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Sunday, February 18, 2018

From hawks to doves: how to change Savchenko during the month of freedom

A month has passed since then, as pardoned by Russian President Vladimir Putin “aimer” Hope Savchenko back to Ukraine to take its place in the Verkhovna Rada and of the PACE delegation. While homeland took her as Joan of Arc, very soon the Holy faith in the Savior swayed, and now she’s accused of working for the FSB and even require you to deny the title of Hero. However, Savchenko still trust about 35% of the adult population against 28% the leader of her party, Yulia Tymoshenko, and 16%, the President of Petro Poroshenko, say sociologists.

photo: youtube.com

So Savchenko looked may 25, when she was released and delivered from Russia to Kiev.

Immediately after the liberation Savchenko many experts dubbed it “a bomb under the Ukrainian regime.” According to them, uncontrolled, impulsive and poorly educated “spotter” was to lead the “party of war” and lead her not only against Russia and the Minsk agreements, but also against the official Kiev, which, according to many Ukrainian radicals, has long betrayed the ideals of the Maidan”. And at first these predictions came true.

At the first press conference Savchenko has said it is ready to rip throats exchanged her Aleksandr Erofeev and Evgeny Alexandrov, again, if they will fight on the side of the LC, and predicted that Crimea will return to Ukraine in the result of the third world war. A few days later, the former “spotter” held the first working day in the Verkhovna Rada, which she compared with the market, and deputies with lazy students, who constantly lie. In her opinion, the Ukrainian Parliament is the Titanic, which will sink due to the fact that politicians do not fight corruption, and accused her of its predecessors, continuing to plunder the remaining wealth of the country. And since Savchenko does not hide its willingness, if necessary, to head “Batkivshchyna” and even to stand at the helm of the state, many of her compatriots have decided that it is now “tomorrow will be better than yesterday.”

But the main sphere of its activities, it still chose the release of prisoners in the Donbas and prisoners of Ukrainians in Russia. At this Savchenko insists on direct dialogue of Kiev with the leaders of the DNI and the LC and offers itself as an envoy.

“Savchenko — the agent of FSB! Under torture, she broke down and began to serve Putin! No negotiations with terrorists can not be!” — outraged local nationalists. Their view is shared by the SBU, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy and several high-ranking politicians. Itself Savchenko believes that the term “terrorist” today everything is manipulated and it is necessary to specify that the state could not use terrorist methods against their opponents.

An even greater blow to its image Ukrainka caused during the speeches at the PACE. The statement of the head Assembly, Pedro Agramunt that Kiev should not quarrel, and to negotiate with Moscow, as it is diplomacy allowed Savchenko to be released, apparently made her so great effect that it called for a phased lifting of sanctions against Russia. In her opinion, they are innocent, and the world in General is sliding towards a third world war, which she does not want so that it opposes the supply to Ukraine lethal weapons.

Ukrainian radicals took this statement as a stab in the back. Moreover, the sanctions for them are the “sacred cow”, and war with Russia is impossible. As said by the Deputy from “popular front” Dmitry Tymchuk, it is strange that such statements makes Savchenko, and not representative of the “Opposition bloc”. From statements pardoned by Putin “a pointer” disown even Tymoshenko, who believes that talking with the militia means to humiliate Ukraine and the need to strengthen the anti-Russian sanctions as long as Moscow will not remain any chance to survive.”

However, during his speech in PACE on June 20, it looked like this. Photo: flickr / council of Europe PACE

In turn, the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko reminded that in 2015 the “spotter” was in correspondence with Maria Kolyada, accused of espionage and sabotage in favor of the DNI. From this he concluded that Savchenko could easily communicate with the leaders of the breakaway republics of Donbass, who put her head harmful for Ukraine thought.

The MP says that, before to say something, trying to listen to all positions and learn the history of the issue. Whatever it was actually, in his recent interview Savchenko speaks of “these heroes” Alexander Matrosov and Gastello Nicolae and recalls the experience of the Soviet Union, which restored Ukraine after the Nazi occupation. She argues that the reconciliation of the people of Ukraine and the breakaway republics of Donbass is quite possible, and can only interfere with this freedom and liberty of the Maidan and ATO. She also hopes to “awaken the Ukrainian” in the heads of the DND and LNR, and to all those who call to check on her mental health, she says, “Let’s powerisa together.”

Not surprisingly, since members of the “party of war” who had hoped of gaining a new leader, called Savchenko “Putin’s spy” and urged Poroshenko to deprive her of the title of Hero of Ukraine.

The petition was posted on the presidential website on 22 June and for 4 days it has been painted about 800 people from the required 25 thousand. The figure may seem small, but there is still a 3 months vote.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian politicians admitted “MK” that underestimated Savchenko:

Mikhail POGREBINSKY, Director of Kiev center of political researches and conflictology:

— Everyone expected that Savchenko will be one of the leaders of the “party of war” but instead she became a centrist. Any mongrel who receive a salary in the presidential administration, trying to bury her as a politician and want to take away from the order of Hero of Ukraine, because it is not convenient for Poroshenko, but it only says that it is looking for its place in politics. Periodically Savchenko continues to make any inappropriate statements, but nevertheless, Ukrainian society trusts her more than any other policy. It was everything: sanity, madness and militancy, a willingness to compromise. And whoever advised is very good.

Vadim KARASEV, Director of the Institute of global strategies:

— She was smarter than many thought. Over the past month, she has not committed any big mistake. It was believed that Savchenko will take revenge on Russia, but nothing like this happens. As she fought and was a prisoner, she is well known for the reverse side of the fighting, so she decided to work for peace. Prison has changed her. And characters such as Dmitry Yarosh and the like the volunteers with whom I have been compared Savchenko, are more media figures whose images cut from the myths.

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