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Thursday, March 15, 2018

At MIFF investigated the causes of the death of Pasolini

The weekend began striking at the 38th Moscow international film festival. Came classic of world cinema, Carlos Saura, presented “the Queen” the British master Stephen Frears. Usually half-empty halls for the competition screenings were filled with spectators.

photo: morguefile.com

The exotic cinematography has attracted the audience. Costa Rica is a rare guest at any festival. A young filmmaker from this country Ariel Escalante, presenting his film “the Voice of things”, said that in Central America, not so great cinematography. For several decades prior to 2008, was filmed just eight paintings, and then forty.

In 2014 at the Venice film festival Abel Ferrara presented the film “Pasolini” — about the last days of the great Italian filmmaker pier Paolo Pasolini. The main role was played by American actor Willem Dafoe. Pasolini was murdered at 54 years of age, near Rome in November 1975. In the case were 17-year-old boy who engaged in prostitution. There are neo-fascist version of the crime. Still no answer to the question, who and what killed Pasolini…

“The machinations” of David Grieco working as the assistant of his once again return us to the tragic events. The picture takes part in the main competition, and its Director expressed in Moscow, his version of the murder.

“His death is one of the most obvious political crimes, — said David Grieco. At the time, about 3.5 thousand people were killed. A year and a half we were there with the Nazis during the war and at the same time with the allies. We shamefully lost the war. Then the Americans signed a Treaty with the mob and appointed mayors of Sicilian towns. Pasolini, as a journalist, has uncovered many facts, including that in the 70s of the Masonic organization, on which all the rest had heard only in 1982. He received a dossier on the most important politicians, including Andreotti began his own investigation, wrote the novel “Oil”. We Italians are not very brave people and some facts not released. The main reward for me, more important than an Oscar, is that three weeks ago, the Italian Parliament established a Commission for a new investigation into the death of Pasolini. The mess in Europe contributed to this. One of the speaker at the meeting said: “the Murder of Pasolini is in the nature of a political offence”. For me there is no doubt”.

The role of Pasolini, played by Massimo Ranieri is an actor, singer, winner of the festival in San Remo. He came to Moscow. Italian Ambassador on the occasion of the participation important to this country pictures has arranged solemn reception. Massimo told me how he met one day with Pasolini: “I was about to leave from the football field, tying shoelaces, and then came Pierre Paolo and also began tying the laces. Seeing me, exclaimed: “Oh! Do we look like”. I now see us as a blessing from God.

Carlos Saura. Photo: press service of the festival.

I repeatedly offered to play the role of Pasolini, but I refused, because it is the character of such inner beauty that first person is impossible to accept such a proposal. David came to my house and said, “I will continue to write the script, if you play”. In General, it was blackmail. But I agree, it don personally knew pier Paolo. Three months before filming, I lived in paranoia. The Director every morning, told episodes from the life of Pasolini. To play a real person whom everybody knows — this is not a role to fulfill Astrov in “Uncle Vanya”. Perhaps this is the most difficult job of my life. But I’m ready to play tomorrow morning…”

German boys and Amelie

While on the show the German competition film “the Center of my world” by Jakob M. Erwa, many felt like in Soviet times the underground show forbidden movie. In the world these pictures are not new, they are particularly rich in the Berlin festival. But our nervous men left the room, saying, “I’m sick of it.”

Between students Phil and Nicholas there is a mutual feeling. Learn about this surprisingly chaste, in the context of complex family relations of the main character. And done it with tenderness and irony.

The Russian audience called for the Director to answer: who were his parents, he rented a movie?! Meanwhile, this is the film adaptation of the book that appeared in 1998 and became a bestseller in Germany. Jacob read it in College years and wrote the author a letter in which he shared his thoughts about transferring this story to the screen. Eight years later he invited him to dinner and gave permission for the adaptation. It had required very young actors, the casting was conducted throughout Germany. Found 17-year-old Louis Hoffman, who turned a great and sensitive actor. But the casting is continued, saw 1,200 teenagers. And then began the painstaking work. Tough 17-year-old person to explain how to play as when you’re torn from love.

