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Sunday, March 18, 2018

One of the “things White” featured in the “Bulk business”

Third recent incumbent Governor detained by Russian law enforcement agencies. On the subject of the development of the UK and the FSB was Nikita Belykh is one of the symbols of the liberal political camp and the man, whose adviser at the time was Alexei Navalny. It is curious that the people from whom, according to investigators, White received a bribe, the investigation of complaints.

On Friday, the Investigative Committee (IC), together with colleagues from the FSB detained the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh red-handed when receiving a bribe in one of the Moscow restaurants. As reported by the official representative of IC Vladimir Markin, a criminal case under article “Receiving a bribe in especially large size”.

“We are all used to seeing him as a big liberal, but not to say that as Governor he earned a reputation as a clean politician who is above suspicion”

“The bribe does not smell… but sometimes it is

“Anticipating the hysteria that raise in such cases, supporters and colleagues, I hasten to cool the ardor of: corruption-related crimes is not a political color. I think that the citizens of prizes and Gaiser can confirm this. To paraphrase a famous expression – “a Bribe does not smell… but sometimes glowing. Bribe – it Africa bribe.” The only thing that can guarantee the result, is a comprehensive and objective investigation,” – said Markin.

According to investigators, White personally and through a mediator received a bribe in especially large size for a total amount of 400 thousand Euro (24,1 million) for actions in favor of the briber and its controlled JSC “Novovyatskiy ski works” and LLC “Forest management company”. On Friday, White received the second part of the indicated amount.

According to Markin, the bribe was also meant General patronage and connivance in the service in the implementation of the government of the Kirov region in monitoring the progress of implementation of investment projects by companies and business activities in the region.

Against the Governor, a criminal case under part 6 of article 290 of the RF criminal code (receiving a bribe in especially large size). The head of the Kirov region could face from eight to 15 years of imprisonment.

On the website of the Investigative Committee published three photos of detention of the Governor. One of them sits at a White table on the bundles of bills for 100 euros. On the other by the Governor under ultraviolet light on his hands looking for traces of the marked bills (it’s just hinted Markin words that “trick lit”). On third – and-White on A4 sheets writes, the explanation of how he got his hands on this amount of money.

Among the experts already began to spread surprise that such a sophisticated and experienced politician, the Governor agreed to personally take the money, but still a large sum. Criminologists know a lot of other ways of transfer of a bribe not involving the personal participation of interested persons.

The source in law enforcement bodies reported that Nikita Belykh was detained during operative experiment at getting labeled with a special solution of bills for 100 euros. According to him, Nikita Belykh is the only detainee in the case, as the investigation has no claims to the persons donated money to the Governor, reports TASS.

Note that in the note to article 291 “bribery” of the Criminal code States that “a person who gave a bribe is exempted from criminal responsibility if extortion of the bribe by an official or if the person voluntarily informed the authority having the power to initiate a criminal case about bribery”. So the fact that the investigation has no claims to those who bribed Whites, may mean that there was extortion by the Governor.

Read more it is noted that the briber shall be released from liability, if they have been voluntarily reported bribery to the police, as well as provided active assistance in solving the crime.

According to TASS, the White may soon be arrested by the court. “Taking into account the status of White, his extensive contacts, the consequence would be to ask about the arrest of the detainee,” – said the Agency interlocutor, adding that a more lenient measure of restraint will not guarantee that White, using his connections, will not abscond.

White is the head of government of Kirov region since January 2009. In September 2014, was re-elected for a second term. A report issued this week by the Foundation for civil society development (Fcsd) rating the effectiveness of governors the White of the 85 heads of regions took the 70th place.

Prior to joining the region, he headed the political Council of the party “Union of right forces” (one of his supporters was Boris Nemtsov), served as Vice-Governor of the Perm region.

The scandalous reputation

Adviser to the Governor White some time was Alexei Navalny, who calls himself a fighter against corruption and is headed by the eponymous Fund. However, the period of operation of Navalny in the Kirov region subsequently attracted the attention of the investigating authorities and became the subject of much litigation. Among the detainees were former head of the regional target programs of the Kirov region the novel of Thorns, fraud was charged by the adviser to the Governor Andrew Woten.

In the fall of 2013, the Communists of the Kirov region have accused White of taking bribes from the largest in the region “Vyatka-Bank” in the form of a luxury car. Local Communists, supported by the Deputy of the state Duma Sergey Mamaev (Communist party), linked the present with the subsequent contracts to service a number of regional companies and agencies that received during the contest it “Vyatka-Bank”. All this press service of the Governor said that the statements of the Communist party – nothing like a PR campaign.

In December 2013, during the investigation of embezzlement of property of the enterprise “Kirovles” was initiated a separate case against the ex-head of state property Department of Kirov region Konstantin Arzamastseva. SK then promised to check on the involvement of White and Bulk. In January 2014, the investigators conducted searches in the office of White and at a government dacha outside the city in connection with the investigation of the privatization Urzhum distillery plant.

