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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The state Duma of the sixth convocation has summed up the results of their work

The state Duma of the sixth convocation has summed up the results of their work. As noted by speaker Sergey Naryshkin, referring to the heads of the factions, “a huge burden of political responsibility” was carried with dignity – almost all the leading parliamentarians mentioned the historic decision on the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. The experts hope that the new Duma would be “more interesting, brighter and more representative than the current”.

State Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin, summing up in plenary the outcome of the lower house of the VI convocation, said: “I am proud of the state Duma, which was at the height of his political and historical responsibility”, reports TASS.

“Very responsible decision on the reunification of the Crimea with Russia forever entered the sixth convocation of the State Duma in the history of our country”

The Chairman of the lower house thanked the leaders of the factions – Vladimir Vasilyev (United Russia), Vladimir Zhirinovsky (LDPR), Gennady Zyuganov (Communist party), Sergey Mironov (“Fair Russia”) – for the collaboration and added: “you have a huge burden of political responsibility, you carry it with dignity”.

Earlier, on June 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about appointment of elections to the State Duma of the new convocation, they will be held on September 18, the third Sunday of the month. Following elections in the Duma should be as honest as possible, they should not turn into a mudslinging fight, there should be no doubt in people, said the head of the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Vasilyev.

The same is said earlier, speaking at the last plenary meeting of the state Duma of the current convocation, Vladimir Putin, where he named key tasks for the new lower house. “The legislature is an independent branch, and its work should not interfere with any market interests, no desire to hurry to make a decision”, – said the head of state. Also, according to the President, the election campaign in the Parliament should not be a mudslinging fight, but a battle of ideas.

Responsibility in a global world, and the best years in his career

Naryshkin noted that the Russian deputies “in many ways, helped the return of the Crimea to Russia… And not just adopting over 120 laws, but also morally supporting the Crimeans in March 2014,” – said Naryshkin. He said that many deputies “visited those historic days when the Republic and the city of Sevastopol was preparing to exercise their right to self-determination, and then worked in two new regions of Russia, helping to resolve the unprecedented challenges of the transition period.” Head of chambers said: “Thanks to modern Crimea, Russia has developed a new appreciation not only on their own history, but also on their level of responsibility in a global world”.

Concluding his speech, Naryshkin thanked the deputies for their cooperation. This trust, this support I felt all those years, all those five years, which, I confess, are the best in my professional career.”

“A few steps in the right direction”

Over the past nearly five years, the state Duma of the sixth convocation took a few steps in the right direction, said, concluding the spring session, the Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov, quoted by TASS. According to policy, were adopted by the Communist party tabled a bill aimed at improving life in the country in different areas.

Nevertheless, the village continued to writhe in agony,” says Zyuganov. “We insisted on the fact that 10 percent of the expenditure part of the budget went to the agriculture support tried to help, but got stuck on one and a half percent,” he said. Meanwhile, earlier member of the Presidium of the General Council of the EP, Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov noted that the famous “10 steps” Gennady Zyuganov – “these are the 10 steps that lead to the basement of the merchant Ipatiev house (where in 1918 was shot Nicholas II and his family and intimates)”.

Zyuganov said that during the sixth convocation of the lower house “thanks (to the speaker Sergei) Naryshkin has developed an honest dialogue… We are ready for further dialogue, have prepared a real program, we are for honest dialogue during the elections,” – said Zyuganov.

“Crimea entered the sixth convocation of the state Duma in history”

The reality contributed to make the rich work of the sixth convocation of the state Duma and, in particular, led to a completely new level of international activities of the lower house of Parliament, said the first Vice-speaker of the state Duma, first Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Ivan Melnikov, who was quoted by “Interfax”.

“The convening was so rich, what was the reality of the last five years,” – said Melnikov. He also noted that first among the most significant results of the work of the convocation, he singled out legal support of the reunification of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia. “This is a very responsible decision forever entered the sixth convocation of the State Duma in the history of our country”, – said the MP.

However, he believes that the changes made in the course of the convening of the changes in the electoral legislation went “to the detriment of the growth of the influence of political parties due to the return of single-member districts.” “Of course, this is largely adjusted the political system, reduced opportunities for competition with the ruling party,” – said Melnikov.

Elections should be as honest as possible

The head of the United Russia faction Vladimir Vasilyev earlier, by contrast, emphasized a much larger number of parties that will take part in the elections, including single-seat districts, increase the efficiency of the political system. Agreed with him and the political scientist, the Director of the Center for socio-political research “Aspect” Georgy Fedorov, who in an interview with the newspaper OPINION noted: the introduction of a mixed system of single-member districts and that the next Duma will be “more interesting, brighter and more representative than the current”. He explained that the MPs, if you want them re-elected, will work with the people, “this will improve the quality and efficiency of the State Duma”.

Vasiliev, meanwhile, added that the “United Russia”, in his opinion, contributed to the development of the political system, organizing the primaries. “Pre-poll voting opens wide the road to representative government for all talented and ambitious Russians. This experiment was a success,” – said Vasilyev.

“Deputies from “United Russia” in this convocation are actively implementing the orders of the President of the openness and legitimacy of the election campaign. Elections should be as honest as possible, they should not turn into a mudslinging fight, should not cause any doubt among people”, – said the head of the faction. He drew attention to the fact that all the leaders of political parties expressed their readiness to follow the principles stated by the President.

“Deputies were able to achieve results in the field of agriculture development. We have much to be proud of. Russia in 2015 sold more grain than the United States and Canada. This has never happened,” – said Vasilyev.