All attacks Jacob said: “many people Have their concepts about what is normal. It was important for me to talk about family and love. And for Germany this is definitely not the scandalous story is rather typical. The important thing is that the hero learns to ask questions, the answers to which can bring pain.” Active spectators said that for Russia it is typical, just not as advertised.

“Marie and losers” of Betbeder being studied — a typical French movie. This is what he wants to the viewer: a bit of frivolity and flirting, serving idiocy, a bit of Paris and a lot of beautiful seascapes. It — a La “Amelie”, and the heroine was weird. A young man finds a purse, and then its possessor. Her former lover — Mature and low-talented writer — begins to haunt the couple. Here all a little freaked out and complete losers.

Comfort women

At the current Moscow international film festival — a great documentary program. The heroines of the film “Twenty-two” young Chinese Director Guo Ke steel 90 22-year-old woman — the former so-called comfort women. During the Second world war they found themselves in sexual slavery to Japanese soldiers, which was referred to as devils. Such victims was about 200 thousand. Survived at the time of the shooting of the film 22, and now — less than half. One of the characters says: “the Japanese were very cruel”. Girls, and it’s the Chinese and Koreans, tortured, tortured. Many then could not have children.

All day an old woman sitting on plastic chairs in the nursing home, eat something, mumbling, and barely remember the past as at the age of 17 became Communists, like life like the great Mao…

The music for the film was written by Estonian composer Arvo pärt, who emigrated from the USSR in 1980 in Germany, the author of music to films “Inquiry of pilot Pirks”, “Exile” Andrey Zvyagintsev. He dedicated his compositions to Anna Politkovskaya and Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

The movie is finished, but the Director intends to visit their heroines every year, until at least someone alive. “These women live in different places,” says Ke, we covered five provinces of China. Comfort women — sensitive a topic it is. Not always the Chinese government is ready to discuss it. I didn’t know if I can get permission to show the film in Moscow. We have any painting needs to get it before heading to the festival. At the official level, Japan does not recognize the atrocities of its soldiers in the period of Japanese fascism, not going to his victims to pay compensation. But there are non-governmental organizations providing material support to the victims of the war. Next year China and South Korea intend to raise this issue at the UN.”

Carlos Saura was not freezing in Moscow

Spanish classic Carlos Saura arrived in Moscow for a few days. In the program of the festival presents a program, “Carlos Saura in music”, which included the famous “tango”, “Flamenco, flamenco”, “I, don Giovanni” — with hard-won for the show in Moscow picture, ” his new work is “Argentina”. At a meeting with the master it’s so few people that it was inconvenient to him.

— My second time in Moscow, ” said Saura. — More than 10 years ago, I first visited Russia with the exhibition. Jan. Cold. I’ve never been so cold. Came from Europe and not prepared for winter. I was wearing a thin coat. On the streets almost no people. Red square seemed deserted and icy. I remember standing on her little girl. And now Moscow like other capitals of the world. My first visit it was more distinctive city. Today my daughter was walking through red square. People around the world are taking pictures on phones… It’s the plague of our time. So I stayed as a tourist, took a few pictures, not these, which make…

I chose music films for the Moscow retrospective, since music accompanies me since childhood. My mother was a concert pianist. If to speak about cinema, then I’m a half — Russian. From a young age I watched the Russian classics, studied Kuleshov… what’s happening in the world of cinema now, is often touted as something new. But in fact, the Soviet cinema was invented that long ago. When I finished “Carmen”, wrote in his diary: “Who will be interested in this film?”. You never know what picture will be a success. I’m selfish. I think that if the movie like me, he’ll like someone else.

I was told that you have on the radio is often the song of my painting “Raise ravens”, which 40 years. This song haunts me. I heard her when she ceased to be popular in Spain, but decided that if I make a movie about a little girl, I will definitely use it. Said this Geraldine Chaplin, who was then my wife. She I began to talk. Producer — too. I gave her to listen to a group of children, but they do not like the song. But I used it anyway and was right.

Paulina Andreeva came to the opening of the festival without Bondarchuk (64 photos)

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