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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Political earthquake: the withdrawal of Britain from the EU provoked a panic in the world

The victory of the supporters of a British exit from the European Union became the main event in the world political and economic life. The world’s stock exchanges in a fever, and in Brussels has stated that the EU summit next week will be held without the participation of Britain. Not without a conspiracy theory: the success of Brexit called victory for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

photo: morguefile.com

For the UK out of the EU voted about 52 percent of the citizens of the country. But the victory is celebrated not only by British eurosceptics, but all the European right. For example, the leader of the French “National front” marine Le Pen on his Twitter congratulated the British the “victory of freedom”.

Victoire de la liberté ! Comme je le demande depuis des années, il faut maintenant même le référendum en France et dans les pays de l UE MLP

— Marine Le Pen (@MLP_officiel) 24 June 2016.

She also urged France and other EU countries to hold similar referendums. She was echoed by the leader of the Dutch “Party for freedom Geert Wilders. “We want to be responsible for our own country, our money, our borders, our immigration policy,” Reuters quoted him as saying. And, according to the survey, 54 percent of the people in Holland support the referendum.

However, a possible British exit from the EU threatens to collapse not only the EU but also the UK – the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland, the bulk spoke in support of Brussels.

Against this background, former first Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond said the possibility of a new referendum on secession of the region from the UK. And the leader of the nationalist party Northern Ireland Declan Kearney threatened that the region would be reunited with Dublin.

The British Independent writes that the outcome of the referendum marked the end of the European dream. The publication notes that the European project has suffered the most humiliating defeat in all the 60 years of its existence.

Interestingly, the initiator of the referendum, British Prime Minister David Cameron, announced his intention to resign, though a few hours ago rejected such an option. The head of government, ugovarivali the population to remain in the EU, promised to fulfill the will of the people.

Meanwhile on world markets razraditi genuine panic. As of the moment, the stock index of great Britain FTSE-100 fell by 8.87 per cent, almost the same collapsed index French CAC, German DAX, and all have shown almost a ten percent drop. The results of the referendum had an impact on Japanese stock exchanges, which the government intends to convene an emergency meeting.

The President of the European Council Donald Tusk said that a meeting of the countries-EU members next week will take place without the participation of the UK. The parties intend to discuss the procedure in this situation.

And, of course, there were no allegations that the Kremlin allegedly had a hand in the outcome of the British referendum. Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul said that the voting results were “a big victory” for the foreign policy of Vladimir Putin.

Not always, but tonight is a giant victory for Putin’s foreign policy objectives. Give him credit. https://t.co/9kXQQiT3nC

— Michael McFaul (@McFaul) 24 June 2016.

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