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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Copied foreign experience: that of the Deputy of the state Duma has deprived of candidate

The dissertation Council at the faculty of political science of St. Petersburg state University on Thursday was deprived of the degree of candidate of political Sciences, Deputy of the state Duma Alexei Kazakov, reports the Internet-a site “Fontanka.Ru” with reference to the representative of “Discerneth”, participated in the meeting. As explained “MK” founder “of Discarnate” Andrew Sakin, about 20 pages in the thesis Kazakova was copied from other works.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Cossacks partially copied Sergey Malkova and Andrei Koshkin (cat’s — supervisor Kazakova – auth): “if Applicable, in Russia foreign experience of forming the government?” and Concludes whether the electoral process of the creation of the popular front?”.

Cossacks plagiarism on its part denies. He said that the writing involved, just his name was not included among the authors.

Andrew Sakin explained “MK” that the assertion that worked on the text command is a typical way of protection in such cases. However, the indication of co-authorship is a must, and judging by the synopsis, Kazakova no joint works with Melcosim nor Koshkin. In addition, the Cossacks were partially borrowed works Malkova and Koshkina, even without the quotations according to GOST.

Andrew Sakin noted that the work of the Minister of communications of Russia Nikolay Nikiforov, “Discarnate” was similar claims. However, the members of the dissertation Council of Ranepa June 22 refused to take his degree.

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