The Deputy Director of the National Institute of development of modern ideology, political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov notes that White was a controversial Governor. “This was not only due to the fact that his adviser was the Bulk, and the fact that his administration, at one time worked, Maria Gaidar, and the fact that there is regularly encountered corruption scandals. Many of his deputies and advisers were convicted, some in real time,” Kuznetsov said the newspaper VIEW.

Against this background, according to experts, it is indicative of the scandal involving Mamaev and White. The Governor tried to defend in the Supreme court the honor and dignity, but eventually lost the case. “The Supreme court found the arguments of the Deputy Mamayev more convincing than the arguments justifying the Nikita Yurevich. We are all used to seeing him as a big liberal, but not to say that as Governor he earned a reputation as a clean politician who is above suspicion” – said the expert.

According to Kuznetsov, on the background of the cases Gayzer and prizes the arrest of White was a huge scandal. “I think Nikita Yurevich was full confidence in its own untouchability. It is not only the Governor, but the brother of his brother – a senior Prosecutor (the Prosecutor of the Perm edge Alexander Belyh), and in the Volga Federal district, which includes the Kirov oblast. I think that Mr. Belykh was sure that all anti-corruption initiatives of Moscow to him just not relevant”, – said Gleb Kuznetsov.

What White could bribe?

Given the activities of enterprises, called SK, we can assume that Novovyatskiy ski mill, which produces OSB (easier and better than particle Board – oriented strand Board), wanted to supply their products to construction sites ordered by the authorities of the Kirov region. The same wanted, apparently, and “Forest management company” – for example, to be the main supplier of raw materials for the plant that has contracts with Kirov oblast, or have a direct contract with the region.

Besides, as writes “Interfax”, one of the owners OOO “Forest management company” was the company “Kirovles”, which were part of the criminal case against opposition leader Alexei Navalny. These data are contained in the database “SPARK-Interfax”. The kirovles owned 25% of shares of “Management company”. In 2015, 100% of the shares of the company went Axile holdings limited” registered in Cyprus. Currently, the parent company of UK Forestry” is the Cyprus “Remival holdings limited”.

If Novovyatskiy ski works is a well – known and the oldest enterprise in Kirovsk, which, by the way, there is not only rich in production, but impressive criminal history, on “Forest management company, little public information. Except that it was registered in Kirov in 2010 and is engaged in the activity code NACE No. 020150 – “Forestry”, about her virtually nothing is known. Code means that the company is engaged in the cultivation of the forest, also may manufactures and sells softwood lumber. It is not excluded that both companies are working together.

Novovyatskiy ski mill works more than 75 years, in 2009 the Kirov region has approved the investment project of modernization of the plant in 2010-2014. In 2012 there was launched the first Russian production line of OSB in place of the old chipboard. Opened the line, by the way, Nikita Belykh, along with Arkady Dvorkovich.

It tried to create the first in Russia production of modern mining and sports-cross-country skiing. There were shops for sawing production and the production of furniture Board for “IKEA”. However, as reported by the “Vyatka observer”, in 2013 the company almost became bankrupt. In a year, it turned into a dying enterprise. And all because of the indiscriminate checks of law enforcement agencies – 15 for the year. As a result, suppliers began to refuse to cooperate, leaving the factory without raw materials. Production began downtime, had to fire half the staff. The workers themselves were confident that this was an attempt of raider capture of the enterprise.

Moreover, the company was deeply in debt. The project of modernization was recognized by the authorities failed. Nikita Belykh then promised to help the plant. Perhaps the bribes served as a “gratitude” of the plant because the company has left to live and receives orders.

Meanwhile a hand in the deterioration of the situation of the company could make itself White. At least, the FSB is investigating bogus “akreditasyonu” Novovyatskiy ski plant (NLC) and the theft of credits of the savings Bank. And the main suspect in this case is born in Gomel, Belarus albert Lariccia, who long lived in Russia, wrote The Moscow Post. Urickogo security forces considered a friend and business partner of the Governor of the Kirov region.

Urickogo suspected of creating bogus debt load NLC. For example, in 2011, he his own name gave the plant a loan of $ 10 million, and then through the NLC transferred the money under his control in Swiss Chemicals firm Champion AG. This Swiss company allegedly supplied the equipment for the Kirov plant. But the money was just deposited. In addition, Larici thus stole funds from another credit line of Sberbank with a limit of 250 million rubles. This Swiss firm was concluded the fictitious contract, which was also a fraud.

Interestingly, the first criminal case for theft of money from the budget of the Russian Federation was initiated against the Director of NLK Vladimir Sysolyatina. However, during the investigation he claimed that Lavretsky framed him, in the end, the court acquitted Sysolyatina. Now the FSB is engaged in Larixin.

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