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Friday, October 21, 2016

Swiss students have created the fastest electric car in the world

Created by students of ETH Zurich and University of applied Sciences Lucerne electric car has managed in record time to accelerate from zero to hundred kilometers per hour. It took him only 1,513 seconds, for which the electric car called the Grimsel overcame nearly 30 meters.

photo: youtube.com

In the past one of the previous versions of the car Grimsel also briefly held the world speed record of dispersal to hundred kilometres per hour — then he was 1,785 seconds. However, less than a year ago, another group of students who are enrolled in at the University of Stuttgart, managed to break this record, and improved it by only 0.006 seconds. Returning to his championship, Grimsel managed much more confident to surpass the result of “competitors”, showing the result only slightly in excess of fifteen seconds.

Through the use of materialov of carbon fiber in the production of body weight Grimsel is only about 168 pounds. The wheels of the machine spin motors with a capacity of 200 horsepower, reaching a torque of 1700 Newton-metres. The record was set on the runway of the airbase dübendorf, near Zurich.

The fastest of the currently available electric cars, released into production, acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour requires more than two seconds.

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