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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Putin praised the inevitable consequences of Brexit for Russia and Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his comments regarding the referendum on leaving the EU, held in the UK. The Russian head of state called the decision of the British internal affair of the country, and also spoke about the consequences of Brexit for the global and Russian economies.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

About the position for Brexit

Russian President Vladimir Putin in his speech at the summit, the SCO could not affect the main theme of the day — the results of the UK referendum on leaving the EU. Recall that 51,9% of Britons voted “Yes”. Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation.

Putin said, quoted by RIA Novosti that Russia never interfered in this complex for the British the question, “behaved very well”, but closely followed the situation.

At the same time, he called comments by the US authorities and the UK about Russia’s position on Brexit “low political culture”.

We will remind, the candidate in US presidents, Donald trump, head of the British foreign Minister Philip Hammond, and British Prime Minister David Cameron said that Russia best British exit from the EU. A former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul called it a “victory for Putin”.

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Putin himself considered these words of Western politicians to their “low political culture”. “I believe that it is not that other as inappropriate attempt to influence public opinion in their own country. As we can see, even that was not needed… the result,” – said the Russian leader.

About the reasons for Brexit

One of the causes of the desire of the British to leave the area of EU security the European Union on the background of the refugee crisis and the situation in the Arab countries, Putin said.

“Nobody wants to feed and subsidize the weaker economies, to contain other States, whole Nations — it is an obvious fact,” Putin said.

It security issues are very concerned with the British and they deteriorated sharply “in the face of strong migration processes.

About the consequences

As for the economic consequences of Brexit, according to the Russian Chapter in the near future world markets will inevitably shrink.

“They already gave, but in the medium term all will be restored, of course,” said Putin, adding that the pros and cons of this “life will show”.

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On anti-Russian sanctions

Vladimir Putin was quick to reassure Ukraine, which is worried that the EU will lift sanctions on Russia due to the release of an influential player.

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“I don’t think this will somehow affect our relationship with the EU in this regard”, – said the Russian leader. However, he added, “if our partners ever ripe to engage in constructive dialogue with us on these issues — we are ready,” and will respond to the EU positive.

Watch the video on “David Cameron announced the resignation reddened face”

The Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron during a speech immediately after the results of the referendum on withdrawal from the EU said : “to Me it was not an easy decision, but I believe a period of stability in the national interest and requires a new leader. There is no need to install a particular term <my retirement> but, in my opinion, we should be the new Prime Minister by the end of October, when the Congress of the conservative party”.

Video published on the website youtube.com user PrivateNews

Britain out of the EU after the referendum. Chronicle of events

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