring the potatoes and fry her at the stake. It is designed for the installation of Alexei Dyakov with charred logs and pieces of glass for making fire.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

What is a cottage without a garden! Flowerbed Vitas stasunas of shining gold. It’s all in the lids for canning, which the artist covered the earth. On the one hand, for like Pinocchio, on the other, the inevitable old age, which will entail the canning jars. Well, next to “precious” flowerbed is modestly-foot hand… of polyethylene. It’s a greenhouse Sergei Katran, protecting cherry tree. It coexists with installation of dug into the ground shovels, which, by the way, the night was assassinated.

When grandma saw the installation with shovels began terribly angry and said that we have disfigured their fleet, ” says Marina Zvyagintsev. At night they snuck past our security guard, pulled a shovel out of the ground and stacked them neatly on the track. In the morning we painted them, they looked so brutal, and placed a sign with the name of the object. Just two women approached and said, “you Have here some kind of public-art happening.” When we did a similar exhibition in Butovo, the local population learned a new word in “b” of the Biennale. And here the audience will learn the word for “p” — public art. The more he and parks is subject to the laws seasonal: blooms in the warm season, but can survive in the public space for a long time, continuing to change the landscape already, regardless of the season, even when pouchot lawns and the trees are bare.

About the relaxation zone at “6 acres” took care of Anna Acorn, fashioned from wire outlines of the interior items: a couch, a TV cupboard and mirror with stool. This ephemeral dream vacation on a perfect garden. Indeed, getting to the country, instead of relax, we indulge in care, the garden beds and vanities. If the rest does not work on your site, then the public is easy: parents with children, young people, elderly people considering happy art objects, arranging picnics around them — example. In General, the artists managed to transform the “Gardeners” in your favorite suburban area, without neglecting any, even unrelated to art materials.

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