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Friday, February 16, 2018

Europe wakes up after the shock from the British referendum

The world reacted to the outcome of the referendum in the UK in different ways: from confusion to glee. Many ordinary European citizens were shocked. And the reaction of politicians has been extremely emotional and direct: among Pro-government politicians were the words “disaster” and “end of the world”. However, representatives of the European opposition carried a completely different assessment.

EU: go quickly

The only response European bureaucrats on the results of the British referendum has been hard. EU leaders in Brussels in a joint statement, urged the Kingdom as soon as possible to begin implementation of an exit from the EU, approved in a referendum. In Brussels believe that it is impossible to prolong the uncertainty. The document published on the website of the EU Council.

“The UK wants to have more weight and importance in Europe, at least on a par with Germany and France. From all this play and went “

“We expect that the UK government will begin to execute the decision of the British people as soon as possible, no matter how painful the process. Any delay only unnecessarily prolong the uncertainty”, – the document says.

Tusk, Juncker, Schultz and Rutte stressed that the EU reacted to the results of the referendum “regret but respect.” “This is an unprecedented situation, but we are United in our response,” – said the representatives of the EU countries.

Germany: it’s a disaster

Perhaps the most scathing reaction to the decision of the British was in Germany. The Germans called Brexit biggest failure in the history of European integration. This statement was made by German politicians. German Chancellor Angela Merkel took the news from Britain “with great regret”. But the head of the international Affairs Committee of the Bundestag Norbert röttgen called Britain’s decision to withdraw from the EU disaster. According to the politician, the decision of the British leads to the disintegration of Europe. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier called the referendum “sad day for Europe and the UK.”

Now German politicians are in talks with European leaders and with President of the European Commission on how to avoid chain reaction in the EU. Merkel has invited to Berlin of the President of France Francois Hollande, Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi and the head of the European Council Donald Tusk.

France: we are sad for Britain and for Europe

The same reaction among the leaders of neighboring France. President Francois Hollande said that the way the UK has put Europe in front of an ordeal. The foreign Minister of this country Jean-Marc Ayrault urged Europe not to repeat the mistakes of the UK.”

The French nationalists, on the contrary, encouraged: they believe that following the release of France. So, the leader “National front” marine Le Pen welcomed the choice of the British and called it a victory. “Now we have to spend in France, a referendum, about which I have asked for years,” she says.

According to Le Pen, referendums should be held in other EU countries. “The people of Britain are taught the Europeans and the world a shining example of democracy. He did not succumb to fear, apocalyptic predictions, he chose freedom,” leads her words RIA “Novosti”.

The MEP from France Jean-Luc Mélenchon called Britain’s decision a historic one. “This is the end of the world, which will begin with the release of the UK. This is a lesson for Europe – either we change the situation or leave. It is time to have a plan B,” he said.

Ireland and Scotland against output

It is noteworthy that the anti-British exit from the EU, Northern Ireland and Scotland – members of the United Kingdom. Scotland will consider the possibility of a second referendum on independence from the UK.

The Chairman of the nationalist party Northern Ireland Declan Kearney believes that in the event of a British exit from the EU the British government will lose the authority to represent the interests of the people of Northern Ireland. In his opinion, the output will be an occasion for uniting the region with Ireland.

The results of the plebiscite excited and ordinary citizens of Europe. So Brits living in France, and the French living in the UK, I believe that now they will have to return to their countries. “I’m in shock. I hope we don’t have to return to the country of warm beer, folk dances, street parties and Bunting. A sad day,” said the Briton, a French edition of the Local.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg with all this, I am sure that with the release of London from the EU the value of the Alliance increases. “Today, when we are faced with greater instability and uncertainty, NATO more than ever, it is important as a platform of cooperation between European countries-allies and between Europe and North America. A strong, United and strong NATO remains a key pillar of stability in a turbulent world”, – said Stoltenberg.

Another disappointment of Ukraine

But the main supporter of the NATO – Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko – the results of the referendum upset.

“Sorry… Believe that, despite the referendum result, the UK remains in a United Europe and to defend common European values,” he wrote on his page in Facebook. According to Poroshenko, today an urgent call for the EU to find a way to the hearts of skeptics, “not to give any chance to opponents of the European integration project and their generous sponsors.

The results of the referendum in the UK could lead to the postponement of the decision of the EU to grant Kiev a visa-free regime, said Deputy Prime Minister for European integration of Ukraine Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze.

Spain, Poland, Greece, Sweden

In turn, Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras said that leaving the UK blame the EU itself. “The EU is bad coped with the financial crisis and refugee problem,” said Tsipras.

The Minister for trade of Sweden Anne Lind said that a British exit would weaken the EU and beneficial to the nationalist movements in Europe. The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel said: “I respect, but regret the results of Brexit. Luxembourg will continue to work to strengthen the EU”.

The reaction of the official Spain were negative. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Spain Jose Garcia-margallo called the idea to hold such a vote a mistake. Madrid have already suggested London to approve the new status of Gibraltar – a disputed territory. “I hope the formula of joint sovereignty or, in other words, Spanish flag over the rock of Gibraltar – much closer than before”, – quotes Reuters the words of the Spaniard. However, London immediately rejected such claims.

