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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Clean fingers Nikita Belykh

Two days after the arrest of Nikita Belykh picture possible of the crime become clearer, but you can at least understand the logic of the protection of the Vyatka Governor and his lawyers.

The logic of the investigation is clear from the outset. With statements Markin. White received a bribe “for actions in favor of the briber and its controlled JSC “Novovyatskiy ski works” and LLC “Forest management company”, and for General patronage and connivance in the service in the implementation of the government of the Kirov region in monitoring the progress of implementation of investment projects by companies and business activities in the territory of the Kirov region”.

But the logic of protection is only beginning to emerge. Initial explanation — he is a wealthy man, he was able to return to duty, any money at all was not — disappear. The money was, and White knew about them. “White did not deny the receipt of funds, but indicates that they were intended for the needs of the city of Kirov,” — said June 25 at the meeting of the Basmanny court, where the Governor was formally detained for two months, the investigator in his case, the Roman Mukhachev. White these words are not denied, but added: “yesterday I gave comments to the investigators, I am prepared to substantiate every word, ready to continue the cooperation. I want to be allowed to prove his innocence. I recently celebrated 41 years I’m quite successful official, I need success-story [success story], I want to prove that do not take and do not take bribes”.

And leaks from the apparatus of the Kirov region it is clear that the defense is ready to present a sequence of actions. The Governor held a meeting with local entrepreneurs for attracting extra-budgetary funds for repair of municipal and regional objects. One of these entrepreneurs was a German citizen Yuri Sudheimer, the new owner “Novovyatskiy ski plant (NLC), formerly owned by the infamous “Kirovles”. After this meeting, Sudheimer, apparently, listed in the budget Fund the first part of “400 thousand euros and, considering it extortion, appealed to the investigating authorities, which documented attempt to pass the second part of the money. Protection is likely to insist that Whites brought about “a box from-under the copier” initially did not know, because I thought that just having lunch with one of the regional investors. And when he learned about the wads of cash to get them refused. And Sudheimer just had to leave the package next to the Governor.

The only articulated argument in defense of this version was the analysis of photographs of the security forces, which was considered as clear evidence of the Governor’s fault: the White in front of the table it notes that, like his hands, the glow from the applied spectactor. One of the lawyers of White, Sergei Teterin noticed that glow under UV lamp only palm White but not his fingers, and means “likely to glow in the dark paint on his hands appeared after he hand shook hands with the man who was carrying a bag with money. But White money was not touched.” (A careful study of the photographs of the Investigative Committee does not clarify: it is clearly visible only a part of the right hand.)

So while the word against the word. The purpose of the protection is clear: at least to reclassify the case with the most serious article 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation “bribe reception in especially large size” (it can take a period of 8 to 15 years) to article 201 of the criminal code “Abuse of power”. It, however, also you can take as much as 10 years, but you can get rid of and a fine.

To judge who is right and who is wrong, you need to have video and audio recordings of the meeting with the White Sudheimer.

Everything else is from the evil one.

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