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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The British said “no” to the concept of globalism

London out of the EU, locking in losses and a split in society, so decided for yourself 52% of voters, although they were expected back. The turnout in the referendum amounted to 72.1 per cent and is the highest rate since 1997. Prime Minister David Cameron, once brew this mess, forced to resign. And although the gap with the EU will be delayed for months, the world will never be the same.

A referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU promised to be another fun show with predictable results – exactly the same as the independence referendum in Scotland. Then, too, the tabloids came out with headlines in papulosa, but it was clear than heart will calm down – it seemed to win were doomed believe that London remain in the Union.

“This is a victory for decent people”

“People can catch the moment of glory. The whole country felt on the global stage “the Globe”

Everything was fun and vibrant. In the morning in the South but the rains. Citizens who wanted to vote had to jump over puddles. Newspapers and TV channels, the leading non-stop broadcast of the referendum were worried: will everybody get to the polling stations?

The rain was silenced, and burst into a huge battle of “pens vs pencils”. Before the referendum, the activists of UKIP, Nigel Farage, campaigned for the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, asked citizens not to use the little pencils on strings, which traditionally lie at all polling stations – you never know, one of the oldest democracies in the world can eraser your check mark to erase. And that’s one area in Chichester caring woman lent his pen to several voters. It was noticed by the supporters of the European Union, have decided that their political opponents are cheating with the ballots and summoned to the site the police. The police came – and left, not understanding a thing.

On social networks, a wave of indignation. “Please, please, take a pen!” – titili citizens. Take pictures of your ballots! Beware of MI-5. They will falsify the results and say that all was well. There pulled hard to speak of the representative of the electoral Commission in the Eastern Northants: “please remember to Use the pencils that we provide on the sites, and the ink smeared, and the Bulletin may be found unfit.” “Nonsense!” – cried the citizens are again reminded of the MI-5. Further – more. “I just wanted to bring to the area needle and thread and sew your cross on the ballot,” – said in the “Twitter” concerned citizen. “And I, to put a dagger, used glue and two pieces of spaghetti”, – said another voter.

Waited a long time for the stage is Boris Johnson. The former mayor of London, going obstinately to high office, worked your room in full. Ahead of the referendum he kissed the fish. The fact that the fishing regulations imposed by Britain Evrosousom, this fishing threaten to destroy. And Johnson, campaigning for Brexit, promised fishermen the freedom from the shackles, pulled out of the aquarium big fish and smacked her in the side. The day of the referendum without fish, but Johnson with a poster of the “All out” was at the graduation of his daughter, a student of the prestigious University of St Andrews. As if in response to a poster “don’t do this guys” got a picture for the masses Tony Blair, speaking with bankers and most politicians that Britain remained in the EU. The masses came running in his “Instagram” and began to draw the poster of the ex-premiere of bad words and innuendo.

Rain, meanwhile, increased. Went on strike in France air traffic controllers. The British stranded at airports tried in vain to break into the home, to vote. The evening rose of the London stations, Waterloo and kings Cross, stopped coming subway train. Nobody had time. Voters at the last moment taking pictures of dogs tied up outside polling stations. Photos of dogs collected likes.

In short, the creative energy of the masses was seething vengeance. With each sneeze, the tweet and the picture of the ordinary Brit served the world car of the Anglo-Saxon media. Whatever did the voter, it all instantly scattered by news agencies. People can catch the moment of glory. The whole country felt on the global stage “the Globe”.

In the not so “advanced” countries, people go for this feeling at Tiananmen or at the Swamp on the Maidan or Tahrir. They put on the head of the pan as our neighbors, Ukrainians, and lie down under the tanks, like our friends the Chinese. As in the oldest democracy luxury show with pens and pencils with the dogs and Boris Johnson delivers the state itself. The British electorate has created a great feeling action. All concerns about pens and pencils were previously ridiculed, and the people, their voice, enrolled in the category of paranoid-conspiracy. The system has played all the reproaches with which she could present. A poll released immediately after polls closed, showed that the proponents of Britain in the EU will win by a small margin. The citizens shrugged and went to sleep.

But after midnight things got weird. Went to the first voting results. The journalists dozing in the offices for a Cup of coffee, perked up and began to give predictions. But come the results have baffled all the predictors. Westminster and city of London, Oxford and Cambridge was predictable that Britain remained in the EU. But Cambridgeshire – all of these pastoral villages and towns, which for decades stormed the migrants – voted against. In Scotland won – with a small, however, the preponderance of supporters of the EU. Wales and South Essex voted for independence from the European Union. A rich Bristol, living at the expense of the tourists preferred to stay in the EU. While industrial Manchester for care. Northern and Central England, the industrial centres of the Kingdom, showed a record high, reaching 80 percent voter turnout. And most of them were.

In the night the waves from the referendum went around the world. Sterling, who grew up on the eve to a record high, has fallen to 1985 levels. Stock exchanges in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai opened fall all courses. Oil per hour fell more than six percent. At half past two nights, the leader of UKIP, Farage came out to his supporters and said, “This day will go down in history as the day of our independence. It will be a victory of real people, ordinary people, decent people”.

Split living

For what people have voted in Britain? First, for the restriction of movement. If the owners of businesses it brings only profit, ordinary Englishman, it ruins the reduction of its wages. Second, for self-legislating and determining their policy without regard to the European bureaucrats from Brussels.

In addition, it is a severe blow to the “special relationship” the US and Britain. It is a powerful incentive for the eurosceptics on the continent. This is a good chance for Russia: the initiator of the referendum David Cameron has to resign, and Farage and Boris Johnson are unhappy with the confrontation with Russia, in which States are driving Britain and the European Union. However, for the United Kingdom leaving the EU became a serious challenge.

The most important result of the referendum – a single British nation is no more. It is divided roughly in half, and the fault lies there, as in Moscow, Hong Kong, Spain and Egypt. Part of the population chooses a global world with freedom of movement, General laws, with the same rules of political correctness. The remaining vote for to stay in your good old nation state with its order of tradition, with its skeletons in the closet, with its victories and defeats.

The globalists usually in the minority. But they are backed by the financial elite and the mass media. They make such an image yourself, white and fluffy, that they themselves start to believe it. They are creative, they are educated, they are wealthy, they advanced. All this rhetoric, long nabivshaya nauseam in Russia, was fully involved in the British referendum. Want to stay in the EU and to obey his rules, he positioned himself as “those who choose love.” And all who wanted independence for Britain, were “those who chose hate.” And already by default, all those in favor of Brexit, was a stupid, old, poor, uneducated. English quilted jackets, in a word. British cattle.

But really, the fault line was created by ordinary human suggestibility. The globalists around the world – people who formatted the Anglo-Saxon propaganda. Yes, among them more young people – because she knows no other order of things. Yes, there are more people with higher education, because education today bears the imprint of propaganda. “Quilted jacket” in all countries – those who do not trust Newspapers and television.

Once established, the hostility between these two groups have nowhere to stay. Britain will lie in the same latent civil war that goes on today around the world. But today, “the jackets” won. Rejoice for them, because it is our victory.

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