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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The West is cautiously reacting to the expansion of the SCO

A sharp increase in the Shanghai cooperation organization, which has demonstrated ended the Ufa summit, did not go unnoticed in the West. SCO solely by India and Pakistan. The BRICS group, whose meeting was combined with a SCO summit creates an alternative to the traditional international institutions, and a special role is played by Russia.

For the first time in the history of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) will expand. In the SCO as full members will include India and Pakistan. The relevant document on admission of new members was signed by the leaders of the organization at the summit in Ufa.

“Russia is turning into one of the leaders of non-Western multipolar world”

On Friday, the final day of the SCO summit in Ufa, the presidents will agree on the final details of admission procedures new Delhi and Islamabad. As a result of the expansion of the SCO can acquire informal and alternative status of the enterprises of the countries “big eight”. Recall that the SCO after the accession of India, almost half billion and nearly 200 million of Pakistan represents about 40% of the population.

In addition, the official application for membership in this international Association has already received from Iran. A number of countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Sri Lanka, Syria, Ukraine, the Republic of Maldives, Cambodia, Egypt) had also requested to grant them the status of observer or partner of the SCO, reports TASS.

A new stage

“Today’s summit marks a new stage in the development of the SCO. For the first time during the existence of the organization starts the procedure of admission of new members: India and Pakistan”, – said the Russian head of state summit meeting.

Moreover, Vladimir Putin said that the leaders of the member States of the SCO have agreed to increase the membership in the SCO of the Republic of Belarus to the state of the observer”.

“Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, and Nepal joining the family of the SCO as dialogue partners,” – said the Russian leader. In his words, “a number of countries have expressed interest in connecting in one form or another to our organization.” “We will closely with the relevant accounting requirements to consider their request,” assured the President of the Russian Federation. He stressed that “one of the priorities of the SCO’s activities remains the provision of security in the space and external borders of the SCO”.

Chinese accent

In turn, the Chairman of the people’s Republic of China XI Jinping emphasized on the need to strengthen the security of countries – members of SCO. So, the Chinese leader said the SCO needs to develop response and to jointly protect the security of government, political system and social stability of member countries.

“We need to strengthen the capacity and to create a strong protective wall of security in the region. Should intensify political contacts and coordination. To develop the response and work together to protect the safety of government, political system, social stability in all member States of the organization,” he said at a meeting of the Council of heads of SCO member States, RIA “Novosti”.

However, XI Jinping has paid attention not only to safety issues. Thus, the Chairman of China noted that China is ready to strengthen cultural cooperation with the SCO countries. “We are ready with our stakeholders to explore measures of cooperation in the field of Chinese medicine, visa facilitation and issuance of employment permits. I hope, for Chinese tourists will be introduced lightweight visa procedures,” said XI.

The West saw the growing SCO

A sharp increase and expansion of the SCO, which occurred at the summit in Russia has not gone unnoticed in the West. Moreover, the influential Western media have sounded the alarm concerning the strengthening of a multipolar world and, consequently, the weakening of the hegemony of the West. So, the American weekly Newsweek stresses that accession to the SCO of new members: India and Pakistan – a concern in the West. “This international organization, which is virtually unknown in the West should announce that soon will include States representing half the world’s population,” say the authors.

“No matter how interpreted events at the summit (SCO) in Ufa, this organization and others like it will continue to attract the intense interest of observers in the West because we have concern regarding the fact that the world order is slowly changing,” the article says.

The publication notes: the idea is to expand the influence of the SCO in South Asia and to maintain its claims to the role of opposition to international institutions after the Second world war played a leading role and were under the control of the West.

“Russia – the center for Eurasian diplomacy”

So, the British newspaper Financial Times writes that members of the BRICS countries “are moving forward in creating alternatives to the international multilateral institutions that they have long criticized”. Recall that Russia, China and India are both members of the SCO, and the BRICS.

Radio station “Voice of America” notes that at the summit in Ufa for the first time in history that two countries with nuclear weapons: India and Pakistan will become members of one organization aimed at ensuring security in the region. At the same time within the SCO will be able to maintain a balance, because India is an ally of Russia, Pakistan and China. Moreover, it is noted that in Russia can begin the process of historical reconciliation between the two bitter enemies: new Delhi and Islamabad.

The Japanese magazine The Diplomat asks, “what will happen to the world order, if SCO will expand its activities and become more and effective economic organization.” Moreover, the authors emphasize that Russia is in the period of holding the SCO and BRICS became the centre of Eurasian diplomacy.

“True summit”

British “guardian” on the eve of the summit of SCO and BRICS in Ufa predicted breakthrough event organized by Russia. “Forget the G7 (“group of seven”), this summit will be held in Central Russia, where Vladimir Putin will be the judge!” The authors note that Russia and China have a common denominator on most issues of modern geopolitics. The UN Security Council, APEC, the “big twenty” – in all these structures the interests of Moscow and Beijing often converge.

French business newspaper L’echo commends passing in Ufa activities. The summits of SCO and BRICS lay the Foundation for a new system of world governance. Conducting this meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin sends the US and the Europeans two messages. He gives them to understand that Russia is not only the government that should be considered, but also the country entering into new alliances, drawing your gaze to the East, especially in China,” – emphasizes the author.

“And suddenly there is a breakthrough”

According to acting Director of the Institute for Far Eastern studies, MGIMO Professor Sergei Luzyanin, the West failed to notice the expansion and development of the SCO as a full-fledged Eurasian organizations.

“The SCO is perceived in the West as scooterama group, which was engaged in regional Affairs. And suddenly, at the SCO summit in Ufa breakthrough: the expansion of the organization due to the accession of India and Pakistan, as well as the increasing number of observer countries. And, most importantly, is the formation of a common Eurasian space by the intersection of the Great silk road and the Eurasian economic Union. The SCO in this capacity becomes the Manager of Eurasia”, – said Luzyanin in conversation with the newspaper LOOK.

The source assured that the very fact that Russia and China were able to agree on the formation of the Eurasian space, is extremely important from a geopolitical and economic point of view. “In fact, we are talking about the fact that China as a nascent superpower creates its policy on the continent. The interests of Russia, in turn, coincide with the interests of China. The process of forming the non-Western world in the huge space. Parallel to the attempts of the dictates of the US and the problems within the EU have formed a new Eurasian space,” said Luzyanin.

“Today in Ufa it all worked out. But it is the result of a decade of hard work. After all, the accession of India and Pakistan had prepared long and carefully. Russia, in turn, becomes one of the leaders of a multipolar non-Western world. Moreover, it is very important that parallel to the summit, the SCO held a meeting of the BRICS. It makes integration of non-Western world at the global level, especially in economic and financial terms,” – said the expert.

“Most likely, in the coming decades, the Western world and non-Western will be developed in parallel. But as the rise of China, the SCO will grow and expand. I do not exclude that in the near future the SCO will be joined by Iran. BRICS, in turn, may join Indonesia. In short, there is an increase in the non-Western world. The West is certainly not a positive phenomenon,” said Luzyanin.

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