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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Putin made a reservation according to Freud, talking about history and politics

Vladimir Putin held the first meeting of the Russian historical collection, bringing together various historical societies, scholars, activists search engine traffic, and public figures. The date of the meeting – 71 anniversary of the outbreak of the great Patriotic war – was chosen and set the tone for the discussion, which lasted about one and a half hours. The President made a Freudian slip, acknowledging the right of history in the subjunctive, and denying that right policy.

photo: kremlin.ru

Meeting with participants of the all-Russian historical collection.

Mr. machinski, guiding search by the Russian military-historical society, said that on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the outbreak of the second world war 50 boys and girls in the form of Podolsk cadets, accompanied by military equipment during the war and SWAT officers launched a campaign through the battle of their peers.

Is a feat, because they do not sit at the screens of the TV and go with a Mosin rifle, ” he said.

– Where are they now? – interested in the President, obviously mentally imagining the picture described by the speaker.

In the village Ilinskoe Medynsky district of Kaluga region. There is no asphalt, it’s the usual front road. They live according to the Charter, 1935, in tents. Tomorrow they will travel another 20 km – enthusiastically responded machinski, promising at the end of the meeting immediately to move towards break away from the TV “heroes”.

But Putin has not yet figured out all the details: “boys and girls where they are University graduates?”.

It turned out not so simple. “They are the children of Ministers, public figures and simple people,” – proudly announced machinski, unfortunately, without naming names. The right to go camping with a Mosin, he said, had to be earned – the privilege of the best of the best, chosen by the regional branch of the RVIA.

Machinski said that from Putin personally to search movement do not need anything but support. “Please convey words of encouragement to our children, who are now walking somewhere”, he concluded his highly emotional speech. The President, of course, could not refuse.

photo: kremlin.ru
Meeting with participants of the all-Russian historical collection.

In turn, the scientific Director RVIO Mikhail Myagkov said, the work in progress on the school textbook on military history, which was commissioned by the President. It turned out that several versions were rejected by the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. But the last option picky “editor” seems to be staged. After reading the textbook, according to Myagkov, the reader no longer questions whether the hero Alexander Nevsky or he gave someone, whether she existed at all 28 Panfilov, the traces of which, as we remember now are the children of Ministers with the Mosin rifle.

Now, continued the soft, historians are thinking about how a new way to present Russia’s role in the historical process. “A simple example. And whether, say, the United States of America in the 18th century, if not for Russia’s role? As it has developed in international relations after the Napoleonic wars, if not for Russia’s role? And of course, the 20th century. As a living world if it were not for Russia?” – presented the thinking of scientists softly.

The President agreed that such arguments have a right to exist. “This policy does not tolerate the subjunctive mood, and science suffers”, he said, and that certainly was a Freudian slip. It is clear that Vladimir Putin is easy to imagine the 18th century without the United States of America than the 2000 election without their participation.

“With regard to historical science, it is curious all aspects of what was and what could be, if it had not happened, what we have achieved. This is a very interesting thing,” encouraged writers hypothesis of GDP, finally burying the classic version of the quote “history does not tolerate the subjunctive mood”.

Many meeting participants spoke about the importance of not only training, but also the conventional historical literature. Writer Sergei Shargunov asked after the filmmakers making films on historical subjects, to support and writers, and as an example, advertised its own 700-page work of writer Kataev, reflecting the entire complex and beautiful history of the 20th century”.

And Yuri Vyazemsky called upon to strengthen learning in schools works about the war, because they are best “brought up huge feelings of our Russian patriotism”. Here, however, Putin argued: we need military, and good literature. And cited the example Twardowski: “ferry, Ferry, left Bank, right Bank”. “When it comes to “dark water”, – that it takes the soul” – he admitted.

Film Director Andron Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky criticized contemporary sculptors – political and social orders, they do know how, but to create “monuments of high art”, similar to Peter Falcone or “Worker and collective farm girl” Mukhina no. Meanwhile, the era, in his opinion, requires to realize the power of the individual historical figures.

“We need to create at least one monument or two, who would say about the times in which we live. From this point of view it would be important to restore the culture that we are a little lost, is a monumental sculpture,” – said Konchalovsky. He explained that monumental sculpture is the image that remains forever, and says the scale of the individual.

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