Vasilyev added that a lot of attention was also paid to the development of anti-corruption legislation. “As a result of this work was to reduced domestic corruption, the number of cases of extortion on the road. Russia is successfully fighting terrorism, and we urge other countries to cooperate with us in resolving this issue,” – said Vasilyev.

Regarding the special package of initiatives related to strengthening anti-terrorism legislation, Melnikov also noted that “in this convocation it was either pace or ahead of threats.” “It is very important that the parliamentary support helped the National anti-terrorism Committee in its work. An important event was the joint session of the two houses on this issue after the tragedy in Sinai,” said first Vice-speaker of the state Duma.

He also noted that the important was the inclusion in legislation responsibility of the authorities of the constituent entities of Russia, local self-government bodies in the sphere of interethnic relations. “It would seem that private aspect. But as a member of the presidential Council see and know how important the breach was closed,” – said Melnikov. Overall “a little more noticeable was in this convocation, the fight against corruption,” he added.

“Together all the great international work, which came in the sixth convocation to a whole new level. I would like to mention the first international parliamentary forum of BRICS and the ratification of the agreement on the New development Bank and the Treaty establishing a pool of foreign exchange reserves of the participating countries,” concluded Miller.

“To protect Maidan”

Vasiliev, meanwhile, said: “Significantly improved the situation in the country, we have laid legal grounds to protect the country from processes that occurred in Ukraine, on the Maidan.”

He also stressed that “priority of the “United Russia” remains the theme of saving people… life expectancy in Russia is 71 years old, but there is something to strive for, the prospects are positive”, – said the head of the United Russia faction. “We have halved the number of children in children’s homes, fewer orphans, many citizens have adopted children, we are legally ensured”, he said. Vasilyev also added that United Russia was engaged in this convocation improving the effectiveness of parliamentary control. “We were able to find 315 billion rubles, which is inefficient has been used and send to address important problems,” – said the MP.

“During this convening we held regular meetings with the government, we were able to engage with it in effective dialogue. This work has yielded good results”, – concluded Vasiliev.

Managed to increase the amount of authority

Member of the Presidium of the General Council of the EP, Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov also noted that, among other tasks, the state Duma of the sixth convocation was to establish a process of parliamentary control, this feature has become one of the Central problems for the faction “United Russia” in the house of Parliament, he said. “We managed not only to regain lost functions, but also to the scope of the powers, which the Duma has never been… and control powers of Parliament. The task of the next convocation is to learn how to implement these powers”, – said the Deputy.

Makarov cited the example of the party project “kindergartens – to children”, which allowed to solve the problem of providing children with places in kindergartens. He noted that today, the program transformed into a program to build new schools, which will be allocated 3 trillion rubles, and the first 25 billion already transferred to the regions, and this is important achievement”, said Makarov. “But we need to talk about trillions, but the real results. You need to pay attention to the alarm, the old schools,” said the head of the Committee, adding that the control over the expenditure of money that will be allocated for these purposes must also be hard.

The Deputy also spoke about the successful implementation of artproekta “Construction of fitness centres” and “500 swimming pools”. “Over the last three years of swimming pools built more than in the entire existence of the Soviet Union. This is a quite significant figure,” – he stressed.

“Something to be proud of”

The Chairman “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov, summarizing the activities of the Duma of the sixth convocation, said that the assessment of its work higher than satisfactory, he would not put notes on the website of the party. According to the politician, speaking about the social component of the state Duma of the VI convocation, here is nothing to boast. “We have extended the free privatization, but, in my opinion, it is necessary to do a perpetual. Benefits for retirees on the overhaul plus can not be put because it was not necessary to adopt the law on capital repairs”. The Deputy noted that the fraction of CP is a strong second place by quantity of the introduced legislative initiatives.

However, Mironov expressed gratitude to the Chairman of the state Duma Sergei Naryshkin. “Despite the fact that he’s a member of “United Russia” and represents the party in the opposition which we are, cannot fail to note that Sergey Naryshkin from the point of view of the organization of the entire State Duma and conduct of plenary meetings is coming to a perfect speaker – absolute democracy, equal treatment of representatives of all factions. Comments were made when it was required by the regulations. The fact that the state Duma VI convocation has become a place for discussion, in contrast to the position of the previous Chairman, is the merit of Sergei Naryshkin,” – said Mironov.

In spite of the opposition position, the leader spravedlivorossov has pointed out, “something to be proud of… this is a bill on the restoration of historical justice – the return of the Crimea to Russia. This is a truly historic event. And in the end, many will be forgotten, but that the State Duma of the VI convocation held all of these decisions, so the memory will remain”. The parliamentarian also added that the emotional and logical point in the work of the state Duma of the VI convocation put the President’s visit on June 22.

“We supported the actions of our country”

Speaking about the upcoming elections, the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky also drew attention to the disadvantages of a mixed system. “The mixed system is not in any European country. It hinders the development of political parties. And then democracy will be strong when strong political parties. When the economy is strong, when a strong democracy. Why we said goodbye to the USSR – was a strong economy, but no democracy. And a strong economy are unable to keep the country”, – gave the example of Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Speaking about the work in the foreign policy of Russia, the LDPR leader said: “We supported the actions of our country in Syria, in Ukraine, in the Crimea. The liberal democratic party was supported by the Crimea since 1991, with the first days of this illegal coup. We only responded to the call of the State emergency Committee (emergency Committee). It was created in accordance with the law. Government: the consolidation of the territories of Russia need 40 provinces, five million people. This is our strategy and concept. It is economically advantageous. It is necessary to create the potential power of Economics.

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