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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The plane on solar batteries, traveling around the world, crossed the Atlantic ocean

In Seville, Spain landed the Plane on solar batteries Solar Impulse 2 flew across the Atlantic ocean. He overcame landings 6 765 kilometers and was in the air for nearly three days. Experts say that the plane, which made such a long flight his voyage around the world, have just passed the most difficult part of the route.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Solar Impulse 2 airplane, powered exclusively by solar energy that accumulate around 17 200 batteries. It weighs 2,300 pounds, and the scope monocryl — 72 meters. The maximum speed of the machine is 140 kilometers per hour, although during his flight really this speed it reaches is not too often. The aircraft is able to climb to 8500 meters, but the equipment in the cabin technically provides flight and to an even greater height.

His round the world flight, Solar Impulse 2 has started in 9 March 2015 in Abu Dhabi at 07:12 local time. The first stages of its flight was relatively short — from about 13 to 20 hours. However, may 30, 2015 the aircraft took off from Nanjing (China) and reached Nagoya (Japan), spending on the road in 44 hours 10 minutes and less than a month later, made its record as the duration (117 hours 52 minutes) and distance (7 212 kilometers) flight from Nagoya to Hawaii (USA). In Hawaii, the plane stayed a long time, and only in April 2016 it after some repairs continued the flight.

It can be noted that, although the distance of the flight over the Atlantic ocean is only slightly inferior to the area from Nagoya to Hawaii, this time to overcome the way the unit solar was able to significantly faster due to the fact that his average speed was 95 kilometers per hour.

It is reported that soon the plane will continue its journey around the world, which should lead to the same place where it began — Abu Dhabi.

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