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Friday, March 16, 2018

Poroshenko tried to hide from Nuland

In the evening of 22 June, the assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland met with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Deputy head of his administration, Konstantin Yeliseyev. The piquancy of the situation gave the fact that initially the Ukrainian leader did not want to meet with an American diplomat, probably anticipating an unpleasant conversation.

First of Poroshenko administration trumpeted every meeting of the President of Ukraine with Victoria Nuland (photo — meeting in September 2015). Now the fact of communication is concealed and photos laid out. Photo: president.gov.ua

What they discussed Nuland and Poroshenko, no one knows, but the day before in administration of the Ukrainian leader said that he has more important things to do and the American diplomat will cost a conversation with Yeliseyev. We can assume that President Poroshenko was trying to avoid an unpleasant conversation with Nuland.

Recall, for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, Ukraine should adopt a law on special status of Donbas, Amnesty to combatants and harmonize electoral legislation for local elections in the Donetsk and Lugansk leaders of the DNI and LC. None of this Poroshenko to do or does not want or can not because of a strong “party of war” in the Executive and legislative authorities of Ukraine. But to admit that he, too, is impossible, because then he could easily lose the support of the West, which insists on the inevitability of the Minsk process.

However, Poroshenko did not come out to escape from Nuland. As justified by the press service of the Ukrainian leader, it happened almost by accident in the first place was devoted to Poroshenko’s visit to US President Barack Obama (about which the state Department did not say a word) and then the Donbass and Russia.

“According to one version, Poroshenko didn’t want to talk with Nuland, because during her last visit, he assumed certain obligations which he could not fulfill. As saying that their meeting did take place, the President called whether Vice-President Joe Biden, or Secretary of state John Kerry. But I don’t think Nuland’s visit will lead to the fact that now the Ukrainian authorities will start to implement the Minsk agreements, and Nuland herself is well aware. Her task was to convince Poroshenko to simulate this process, for example to vote for the law on elections in the Donbass, even if it is not coordinated with the Donbass. It is necessary for the further freezing of the conflict that, as I think in the US, beneficial to all its participants”, — said the “MK” Director of the Kiev center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail POGREBINSKY.

In order to compare notes, June 23, was scheduled to meet Nuland, a Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, who is credited with supervision of the DNI and LC. This year they met twice: January 15, in Kaliningrad and on may 18 in Moscow. Both times discussed the Donbas.

However, the anti-Russian sanctions remain in force, and Washington is not going to remove them until, until all the points of the Minsk agreement are not met. According to Nuland, this time she will discuss with Surkov their sequence. But, as told to “MK” head of the Institute of CIS countries Konstantin ZATULIN, hoping for some kind of breakthrough solution is not: “Their meeting turned into a format that the U.S. negotiate with Russia about Ukraine’s future. Thursday was just one of the episodes of this process. It’s hard to say what will lead the negotiations, as Moscow has no clear strategy towards neighboring countries and the breakaway republics. Many believe our Ambassador in Kiev Mikhail Zurabov business partner Poroshenko. What does the Russian envoy at the talks in Minsk, Boris Gryzlov, nobody knows, but it somehow brought out of the security Council. Surkov himself before nothing to do with the Ukraine had, and now his action displeased many of the leaders of the militias, including the fact that it does not allow them to power and postpones local elections”.

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