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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Taking a “Spring package”, the state Duma deputies cried, “For what?”

Ended the last session of the state Duma of the sixth convocation. Applause said a final vote by the deputies. Fortunately, it was a vote on the issue of Museum collections, not “hit” of the day – “anti-terrorism package”. The last short day of work was a clear illustration of some of the lovely features of the national legislation.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

On the morning of the meeting agenda June 24 along with another 38 bills meant the two that received the code name “anti-terrorist package”.

The texts were prepared in the bowels of the Security Council of Russia, no one hides. But in the Duma they got the signatures of the Deputy Irina Yarovaya (United Russia) and Senator Viktor Ozerov, to which later joined a couple of United Russia.

It would seem that the President and the government, the head of which is also included in the composition of the Security Council, as subjects of legislative initiative, could propose draft laws on his behalf. But they do in this case is not made – as indeed in many others.

It just so happened that almost all “tighten the screws” in the political or criminal matters are brought to the Duma on behalf of the deputies, who can not to honor them asked about high-ranking officials of the presidential administration or the leaders of factions, which, in turn, asked the Kremlin. Really, why did the President take on the role of Bullies, which is all about “grab and not let go,” if there are ready for more elected officials?

In this convocation it is the MPs from different factions have signed up to initiatives aimed at toughening rules of holding mass street rallies, the introduction of astronomical fines for their violation, criminal liability for “repeated” violations, criminal liability for appeals to violation of territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, public appeals to separatism to criminal responsibility for denying the role of Russia in the victory over fascism…

It was members unanimously signed the “Dima Yakovlev law” banning the transfer of Russian children on adoption in the United States in response to the adoption there of the “law Magnitsky”. They (almost entirely) signed the law on NGOs-“foreign agents”. Deputies are authors of the laws on the duties of the Russians with two nationalities under the threat of criminal responsibility to inform the authorities and the law on “undesirable” organizations…

Every one of the bills on the “nationalization” of the Internet and placing it under the control of the state like law on bloggers”, limiting foreign participation in mass media, the right of the Prosecutor General or his Deputy at the signal of any authority or citizen to just block sites that host illegal or encouraging of illegal stock information also have been made by the deputies. Sometimes it was felt that if these initiatives where it was born, not in government and not in the specialized Ministry of communications and mass communications.

Sometimes that deputies had signed, happily coincided with their own beliefs – it was something they always dreamed of. But usually the authors could not clearly explain the consequences of their proposed decisions: “I think that…”, “I was told…” they began their response to journalists. But more often fobbed off with the advice to read “closely” the text of the bill, or omnibus, “well, I know you understand”.

Irina Yarovaya, all was silent in response to all the questions about the content and, most importantly, the possible effects introduced by the package and many amendments to it.

Lyrics (as written before: “MK”, disappeared the most odious amendments about the deprivation of citizenship and the ban on travel abroad for certain categories of citizens) was placed in the electronic database of the Duma only in the night from 23 to 24 June. The MPs read them, naturally, are not able to.

But keeping track of everything was impossible, even if desired, because the work was going and after placing as if fully prepared to take in the second and third reading of the documents. In the hall gave corrections on several pages, signed spravorossov Igor Zotov, which softened the provisions concerning missionary activities in the Russian Federation – against them objected to religious denomination.

“Tell us, please, what are we going to vote now, we would like to maintain the package, but there are fears!” “Alexander Tarnavsky (“CP”). But the first Deputy head of the security Committee Edward Valeev (“ER”), appointed as the Rapporteur has said only that “it fears the changes have been made taking into account all stakeholders, and these concerns are removed”. What structures? What are the concerns?

Unlike many of the other aforementioned “warp” nuts initiatives, training package for the second reading were in complete secrecy. Where she went is unclear.

No other Committee of the state Duma were not aware of innovations in their profile: the Committee on constitutional law – on amendments to the law on citizenship, the Committee for public associations and religious organizations about new articles in the law “On freedom of conscience…”, etc. and the Committee on legislation turned away from participation in the work on “criminal” part of the package…

And the government does not keep track of the hands of deputies and those who stood behind them!

In the morning the Plenipotentiary of the government in the state Duma Alexander Sinenko was asked to return to the issue of the requirement for Telecom operators and Internet companies from 1 July 2018 for 6 months to keep the content of all sent and distributed messages, and from July 20 for 3 years – information of all facts of information transfer. “The term unreasonable, our comments were not taken into account,” he called to the deputies.

However, at night they have slightly softened this item, reducing for Internet companies a three-year retention period to 1 year, leaving it unchanged for the operators.

Later Mr. Sinenko said “all questions are removed”. So, the government is satisfied? And the operators?

The package was adopted by a vote of “ER” and “CP”. The CPRF and the LDPR press the button “against”.

… Speaker of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin, summing up on the eve of the session, called the Parliament the “open” and “higher quality.”

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