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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Poland is trying to hide the interest in Nord stream – 2″

Poland, which opposes the Nord stream – 2″ and thus supposedly protects the interests of Ukraine, gave his real interest in this project. According to two independent and public sources, Warsaw expressed its desire to buy the gas coming through the pipeline. Although Poland itself refutes this, it seems that real plans of Warsaw, was it not?

Poland has requested the supply through the pipeline “Nord stream – 2” annually in the amount of 11 billion cubic meters of gas. This statement was made member of the management Board of the German company Wintershall (“daughter” of BASF) Tis Thyssen.

“These negotiations like the truth. The reaction of Poland is also clear: lit what ashamed to admit it”

He gave Warsaw, answering the question about the position of the Polish regulator in relation to the Nord stream – 2″ for the second time has postponed consideration of the petition for the issuance of permits for the establishment of a joint venture Nord Stream AG, 2.

“Poland has requested 11 billion cubic meters of gas which it is interested to receive. Why this project, in which Poland will get her interested in gas, should be torpedoed?” said Thiessen, adding that he expects a “positive decision” from the Polish regulator.

Polish regulator UOKiK considers the establishment of the joint venture, as involved in the transaction of the company hold a significant share in the Polish market. 2 Nord Stream AG is an engineering company which implements the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”. Shareholders in the face of Gazprom, BASF, E. ON, Shell, and OMV signed the shareholders agreement in the last year and now want to close the acquisition of the shares 2 of the Nord Stream AG (Gazprom will receive 50%, the remaining five companies – 10%). The closing of the transaction is impossible without the approval of the regulators. The consent of the Antimonopoly regulator of Germany to the redemption of the foreign partners has already been received. But the poles have twice postponed the decision.

Such a delay could mean that the regulators are trying to find at least some grounds for refusal. It would be logical to think, given the rhetoric of the Polish politicians who so zealously opposed the “Nord stream – 2”. On the eve of the Polish Prime Minister once again stated that Russia is trying through the “Nord stream – 2” to divide Europe.

However, requests for delivery on the pipe from Warsaw changes everything. The fact of the request by Poland of such supplies brings to light the duality of the entire policy of Warsaw. In words, it strongly criticized the Nord stream – 2″, is against its construction, but in fact at least kicking the tires and calculates the benefits for themselves from this pipe.

Prigovarivaya Thyssen highlighted the hypocrisy of Polish politicians. Not surprisingly, Warsaw was quick to officially refute his statement. “The Ministry of energy denies reports that Poland allegedly made a request for the delivery of gas through the gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2… Poland is strongly against the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2” – said on the official website of the Department.

But Thyssen, unlike Poland, lie makes no sense. Exactly as Deputy Chairman of Gazprom Alexander Medvedev, whom the journalists could ask about the 11 billion cubic meters before the refutation of Warsaw. Medvedev confirmed that Poland has requested the company supply 11 billion cubic meters via Nord stream – 2″. “In the framework of the requests for transport capacity, the Polish side asked for the supply of gas), what (they need us) anyway,” – TASS quoted him as saying.

According to Medvedev, the auction capacity of the Nord stream – 2 will be held only in 2017. But now, according to him, in addition to Poland many people willing to take part in it.

On the eve of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was removed from the project, almost all the political risks, finding him purely economic. Germany, in fact, gave the green light to the project, and now the most zealous opponent – Poland – expressed direct interest in the supply on this route.

Revealed something embarrassing to admit”

“Reports of the talks are similar to the truth. The reaction of Poland (denial) is also clear: lit what ashamed to admit it,” – says the newspaper VIEW CEO of national energy security Fund Konstantin Simonov, who is in Germany for a conference, where today we heard from Wintershall and confirmation from Gazprom about the application of supply from Poland.

“They are nervous that this information becomes public, for a simple reason. Poland said that the Nord stream – 2″ divides Europe and is the gas version of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (and sometimes sounds), and then ahead of time the recognized business that already requests a delivery on the Russian pipe. Occurs an ugly conflict”, – said Simonov.

The interest of Poland to the Nord stream – 2″ is not accidental. It is advantageous to Warsaw for two reasons. First, it is a guarantee for gas, much cheaper than LNG from Qatar or Norway, and secondly, this project promises more transit benefits.

Poland is one of the leaders of the movement for the abandonment of Russian gas, and it turns out that she is first in line for the gas supply without Ukraine’s participation. “And that’s understandable. It is no secret that the positions of politicians and businesses in Europe are different. The poles, who count money, do business, understand that there is no alternative of cheap gas they will not, and the terminal LNG in świnoujście gives a significantly higher prices, 70-80% more expensive than Russian gas. Therefore, the business and says thank you, of course, that has built a LNG terminal, but why we need it, albeit a half-empty stand, and while we’re with Gazprom agree,” – said Simonov.

Warsaw has a contract with Gazprom on which Poland may buy up to almost 11 billion cubic meters of gas annually until 2022. Recently, she said that is not going to sign a long-term contract with Gazprom after 2022. Deliveries to the LNG terminal in świnoujście and gas pipeline that will link Poland with the Norwegian shelf (still in the plans) ensure Poland’s independence from gas supplies from the East, i.e. from Russia, said in Warsaw.

But the myth about the life-saving liquefied natural gas cleared. And interest in the supplies via Nord stream – 2 ” confirms this once again. Other gas at such a low price and with such a stable supply of Warsaw will not find, neither in Qatar nor in Norway. Qatar agreed to buy only 1.5 billion cubic meters, with the capacity of 5 billion cubic meters is built for the LNG terminal. And Poland herself is not happy about this possibility, although it tries not to advertise. Moreover, the Qatari gas more expensive. So, due to the shift of the timing of the deliveries of Qatari gas through the fault of the Polish side of Warsaw for the second year pays Qatar for gas, although it has never seen.

Finally, the Nord stream – 2″ can guarantee Poland a steady income in the form of transit fees. Alexander Medvedev said that “Nord stream – 2” creates the possibility of reverse supplies to Poland, and they will only increase, moreover, they are now – through the “Nord stream – 1”. “Moreover, to reinforce the position, we proposed to the Polish colleagues, without waiting for the expiration of the previous contract to sign a new contract for the transit already in 20-25 years, but the answer have not received”, – he said, noting that he sees the desire to hurt yourself and annoy Europe”.

Medvedev said that the current contract for gas transit through Poland is 30 billion cubic meters of gas per year, Gazprom offered to extend it for the same amount. However, he said, in current conditions it is impossible to extend it because the law in Europe has changed.

“It’s interesting to see how the country will respond to the opportunity to earn on gas transit through “Nord stream – 2”. This pipe changes the configuration of the transit. It is clear that Germany gets the largest benefit, but other countries can make. Slovakia, for example, loses, therefore, the yells of the division of Europe, and the Czech Republic wins, so keep quiet. When talking with Czech politicians, they say that there is nothing wrong in the “Doghouse” (a branch from Nord stream for the European territory) they do not see”, – says Konstantin Simonov.

“And finally, the ugly for Polish politicians in this whole story is that thus Poland refused from Ukraine. It was also the thesis that it is necessary to save Ukraine and Poland were a mountain for her,” concludes the expert.

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