In turn, Poland has recognized the need of serious problems within the EU. Poland intends to propose reforms in the EU, which will make it stronger and United, said Prime Minister Beata Szydlo.

Russia: not our business

In General, the reaction of official Moscow was reserved and judgmental. However, President Putin reacted to the words of David Cameron that the country’s withdrawal from the EU will be happy with Putin”. “Statement by the Prime Minister Mr Cameron before the plebiscite, the referendum, in which he voiced the Russian position, has no basis in fact. I believe that this is nothing like an incorrect attempt to influence public opinion in their own country,” – said Putin.

“But as we can see, even that was not needed for those who do, result. And especially after the vote to declare a position of Russia, in my opinion, nobody has the right. It is not that other, as a manifestation of the low level of political culture”, – said Putin, reports “Interfax”.

“People with pots on their heads danced for a year, demanded the visa-free regime. And one of the Central EU countries, one-fifth of its economy that comes out of it”

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov stressed that Moscow is interested in the fact that the EU remained a major economic force, and the referendum is considered an internal affair of the country. “I recall the words that had told President Putin: the theme of Brexit – an internal affair of the UK and the question of relations between the UK and the EU. The EU is an important trade-economic and investment partner of Russia, therefore Moscow was interested that the EU remained a major economic power, prosperous, stable and predictable”, – said Peskov.

USA: thanks to Putin

In turn, the Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden said that Washington supports the United for the UK remaining in the EU. The white house also published its official position on Brexit.

“The British people have their say and we respect their decision. A special relationship between the US and UK continue, and Britain’s membership of NATO remains the cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy, policy in the sphere of security and economy. The same can be said about our relationship with the EU, which has done so much to promote stability, stimulate economic growth and support the spread of democratic values and ideals in Europe and abroad”, – said in a statement.

“Britain and the EU will remain an indispensable partner of the United States, even in the period when they begin to negotiate about their future relations to ensure stability, security and prosperity of Europe, great Britain and Northern Ireland and the world” – quoted by “Voice of America” statement.

However, there were also those who supported the view of the Prime Minister of great Britain. Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul de facto accused in entering London from the EU, Vladimir Putin. In his Twitter he confessed he was “shocked by the election results and called the referendum results “a victory of the President of Russia”.

The eccentric billionaire and the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump said that he was glad for the Brits. He called the referendum results “fantastic” and congratulated the British subjects, who “regained their country”.

“Possible Domino effect”

Director of the International Institute of the newest States, political analyst Alexei Martynov believes that in Germany, France and overall in the bureaucratic environment of Brussels were sure to repeat Cameron’s focus in 2014, when he is using different tools and administrative resources have managed to distort the counting of votes in the Scottish independence referendum and Pro-independence lacked a few percent to win.

“Cameron overplayed his hand. He underestimated the factor of his opponent, ex – mayor of London Boris Johnson. Shifting him from the post of head of the capital, Cameron got in the face of Johnson is a tough opponent, which is involved in this referendum campaign and turned it, in fact, in early elections, and won them. Today all the British Newspapers say that Johnson’s next Prime Minister,” – said Martynov newspaper VIEW.

The political scientist is sure that despite the massive enthusiasm on the part of eurosceptics in other countries to talk seriously about secession from the EU will not start. According to him, UK, relying on US support, had a deep dive in the EU with the dissolution of sovereignty, it maintained its own currency, not part of the Schengen zone.

“The UK wants to have more weight and importance in Europe, at least on a par with Germany and France. From all this the game went. I’m sure someone will now poriginal and not declared, and such statements for many, there are sufficient mechanisms that do not allow other EU country. Otherwise the Domino effect”, – says Alexey Martynov.

“People with pots on their heads danced the whole year”

In turn, the political scientist Oleg Matveychev also sure that Cameron is expected to win and wanted to play on it. According to him, the British Prime Minister assured his partners in France, Germany and the USA that “all is well”. Moreover, these predictions were confirmed sociology. But neither the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama in London or what happened in a tragic accident last week killing a British parliamentarian did not affect enemies of European integration. The initiator of the referendum was Cameron, not the opposition, so he can’t ignore his results, and will be forced to start the process of exit from the EU.

“Simple English voted against it. This is a shock. We see what the response of the world’s stock exchanges, which were not ready for this. Otherwise, the decrease in the index would be smooth. No one has quick recipes. Plan “B” is missing. Now urgently will gather European governments held consultations in the United States, which will give assignments and explain the policies of the French and Germans how to act, what to say. Therefore, those statements that now make policy, they are the most sincere, they are direct. In a week everything will start to mend, to sew. And in unison everyone will say the same,” – said Matveychev the newspaper VIEW.

According to the expert, the results of the referendum against the so-called new Europeans: Poland, the Baltic States and even Ukraine. “People with pots on their heads danced for a year, demanded the visa-free regime, advocated the mythical Europe. And one of the Central EU countries, one-fifth of its economy that comes out of it. It’s a classic Russian saying goes, everything is fair, and we – to the fair”, he concluded.

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