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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The guilt of the Karelian paramedic have doubts

Paramedic Karelian hospital, which is considered a prank call trapped in the storm on the Syamozero child taken into custody. The investigative Committee claims that she is indirectly responsible for the death of children. However, the response to such calls, especially in the regions, so mysterious that a paramedic may just be the scapegoat.

As have informed on Friday the representative of the UK Vladimir Markin, a criminal case against the paramedic of the emergency Department, ignoring a call from one of the sinking on the Syamozero children. Paramedic ambulance Suoyarvskiy rayon Central hospital is suspected of negligence (part 3 of article 293 of the criminal code).

“In Moscow it is possible to send a crew to the police to look, checked. And here is how? To equip a whole expedition?”

According to investigators, the day of the tragedy the woman was on duty and she phoned the child who said: on the Syamozero overturned boat with children and their life is in danger. The paramedic ignored the call, and this did not allow time to start the rescue operation and led to the deaths of children.

As told in the Ministry of health of Karelia, an employee of the hospital took the call for a children’s joke. “Thought mischief, did not attach any importance to this,” said TASS press-Secretary of the Ministry Elena Konovalova. According to her, the investigators listened to telephone calls Suoyarvskiy CRH, found the boy’s call and arrested a male nurse.

Markin sharply reacted to the statement that a paramedic has described a call from a child as a joke. “It turns out that the Ministry of health of the Republic of Karelia with a great sense of humor! Hopefully a criminal case they took it as a joke?” – Markin has written in the microblog in Twitter.

Later in the Ministry of health of the Republic of Karelia has agreed that the nurse had to try to check the validity of the message. “Orders for the provision of emergency medical care prescribed, and the training to staff is ongoing. Even if a call is questionable, you must perform additional steps to clarify the situation, – declared the Minister of health of the region Ervand Hidishyan. The nurse had to try to clarify where the child is, then either through the Ministry or some other means to find a way to confirm or deny this fact, and then take the following steps to send a brigade “first aid” or to consider a call about”.

Employee of the Central apparatus of the Ministry of emergency situations, the rescuer 1-go a class Andrey Tumanov admitted that from the submissions it is unclear why the call is answered by the paramedic, not the emergency services.

“Those who are in the MOE takes calls, there is a certain algorithm of behavior. If you are in Moscow, dial “112”, then get in a single control center, and in remote regions, you can go to the police, the rescue service, the ambulance. That is, the local authority leads on anyone, so it is difficult to expect a highly professional actions. Perhaps there answered the one who was in the phone. Therefore, it is a question of the district administration and not to the paramedic. The administration decides on which organization to have this room”, – said the employee of the Ministry.

“Calling a child cries out that all sink. It happens very often. It is difficult to determine, the child is lying or telling the truth. The vast majority of calls – about. The people are very humorous, especially the kids. Here is an exceptional case. Not all have the professionalism to evaluate the call. Besides, it is necessary to take into account the distance. In Moscow you can send the crew of the police to look, checked. And here is how? To equip a whole expedition?”, – asked a rhetorical question a lifeguard.

We will remind, the information that the June 18 rescue service has ignored the call of one in distress children, Facebook has circulated an educator from Moscow, Marina Nefedova. “…With us was the boy Jack, the small one… Then we began to sink… Jack somehow got through to emergency (I think it was room 112), said we were drowning, and began to ask for help. He said that he was not amused, and hung up… He sank…” – leads Nefedova on the page in Facebook the words of the boy, evacuated to Moscow from the Karelian camps.

However, in the emergency Department for Karelia these data have denied. “During check it is established that on 18 June 2016 by phones 01 or 112 calls were reported. Conversations with experts and dispatch service are recorded by technical means”, – is reported on the website EMERCOM of Russia.

“By order of some stupid-head”

The head of one of Moscow substations “first aid” also admitted the newspaper VIEW that he could not yet understand why the call the child was in the hospital.

“It is unlikely that a child is specifically called to the district hospital. He probably typed “112”. The children said the teacher, ” and she wrote on Facebook that he called in the MOE. If the nurse has accepted the challenge on behalf of the MOE, on behalf of the 112 service, a single phone rescue, so she just wasn’t prepared for this work. If the child dialed the ambulance, thinking that calling in the emergency, the nurse could think that it was a hoax. It is difficult to judge. First you have to understand how everything is organized,” – said the head of the substation. It says “accepted message”, but not passed on. In his opinion, the statement Markina suggests that the woman is not just a nurse-Manager emergency”, and that it works in the service of fixing a situation.

“If a paramedic ambulance in the region by the order of some fool’s-head – without proper training – was the operator of service of rescue”, it was not the fault. In some regions this practice. It is not excluded that just found a scapegoat. If the girl used to take calls for “emergency”, is one thing. “What happened?” “Hand cut”. “How cut? The blood is not flowing?” These are some of the questions. And if it is a centralized rescue service, which takes absolutely all cases, it is completely different questions, different operator training, other qualifications,” – said the source.

“We copy America with this rescue service. There is one phone – 911, we – 112. But there are calls to take certified service officers in the operational management of which are the police, doctors and rescue workers and firefighters. There’s all rehearsed. If this girl was put on the phone and said: just answer the phones, then this one. But if she passed some sort of training, who prepared it?”, – perplexed head of the substation.

In the EMERCOM of the Republic of Karelia and in the IC of Russia to give on this occasion, comments the newspaper VIEW refused. Only in the Suojarvi district administration, Department for mobilization training, civil defense and emergency situations 1 category specialist Maria Tsvetkova gave the newspaper a GLANCE the laconic comment: “we call to the “112” gets into a Single duty dispatching service if the customer does not choose any other team,” she said. According to her, it is excluded that calls to “112” just automatically hit the hospital. The answer to the question why in this case, call the drowning child got into CRH, Tsvetkova declined.

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