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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Communists are “thrown” one billion rubles for the elections in the capital

A member of the party “Communists of Russia” blogger vladislavstar posted in the “Live journal” scans of documents of the Communist party, from which it follows that the party spends on one single-seat districts for elections to the state Duma in Moscow more than 64 million rubles. In aggregate, all the 15 candidates (just as many single-mandate districts in Moscow) goes over a billion. Immediately recognizable by the style of the Moscow Communist party boss, comrade Rashkin.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Blogger vladislavstar said that his hands accidentally hit “the estimated cost of the election campaign in the constituency in the state Duma 2016.”

“Because of his political activities and commitment to Communist views I am sometimes on the activities of the Communist party. This time when visiting the office of the first Secretary of the Moscow gorkom of the Communist party Valery Rashkin, I caught the eye of one document (I won’t go into details, under any circumstances, I think it inappropriate to tell the whole domestic kitchen,” writes the author of the post.

Photo: vladislavstar.livejournal.com

According to the blogger, his post is he wants to prove that not all Communists are the same. “I must say that I’m on ideological views is a Communist and become a member of the party “Communists of Russia”. According to his ideological beliefs, I believe that a Communist must be a decent man and honest, unlike many other parties who come into politics not by his heart, and for the sake of profit”.

Photo: vladislavstar.livejournal.com

From the provided documents can be seen in the Communist party are going to spend on a campaign candidate in single-seat districts average of 64 200 000. Particularly encouraged by the amount that the party proposes to spend on various spin doctors: according to our calculations, during the campaign they will get 300-500 thousand rubles a month. And, of course, catches the eye of a mysterious item No. 14 “voting Day” — 5 million rubles. Here immediately draw attention to the column “the Payment of PEC members and Working with the Chairman of the TEC”.

Photo: vladislavstar.livejournal.com

From the documents it is also clear that at the stage of preparation for the elections the Communist party quietly and blatant plans to violate the law. “In the note even said that included all costs: “according to the electoral Fund and additional”. Of course, this amount is against the law and much higher than put the single-seat districts Fund (Federal law dated 22.02.2014 No. 20-FZ (ed. from 05.04.2016) “On elections of deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation”, article 71, clause 9: the maximum amount of all expenditures from the electoral Fund of a candidate may not exceed 40 million rubles”, — the blogger. The difference of 24 million rubles between what is allowed to spend by law, and what I’m going to spend the Communists in Moscow under the baton of Valery Rashkin, this is the salary of political strategists, to pay which are likely to be “in the black”, without taxes. And, of course, with setbacks. So one of the Moscow Communists the election of any can’t lose, no matter how people voted.

Photo: vladislavstar.livejournal.com

“I hope that those who call themselves Communists, come to their senses and will work according to the law, not on their own concepts,” summarizes the user vladislavstar.

Photo: vladislavstar.livejournal.com

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