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Thursday, March 22, 2018

After the resignation of Cameron’s withdrawal of Britain from the EU will drag on for years

Eurosceptics in Britain, winning the referendum on EU membership, celebrating the victory. Optimists are very pessimistic, they were defeated, Prime Minister David Cameron in the autumn retires. But the results of the vote does not mean an automatic exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. This process can take many years. And eventually, if the preferences of the residents of Albion will change, there is an option to return the country to the shelter of a “common European home”.

photo: AP

So, one of the main questions in the referendum: when Britain leaves the EU?

The minimum period after the vote is two years – during which time Britain should continue to fulfil its obligations as an EU member, to comply with the Treaty and the laws of the European Union. At the same time, opportunities for the participation of London in the decision-making concerning the European Union, will be at this time limited.

In a two-year term shall be negotiated at the conclusion of the agreement on secession of the United Kingdom of a “common European home” and design a new relationship between Britain and the rest of the EU’s 27 members. It is possible that in reality the process of “divorce” can be stretched for a longer period.

This raises another question: can members of the British Parliament after the referendum to still block the exit of Britain from the EU? As we know, many parliamentarians from the Conservative party opposed the “Brekzita”, as the vast majority of the deputies of the labour party and the liberal Democrats etc.

As marks Bi-bi-si, technically members of Parliament can block the exit of the country from the European Union, but it will be their political suicide as it would look with disdain expressed at the referendum will of the people.

The ratification in the Parliament should pass the agreement with EU on withdrawal – and in this case the House of lords and/or Commons can vote against ratification. Therefore, the procedure of exit from the EU risks to take very much.

Political leanings – changing thing. And who knows, whether will take a few years later the top supporters of European unity. Whether Britain leaving the EU sometime in the future to return?

Yes, this is possible. But then Britain will have to start with a clean slate, to enter into negotiations with the EU, each member of which will have to consent to re-join the United Kingdom to the European Union.

The possibility of withdrawal of any state from the EU and the return of his newly stipulated in the Lisbon Treaty, article 50 of which States that “if a member state which seceded from the Union, makes a request about joining again, his request is subject to the procedure referred to in article 49”.

And the 49-th article says: “the State, the applicant shall send his application to the Board; the Board decides on it unanimously after consulting the Commission and after approval by the European Parliament, which shall reach its decision by a majority of the members of its constituent. Considered the eligibility criteria approved by the European Council.”

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom intensifies the internal conflict: the Prime Minister of Scotland Nicola Stanger stressed that the Scots, despite the General result of the referendum, see themselves as members of the European Union (62% of Scottish voters voted to remain in the EU).

And in Northern Ireland’s main nationalist party Sinn féin called for a referendum about the reunification of Ireland (55.8% of the Northern Irish people voted against the state’s withdrawal from the European Union).

Watch the video on “David Cameron announced the resignation reddened face”

The Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron during a speech immediately after the results of the referendum on withdrawal from the EU said : “to Me it was not an easy decision, but I believe a period of stability in the national interest and requires a new leader. There is no need to install a particular term <my retirement> but, in my opinion, we should be the new Prime Minister by the end of October, when the Congress of the conservative party”.

Video published on the website youtube.com user PrivateNews

Britain out of the EU after the referendum. Chronicle of events

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