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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Britain voted to exit the EU: what next

Good old England decided to stay in good old England and say “good-bye” continental Europe United in the European Union, the Europe, the symbol of which was Napoleon, and became a symbol of Germany, the most powerful country of the EU.

photo: AP

That will mean the results of this historic referendum — 52% for “leave” and 48% for “stay” for Britain? The victory in the battle of Trafalgar, when he was defeated the French fleet, but England lost the organizer of the victory of Admiral Nelson? Or is it the elimination of the English channel, which in England is called simply “the Channel” and which crossed the underwater tunnel, uniting the UK and Europe?

The clock on big Ben was showing 4:45 am on June 24, when Bi-bi-si has declared victory of the supporters of leaving the EU. The price of the British pound has slipped down. Financial markets were trying to absorb the news from London.

Wrong and public opinion polls, and much more accurate tote, predicting the victory of supporters of EU membership. Prevailed antielitnye, populist and nationalist sentiments, taking advantage of the economic and cultural fissures. “The dream of an independent United Kingdom launched,” declared Nigel Faraj, the leader of the Independence party.

So, Britain was the first of the 28 member countries of the EU, leaving the unit, and has not recovered from the financial crisis of 2008 and the ensuing economic turmoil, the rise of Russia and massive, indigestible influx of migrants.

The results of the referendum will be a painful blow to Prime Minister David Cameron, who led the forces of those who gave for membership in the EU, and greatly weakened it.

David Cameron is expected that in case of defeat he will begin a quick process of “divorce”. The leaders of “divorce” is not in a hurry. Little will change in the near future on both sides of the English channel. All trade and migration rules will remain. Although the EU gives to this “falling off” the side for two years, the process of such separation difficult and painful.

For the EU the result of the British referendum threatened calamity. It puts into question the future of block based on the values of Western liberalism and of the NATO aggression.

Britain is the second after Germany economic power of EU. It is a nuclear power and permanent member of the UN Security Council having a “special relationship” with Washington. The loss of Britain – a resounding blow to the EU, which is already under pressure of high unemployment, migration crisis, Greek debt and conflict in Ukraine. Looms “Domino effect”.

According to Harvard Professor and former head of the German Council on foreign relations, Karl Kaiser, “Europe’s interest to have Britain in the common market and the relationship security.”

Although the leaders of the supporters of leaving the EU spoke, or rather ranted about sovereignty and the supremacy of Parliament over Brussels bureaucracy, “sunrise sun-drenched” country, they were disturbed by clouds, leaving the freedom of movement of EU citizens. In fact it was they who decided the outcome of the referendum.

In 2015 alone, more than 330 thousand migrants settled in Britain. Most of them were citizens of the European Union. Prime Minister Cameron has not found any effective measures to stop or at least limit this invasion. And although immigrants contributed to the growth of the economy and increase tax revenues, however, the inhabitants of Britain felt the insult to her national identity. In addition, immigration is, of course, had a significant pressure on school education, home construction and health care.

Watch the video on “David Cameron announced the resignation reddened face”

The Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron during a speech immediately after the results of the referendum on withdrawal from the EU said : “to Me it was not an easy decision, but I believe a period of stability in the national interest and requires a new leader. There is no need to install a particular term <my retirement> but, in my opinion, we should be the new Prime Minister by the end of October, when the Congress of the conservative party”.

Video published on the website youtube.com user PrivateNews

The campaign, led by the most vociferous Party United Kingdom Independence, flirted with xenophobia and nationalism, and even, if to take into account some of its critics, racism certainly played a role. But even more restrained official campaign for withdrawal from the EU also used the issue of immigration as the basis of its slogan “Take control”. “Take control”? Most likely, it was the feeling that the government cannot handle the influx of immigrants from Europe and even outside Europe, in Britain.

As a result, the referendum Britain was greeted with enthusiasm by extreme right parties in Europe from the National front of marine Le Pen in France to the “Alternative for Germany”.

The depth of anti-European sentiment may be a key factor in a national election which will be held in the other of the two most important EU countries — France and Germany.

Preparations for the referendum in Britain was held in an atmosphere of recrimination and threats that had no basis in the actual situation. Both sides mostly played on the feelings of Britons, and those feelings were mainly based on fear. Those who advocated “abandonment” of Britain in the EU, as well as a Horde of experts and elites warned that if the withdrawal of Britain from the block, that is, the so-called Brexit, the country could face economic disaster with the fall of the pound, high taxes, job loss and other crisis moments.

Just a week before the vote, Britain was shocked by the brutal murder of a young member of Parliament from the labour party 41-year-old Joe Cox. She advocated that Britain remained in the EU. But her killer was shouting: “first of all Britain!” “This is for Britain!”, “Let Britain will be independent!”. In England in particular, 85% of the population was covered by the nationalism, nostalgia, and cultural uniqueness of Britain. Many British anti-European leaders such as Boris Johnson, former London mayor and a potential opponent and possible replacement of Prime Minister Cameron. They proceeded from the fact that Britain will be more powerful and successful outside the EU.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland the opposite was the strong Pro-European sentiments, which will cause even more tension in Britain. The results of the referendum will probably lead to a new referendum on the status of Scotland. As for Northern Ireland, which has an open border with the Irish Republic, an EU member, and there will be new realities. The border between the European Union and not a member of this organization for reasons of economic and security needs will be equipped with new border posts, who will check the passport and goods.

Prime Minister Cameron was forced to announce the referendum back in 2013 when anti-European wing of his own party would have joined with the Independence Party Faraj increasingly hostile to the legions of conservative voters.

However, Prime Minister Cameron had expected victory, as his side were economic experts, the US President Obama, European allies and big business. But, as often happens in referendums, the main role was played by the political mood, and they were very dangerous for the British Prime Minister.

In addition, as expected, Cameron’s position was weakened by the behaviour of the new leader of the labour party Germi Corbin. It is representative of the most traditional and “hard” the left flank of the party. The fact that he was elected the leaders of the labour party after a crushing defeat in may 2015, was a universal sensation.

Corbin voted in due time against the participation of England in the European Economic Community. It was in the referendum in 1975. This time, he said that he and his party will support the continued membership of Britain in EU. However, he has not shown any desire to support Prime Minister Cameron, his political rival. He explicitly stated that he is not “a big fan of the European Union”. While Cameron has stressed the risks to the British economy in its security and national influence, Corby said, “on the protection of workers ‘rights”.

It is very difficult, perhaps, impossible to predict what will happen with England, with the European Union and NATO two years later. But one thing is clear, all these three pillars upon which the Western system stacked against the collapse of the Soviet Union, will be significantly weakened and will not meet the new requirements of the new time.

In the last hour. As it became known, the Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron has resigned.

Watch the video on “Escape from Europe: the British voted to secede from the EU”

The subjects of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland decided to withdraw from the European Union in a referendum held on the initiative of British Prime Minister David Cameron. This political event caused a great resonance in the world. Right-wing parties in several EU countries have already announced their intention to hold a series of similar events at home.

Video published on the website youtube.com user The Latest TV

Britain out of the EU after the referendum. Chronicle of events

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