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Friday, March 16, 2018

Brexit: how Putin won the America and the EU

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul called the victory of Vladimir Putin the results of the British referendum in which subjects of the Queen were in favour of leaving the EU. Here is what he wrote on Twitter: “Shocked by the results of the Brexit! Losers: EU, UK, US, believe in the benefits of a strong, United, democratic Europe. Winners: Putin”. In the following tweet American called Brexit “a great victory for the foreign policy objectives of Putin” and urged to “give him credit”. Then, after receiving a dose of criticism in the network for what he draws, Putin almost omnipotent, McFaul said that the Russian President “did not provoke the results of the referendum, and won from them.” Is there actually benefit Putin and Russia from the split between Britain and the EU? This “MK” asked leading political scientists.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Fyodor Lukyanov, Chairman of Presidium of the Council on foreign and defense policy:

– Among Western politicians formed a group, including the distinguished former Ambassador, who has decided to use Putin, as a label, and “pastes” it to every political news. Putin’s tacked on to all the news, even if he doesn’t know are, not to mention those important events to which he is irrelevant. This, in my opinion, tasteless, but they love it. These politicians don’t even mind that this technique puts them ridiculous and stupid. But seriously discuss another such nonsense I feel useless. Everything that happens in the West and in the UK, has a very deep logic, the consequences of Brexit are very diverse, some of them may be positive, others negative. All this is now impossible to calculate, only time will tell the whole “depth of distress”.

Igor BUNIN, Director of the Center for political technologies:

– Let’s start with what happened just ten hours before a British referendum. Very large people who had never voted came and checked to purposely speak out against the EU. This, overwhelmingly, was “blue collar”. Thus, Brexit was a reaction of the lower and lower middle class that the world is becoming more global, interconnected; the world cosmopolitanisms, rapidly progressing, is a multicultural revolution. The “blue collar” it is a concern that they will lose status, job, future. Brexit has become their opportunity to vote against what they don’t like: that good old England is changing, that their production being moved to Asia that the new technologies make the world is too incomprehensible. That vote this passive until now, layer on the last day changed the outcome of the referendum. After all, even before financial markets and sociologists were confident that most who came to vote in favor of maintaining the status quo.

Watch the video on “Escape from Europe: the British voted to secede from the EU”

The subjects of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland decided to withdraw from the European Union in a referendum held on the initiative of British Prime Minister David Cameron. This political event caused a great resonance in the world. Right-wing parties in several EU countries have already announced their intention to hold a series of similar events at home.

Video published on the website youtube.com user The Latest TV

And let’s ask McFaul to clarify: where is Mr. Putin?

This phenomenon is the reluctance of the new, too good from the point of view of a significant part of society world is not exclusive to Britain. Therefore, the worst consequence of Brexit will be a “Domino effect”. In France, eurosceptics even more than in England, and if they succeed in the referendum, they, together with supporters of Le Pen and some other is definitely going to win.

If you go “Domino effect” that a United Europe will fall apart, all the numerous conflicts that it was dimmed because of the EU, breaks out again. This military crisis, and economic, which will be even more severe than in 2008.

Russia in the world economy takes place which allows to get its advantages from the export of raw materials. Mainly in Europe. And if it will crumble, we wouldn’t even be able to understand whom to talk on gas supplies, we will lose the partner to whom you can sell the raw materials and the Russian economy will go to hell”. Therefore, Russia and Putin, there are no advantages in what happened in the British referendum.

Alexei MUKHIN, Director of the Center for political information:

– I agree that the moral effect of Brexit plays in favor of Russia for one simple reason: Britain was the most aggressive towards Russia member of the EU. It is most active slighted Russia, was always trying to cause us any damage: the economic, financial or political. Naturally Brexit removes London from the political arena, he will continue his game, but the withdrawal of Britain from the EU will make the EU more friendly towards rosseti. That is, we will have a chance to negotiate with Europe, which previously because of the British factor just wasn’t there.

Perhaps this meant McFaul when they made their statements. Because he needs to understand that Russia has no such influence on the EU and Britain to provoke a crisis there, but can use it when he will start for reasons beyond our control.

Not discover America if I say about the fact that the crisis in the EU provoked, in fact, America. It is the United States imposed on European politicians decisions which made the people discontent of the common European home. And it is the US policy in the middle East has led to an influx of refugees to Europe.

The irony is that Washington, who is most interested in the lasting obedience of the EU and less like Russia in some unimaginable way the EU leads to decay and helps Russia out of Western isolation.

Watch the video on “David Cameron announced the resignation reddened face”

The Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron during a speech immediately after the results of the referendum on withdrawal from the EU said : “to Me it was not an easy decision, but I believe a period of stability in the national interest and requires a new leader. There is no need to install a particular term <my retirement> but, in my opinion, we should be the new Prime Minister by the end of October, when the Congress of the conservative party”.

Video published on the website youtube.com user PrivateNews

Britain out of the EU after the referendum. Chronicle of events

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