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Thursday, March 22, 2018

With “Vinyl” removed the needle: why not get a second season of the series

Us broadcaster HBO has announced the termination of work on the series “Vinyl”. Recall that the first season consisting of 10 episodes, was shown in February-April of the current year. After the broadcast of the pilot episode of the TV company has promised to extend the show for a second season, but that decision was reversed.

“After careful consideration of this situation, we decided not to renew “Vinyl” for a second season, the statement says HBO. – Of course, this decision wasn’t easy. We Express huge respect to the crew who worked on the show for their hard work and passion for this project.”

Recall that the creators of the series became the Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, legendary Director Martin Scorsese and screenwriters rich Cohen and Terence winter.

“The production of this series are very expensive, and the ratings were relatively modest – especially in comparison with the previous project, Scorsese and winter, “boardwalk Empire”, – said the “MK” the decision of the HBO film critic Nikita Kartsev.

Recall that the “boardwalk Empire”, telling about the alcohol business in Atlantic city during prohibition in the United States, was the brainchild of HBO, and was enthusiastically accepted by critics and simple spectators.

Before working on this project for winter has become the winner of the “Emmy” – for the screenplay for the famous “the Sopranos” made by the same broadcaster. In addition, on account of the HBO crime series “the Wire” – considered by many reputable critics, the best series of all time.

As for “Vinyl”, it reflected a long-standing love Scorsese (and, of course, Jagger) to rock music. It’s the story of the recording industry of new York of the 70-ies of the last century when the musical landscape changed on a daily basis: there was punk rock, flourished funk, gaining the power of disco. Against this background, the viewer shows the history of charismatic Ritchie Finestre the head of one of the labels – trying to find a new path in a new musical reality. By chance Richie gets involved in the murder of his friend, which eventually puts it between law enforcement officers and the local crime boss. But this is not the only problem of the protagonist – his relationship with his wife is slow, including because of addiction to drugs; not better things and with colleagues on the label.

Before the broadcast of the series it was positioned as a fascinating journey through music new York 70s – with all the consequences-like drugs, promiscuous sex, etc. – but the music in the final product was negligible. Hoping to stay afloat, Finestra decides to take up the “promotion” of a group of Nasty Beats (the frontman was played by Mick Jagger’s son James), but to people who are familiar with the era according to eyewitnesses, it is hard to believe what’s on screen: musicians Richie conquer their demo, and then can’t play even one song, preparing for the concert of the cult New York Dolls, and ends the execution of a very standard rock-and-roll numbers.

It is obvious that when working on “Vinyl” its creators were inspired by the cult book about the NYC punk, “Please kill me” (highly acclaimed at the time, Egor Letov), but if described in its pages is really able at times to cause a shock, the series looks like its “low-fat” version: not too gourmet detective story on the background of the family squabbles, cocaine and unconvincing hint at some kind of musical revolution.

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