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Monday, March 19, 2018

Why did you decide to replant, Russian, and Chinese mind: the opinions of experts

Russian Valery Spiridonov may assign the right of first head transplant your Chinese friend in misfortune Wang Hua Ming. Despite the scepticism of the official Russian neurosurgeons about the success of such an operation, the Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero will not stop the search means and the venue for the controversial operation. That changed in the project that gives hope for a good result, Valery Spiridonov said on Thursday at a press-conference in Moscow.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

We will remind that Valery suffering from spinal amyotrophy of Werding–Hoffmann and almost from birth not rising from his wheelchair, met in the Italian heriloom Sergio Canavero about a year ago. The doctor promised him to head transplant from a donor with the full effect of the recovery walk.

Transplantation of the head to the donor body is, in his opinion, the only chance for prolongation of life such as Valery Spiridonov. It denies no one, but the professionals clarify: it’s impossible, nobody knows of such a wonder drug that would “glue” nerve endings completely severed the head with a foreign body, but if I did, I would have received the Nobel prize.

However, according to Valery, he does not rule out errors in operation, Recalling that the first patient with a transplanted heart lived only 4 hours. “But if we do not begin now to do anything, we certainly never is and never will,” said the patient surgeon Canavero. He shared his hope to use the old experience in transplanting the heads of dogs that has spent 50 years of Soviet scientist Vladimir Demikhov. However, Valery is wrong, Demikhov transplanted not the head and upper torso of a puppy adult dog by attaching it to the cardiac and pulmonary systems of the donor. “Extra” head functioned, even ate and drank, but not for long… According to the Director of the Institute of surgery named. Wisniewski Alexei Zhao, a complete break of the spinal cord nobody has been able to recover. When it the lower divisions become completely uncontrollable, progressing to paralysis.

The first thing I’ll do after surgery is get on his motorcycle and race at full speed, – said Spiridonov. However, it later stipulated that joke, not hoping for such a successful outcome.

Even if his head sewn to a new body — no shoulders, no hands, no feet to obey someone else’s head will not, say the neurosurgeons.

Apparently, the same position is shared by doctors in other countries because, according to Valery, while no clinic in the world has not given consent Canavero for holding in its walls the transplant head. In this regard, no one allocates money.

There is no such clinics even in China, which, according to the speaker officially joined the project. Has not helped yet and that the Chinese Professor Ren Xiaoping, who spent thousands of similar operations on mice, together with the Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero published in the scientific American magazine article, which gave strong evidence that the polyethylene glycol, the same bioadhesive has been that from the beginning hoping Canavero, able to glue nerve fibers.

Then Valery presents a new surprise:

— I’m not sure I’m the first who will be the first operation in late 2017. Presumably this person can become a Chinese Wang Hua Ming, which is a more serious condition than I am. Besides, he is already 64 years old.

Despite this possibility, Canavero Xiaoping and Spiridonov still looking for a clinic for surgery in Russia. According to Valery, there is hope that their offer will respond SKOLKOVO. He called and the name of a Professor Troshina, which is the successor of Demikhova and willing to help group of like-minded people.

-Do you have any idea how to pass the operation, I asked Valeria.

– Yes, it will last 36 hours, it will involve 150 people. Severed head will be in “offline” state for more than an hour, after which it will be sewn to the body of the donor. After “sewing” heads a month I’ll be in a coma, and then another year in rehab. Canavero and Xiaoping promised me a full refund of motor functions.

After the press conference at all, there was no doubt that Spiridonov is aware of the risk, but agrees to the surgery because of despair. However, Valery has denied the speculation: “I lead an active lifestyle, participate in social and political events, struggle to improve the lives of people with disabilities. Therefore, nothing you attribute to me some desperation. I’m fine in that sense.

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