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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Beijing rapidly falls to the ground

Because groundwater is the capital of China Beijing every year “sags” at 11 inches, which in the future can pose a real threat to him. To such conclusion came the members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chen Mi and Li Xiaoyang, as well as a Spanish engineer Roberto Thomas.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The researchers came to the conclusion that the capital of China fairly quickly and steadily falls to the Ground, after studying satellite images. In all likelihood, this process is due to the fact that the soil under the city year after year actively pumped groundwater, which subsequently does it, including for agriculture and other needs. The result is water that has accumulated under the Beijing millennia, there is less, and under pressure from the city, the soil begins to wrinkle, like a dry sponge, according to The Guardian.

Faster deeper down the Chaoyang district, which recently been built a lot of skyscrapers, motorways and other infrastructure.

In the future, as scientists fear, the immersion of Beijing’s “underground” may be one of the major threats to the city and its residents — in particular, this process is fraught with the collapse of buildings. In this regard, the researchers strongly recommend the Chinese government to limit pumping of groundwater at the legislative level. It is reported that the monitoring mechanisms for water production in the country already exist, but are not too active.

Experts remind that in 2015, China is developing a project to create a channel length of about 2.4 thousand kilometers, in which Beijing would be water. Can this water again “nourish the earth below, slowing down the subsidence of the city, researchers don’t know for sure.

On their findings, the scientists reported in the pages of the scientific journal Remote Sensing.

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