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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Regardless of the outcome of the referendum, Britain will remain in EU

On Thursday residents of the UK will vote in a referendum about the country’s membership in the European Union. Whatever the results, we can predict that the island monarchy will remain part of the ongoing project of European integration. Another thing, how long will the EU itself. What is the intrigue of this confrontation and what in this regard, the interests of Russia?

Tens of millions of British people will go to the polls to vote, and polls show public opinion, the country is divided exactly equally.

“Even in case of a victory of supporters of the release of the elite will get all the opportunities to actually ignore their opinion and leave it as is

Recent surveys show that approximately 44 per cent in favour of leaving the EU and continued membership in the community, slightly more than 10 percent ranges. A large part of the political, financial and cultural elites advocated that to remain part of the European Union, that is, to confirm the choices the British made four decades ago, in the referendum of 1975. Then the country belatedly joined which began after the Second world war in continental Europe, integration processes, having joined the European economic community, the predecessor of the EU.

The current referendum can be called at the same time and warning, and threatening. The ruling conservatives want to bring down a wave of dissatisfaction with European Union and also to knock from Brussels (and more specifically, from Germany and France) the new assignment and so has a special position in EU UK. Therefore, no one in the island elite and was not going to withdraw from the European Union. The referendum will calm public opinion (allowed to speak) and improve the position of London in bargaining with continental elites. And it will happen in any referendum result – win for supporters of exit or his opponents. “Brakcet” (exit from the EU) will not take place – the Anglo-Saxon elite in it is absolutely not interested. The results of the referendum in any case show a very slight advantage in one of the positions, and even in case of a victory of supporters of the release of the elite will get all the opportunities to actually ignore their opinion and leave it as is.

What happens if you win the eurosceptics? For example, they are getting 51 percent, while their opponents – 49. The ruling conservatives can always say (and will say) that the turnout was not high enough, and society is split, and not to start the procedure of withdrawal from the EU. Because by law the results of the referendum are not binding, and in Parliament the supporters of leaving the EU on the strength of one fourth. So the maximum that threatens the UK is a government crisis and new elections. Resigns initiated the referendum and campaigned for the preservation of EU membership Prime Minister Cameron (and not the fact), make some noise in the press, polychoric exchange, but the tower will not fall in the Thames, and Elizabeth the Second has reigned, and will reign. And most importantly, the city is the financial capital of the world, mistakenly referred to as London, in which it formally is not even included) will remain in place and their interests.

Another thing, if the supporters of withdrawal from the EU was the most significant – for example, 60 to 40. Then to ignore their opinion would be fraught for all political forces, but such a result is clearly impossible.

Moreover, due to the propaganda use of the incident the other day of murder of the Deputy of Parliament of laburisti Joe Cox, actively advocated for the European Union, opponents of the European integration, leading in the polls, lost a few points again and caught up with her supporters. The most prominent of the conservatives and the labour party (the main opposition) is in favour of the UK remains in the EU, and only the independence Party of the United Kingdom Nigel Faraj fighting for a way out. Even still dithering Jeremy Corbyn, the left leader of the labour party, is silent, not agitating for an exit. So, most likely, with a slight advantage will win the supporters of European integration.

That is beneficial to the UK – to leave or to stay? The answer to this question depends on what kind of Britain? “Mistress of the seas”, of course, would not tolerate on any of the external authorities. But the England, the former strongest world power in the 19th – first half of the 20th century, no longer exists. There are extremely skilled, strong, smart and wealthy English elite, serving as the center of the Assembly forces of the global Anglo-Saxon elite, from the US to Australia. Yes, Anglo-Saxon (and through them many others) of the elite around the world are tied to the island, Yes, London is in many respects still the center of the world – at least the financial and monetary – but the Kingdom now is only a part of the global Anglo-Saxon Empire. In some matters no less important than the US – but part of it. The fate of the island as a state care about its ordinary citizens, but the ruling (and many centuries) the elite are concerned about much broader issues.

Speculation of skeptics about the Brussels authorities largely unfair. Yes, it’s external to the UK power, but what is the General project of the European Union? This Anglo-Saxon project control over Europe, an ambitious attempt to make Europe United and at the same time remained under the control of the Atlantic, that is the Anglo-Saxon forces. In fact, Europe always tried to unite the Germans or the Franks, United Europe, from the Normans to Hitler invariably tried to understand the island, whose very European unity was a bad dream.

Centuries the policy of England was based on grazing between the various Europeans. And when in the 18th century to the European game, joined Russia, the “English” began to “spoil” us. Created by the Atlanticists after the Second world war the project of a United Europe, the crown of which became the European Union, is an attempt to build initially controlled by the Anglo-Saxons continent-wide Union. To deprive Germany of naturally exposed as the question of European integration, the role of European leader, becoming a conductor of European integration.

Of course, this is a very difficult task. With all the humiliation of post-war European elites (primarily German), nobody on the continent was not going to yield to the British administrator. But it while he was alive, De Gaulle and not yet grown, raised in Atlantic the spirit of the new European “leaders”. Prior to this, the control of Europe was carried out USA in manual mode (elite and intelligence agencies) and military (NATO), but with the proliferation of the Franco-German project of European integration took already and governance from the inside out. The UK joined the EEC in 1975, and in 1992 already with all the other European countries started to build the EU. Second, after the German economy, the most powerful intellectual and financial centre is all allowed to hope that this will provide a proper integration.

The island serves simultaneously both as “looking” in the EU from the Anglo-Saxons, and as a simple “great powers”. But as the withering away of the national sovereignty of the British became increasingly difficult to convince that the advantages of globalization are and their pros. With the elites it is their project, but the English fishermen will not cram about European values, British workers do not explain about the “common house”. Hence, the rise of euroscepticism.

Now elites have tried to vent, gently, under control. Just as they did a few years ago with Scotland – allowing a referendum on independence, which was won by the proponents of a single state. By the way, another argument in favor of the fact that there is no exit from the EU is not, is the position of Scotland in the case of “Breccia” there have threatened to hold a new referendum on independence, the results of which will definitely mean the end of the United Kingdom. In Scotland, as in Wales, Northern Ireland, the majority against secession from the EU, and this gives the elite another argument in favor of ignoring the views of the eurosceptics.

The UK can leave the EU only in one case: if continental elites unbind from the Atlantic leash and the project “United Europe” will be intercepted which gained full independence of the German elites. Then the Kingdom, of course, will come out of this “Union” because the fact of the collapse controlled by the Anglo-Saxons European integration will mean a large-scale conflict in Europe and the island. But now even talking about the close of the likelihood of such a scenario is not possible. Europe is asleep, “the English” stirs and reigns. And Russia is watching – assessing the strength of a potential enemy, regardless of a United front, he will be performing or in two columns.

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