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Friday, March 16, 2018

London hurried exit from the European Union

Expressed in the referendum of the decision of the British to leave the EU came as a shock to many European politicians. Although the results of the vote are not formally binding, the chance on the way out of Albion from the organization is great. Representatives of other European countries call London as soon as possible to clarify and, if decided, to leave the Union.

“As soon as possible”

“The decision of the British people has become a watershed in the history of Europe”

The UK authorities should as soon as possible adopted on a referendum the decision to withdraw the United Kingdom from the European Union, said in a communique on the results of Saturday’s meeting of the foreign Ministers of France, Italy and Benelux in Berlin.

“The decision of the British people has become a watershed in the history of Europe. EU loses not just the state party, but the history, tradition and experience”, – quotes the text of the communique, RIA “Novosti”.

However, many believe that the UK authorities are not obliged to follow the outcome of the referendum. In this sense the statements of the leaders of the European democracy seem quite specific on the background, for example, Russia, where the results of the referendum on the status of Crimea was immediately implemented.

At the same time, Russia’s permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov questioned the design of a Brexit (British exit from the EU) even for two years: “set aside a substantial period of time – two years. But the confidence that they will fit in these two years, probably no one. Especially because it is unclear how the British themselves ready in a hurry with this case. Because they have to review relations with the European Union, as from the moment of conclusion of the relevant agreement about divorce in the UK will cease to operate the regulatory framework of the European Union, that is the infamous “acquis communautaire”, – said the permanent representative.

Chizhov added that in the European Union to the UK every stakeholder will be treated according to their position: “Brexit Supporters rejoice, and bypassed the media a photo of Nigel Farage, in my opinion, leaves no doubt about that. With regard to the decision of David Cameron, who launched the referendum, that many of his colleagues now, perhaps, you reflect, and whether it was necessary to do it. It is also understandable, and he’s already announced his forthcoming resignation,” – said the Russian diplomat.

“If we talk about our relationship, it is clear, as the President said, Russia has never interfered in this process and always believed that the referendum, like any other referendums in other countries, is a sovereign affair of the people of Nar Dov that in these referendums to participate,” explained Chizhov.

However, opponents of Brexit has called for a new referendum. A petition, which is posted on the website of the UK Parliament, signed by over a million people.It will be considered at the meeting of the Committee on petitions of the Parliament of great Britain on June 28.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair called the referendum “a day of personal sadness.”

Do not panic, but panic is

The number of emotional statements following an unscheduled meeting of leaders of the European Union did the German foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. He urged not to panic over the outcome of the British referendum, warns EU against “revenge” London for Brexit and noted that the EU should give the London response to the decision. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy Paolo Gentiloni said that his country expects the European Council’s important decisions on Brexit June 28.

But the reason to panic, it seems really is. So, the former head of the European Council Herman van Rompuy did not rule out the breakup of the United Kingdom in connection with the decision. After the announcement of the results of the “European referendum” party of Scotland and Northern Ireland have already announced that they will seek independence in the first case, and reunification with Ireland – in the second.

In Scotland creates Advisory Council to discuss further steps, said first Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The head of the Eurogroup Jeroen dijsselbloem has said that Brexit would restrict access by the financial institutions of Britain to the internal EU market.

“A few years ago, the Asian edition of the Financial Times touting London as the city where to go, if someone wants to do business in the EU. Now they can’t place such advertising and Asian partners instead go to Amsterdam or Frankfurt, ” he told RTL.

Version of the Washington Post, to think about leaving the EU following the UK can also Greece, France, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary and the Netherlands.

As writes the edition, Sweden always kept a certain distance with the EU, in particular, as well as the UK, this country does not use the Euro instead of the Swedish pay Swedish crown, reminiscent of the RT.

Moreover, Sweden and the United Kingdom has repeatedly acted as a close political partners. According to available data, in the voting at the European level 90% of the time positions of the two countries coincided.

Denmark’s eurosceptics have won the national referendum in December 2015, when it was a question of greater rapprochement with the EU in legal and police areas.

Greece in recent years often referred to as the main candidate to withdraw from the EU for economic reasons.

The Netherlands is also quite a lot of movement of eurosceptics. It was noted by the Head of the independence Party of the United Kingdom Nigel Faraj, who argued that the exit of Britain from the EU will be a signal for other countries.

You can also recall the vote in the Netherlands about the Association of the EU with Ukraine this spring. Almost two-thirds of voters opposed such a Union. This result may indirectly indicate the reluctance of the Dutch, the Europeans continue to live in a United Europe.

Risk factor for Hungary is its leadership of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, whom Jean-Claude Juncker once called a dictator.

In the list of countries that can leave the European Union, the German newspaper Welt also include Austria and Finland.

In addition, the leader of the French party “national front” marine Le Pen called for France’s referendum on leaving the EU, similar to the British. According to the survey, 61% of French people are skeptical about the European Union.

A petition for referendum on leaving the EU launched and extreme right-wing party of Slovakia. In accordance with the laws of the country, the petition needs to receive 350 thousand signatures to a referendum was held.


We will remind, supporters of a British exit from the European Union won on Thursday held a referendum. As evidenced by the final results, published after processing of ballots from all polling stations 382, 52% of Britons (17,41 million people) voted for the termination of membership of the United Kingdom in the EU, 48% (16,14 million) made for the continuation of European integration.

The referendum is not legally binding, i.e. the government and the Prime Minister has the right to ignore its results. But to do it under the pressure of public opinion the authorities will not be easy.

However, the chance to remain in the EU remain. The newspaper VIEW details evaluated them a few days ago.

Negotiations on the withdrawal of Britain from the EU should “begin soon”.

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